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Site FAQ

You can report broken episodes here if we are online, otherwise you need to send us an email. BUT FIRST PLEASE READ ALL THE PAGE BEFORE CONTACTING US ABOUT BROKEN EPISODES.

First of all we recommend downloading Mozilla firefox Web Browser in order to view all the episodes with no problems, because we noticed some problems with Internet explorer and google chrome.
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Q. Videos are not showing , I can only see a blank page :

A. Please make sure you have adobe flash player installed , you can get it for free from . Then please refresh your page.

Q. Video saying video.facebook…. not found or error ?

A. Please Download mozilla firefox web browser and load the site on it, this will solve most of the problems.

Q. Source 1 is not working ?

A. Please check other sources , over every episode we have 2 or more tabs showing more sources. you just need to check the sources.

Here is a screenshot of how they may appear :

Q. Megavideo time limit is too annoying :-(

A. Well it is a megavideo option but you may do one of the following things to avoid the limit.

1. After watching the 72 min limit you can unplug your modem or Router and then plug it again and you will have another 72 min.

2. You may try proxy sites but not too much recommended.

3. If you have some money you can buy a premium megavideo account :-)

Q. I have tried all the above but none are working, also I tried to refresh my page using CTRL and F5 together ???

A. Please Contact us on the chat below when we are online.

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