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Naruto Shippuuden Movie 4 – The Lost Tower

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The Lost Tower

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Naruto Shippuden movie 4

Naruto Shippuuden Movie 4 – The Lost Tower

64 Responses to Naruto Shippuuden Movie 4 – The Lost Tower

  1. tactics says:

    can anyone tell me if this is a new one i dont recal seeing this but i feel like i have at hte same time

  2. kittyMEOW says:

    Wth Thats not the beginning of the movie!!!!

  3. Ju420 says:

    I know there will most likely be different sources to replace this shoddy but thankfully early sub. But I had to LOL at 35:40

  4. question says:

    ummmm……. do the subs swrew up 1/3 of the way for anyone else?

  5. Talpy says:

    YEE its finally here :D its the one where he goes back into time and meet his dad.

  6. ILLG says:

    Hmm second

  7. jueske says:

    this is definatly a new one the forth hokage is in it

  8. naruto fan says:


    nope, this is definitely a new movie. probably feels the same cuz they all have about the same plot.

    someone tryin to take over the world blah blah blah naruto saves the day blah blah blah.

    good movie though :)

  9. ml klop says:

    great movie :-D

  10. haley says:

    i think it’s new. but does it seem like it starts right in the middle? I just started watching it but with how it starts it seems like the beginning is cut out or something.

  11. FatherGraves says:

    yes this is a new movie came out just a little while ago in Japan but has recently been released with subs that’s why the movie had a little bit of missing sub text :D

  12. Safi says:

    The Naruto Shippuden Movie 4 was first released on July 31, 2010. I’ve been trying to find an online english sub of this movie for a while. :) Looking forward to buying the DVD on April 27th. (Or Sooner) :D

  13. Kaiser says:

    anyone else getting sound and video mis-matched?

  14. Iyan says:

    Very nice movie!!!! hope there will still be a MOVIE 5!!

  15. sasuke says:


  16. averagerandy says:

    The DVD for this released on April 27, but was shown July 2010

  17. Nemanja says:

    This is 4th Naruto Shippuiden movie :)))))

  18. rasangun says:

    i will not watch in till the begging is right

  19. Toke says:

    They are both out of sync….

  20. rasangun says:

    never mind that movie was fucking sweet i can’t wait for blood prision the next movie

  21. rasangun says:

    P.S tactics
    this is the new movie

  22. rasangun says:

    I recomend this movie to every one best narutoshippuden movie ever

  23. Courtney says:

    Yes, It is the new one :) If you saw the trailer on YouTube, this was the only movie that had Minato in it. It is the new one :D

  24. Gggg says:

    what did minato day to naruto before they left to there tiem

    • Q says:

      I would guess he said, “Naruto”. Kind of an acknowledgment of being his father. Just my guess. What do you think he said?

  25. Gggg says:

    lol say!!!

  26. Alec says:

    is the films name ‘the lost tower’

  27. Mizingo says:

    Whats wrong with you people, did you even watch the movie or just post the comments without even watching it?

    The movie had so much potential but in the end it’s a disapointment.

    Terrible voiceacting, obvious plot (naruto protects a girl and defeat the bad guy with a supermega rasengan wtf?).

    Get some standards, this movie was the worst of all the Naruto movies and it’s just sad how they wasted all of it’s potential.

  28. Robert says:

    if you easily feel you get jiff out man!
    Some patches are missing and if you use source 1 you dont get to watch the last 8 minutes of the movies because theres a 72 minute LIMIT!!!!!

  29. Ben says:

    Awesome movie! I can’t wait till the 5th shippuden movie releases =D

  30. the beast says:

    awesome but weird

  31. Chiller says:

    its all good now

  32. emmi says:

    umm….. why is there no sound? well there’s music but thats it….. no sound effects or voices -__-

  33. melodicus says:

    AMAZING.!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SHARING IT.! I love this site for this very much. The video is flawles and the movie is very good. :D Thank you.!

  34. blade says:

    what would have been cool if his dad taught him a new skill to take back…

  35. yumi says:

    this was the best movie!!! i luv it~ who wanna know about minato said from the last movie? he said “naruto” ..=.=” .. oh jeez… i luv it ~ i realy sure i will buy the DVD .. bcuase i need to watch it again lol 8D

  36. kittyMEOW says:

    Mizingo… Sigh you just a criticizing american who doesnt accept japanese movies… SO SHUT THE HEL! UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. kittyMEOW says:

    also atleast they more imagination then you ^^

  38. kittyMEOW says:

    Very very good and it didnt have a wasted end ^^ “you perv” Always will remember that xD

  39. Q says:

    Thank you very much for posting the movie.

  40. bvb says:

    arigato gozaimasu

    the end made me cry rly

  41. k9dutch says:

    awesome movie only part 3 it could not find on my pc

  42. blake says:

    Getting tired of Sakura always hitting Naruto..

  43. bajoy says:

    love it!!! superb ….naruto rocks!!

  44. Jokoo says:

    As expected and Awesome Movie

  45. super perse says:

    “Super Rasengan”

  46. fahrizal007 says:

    this nice

  47. Chelsea says:

    I loved it. I have to say it could have ended better but still awesome. I love Minato he has to be one of my many Fav characters. I wish it talked more about him, I have to say Sakura is really anoying with hitting naruto.

  48. Grace says:

    cool movie
    i want to waching again

  49. I feel that is one of the such a lot important info for me. And i am glad reading your article. But want to commentary on few general things, The web site taste is perfect, the articles is really nice : D. Just right process, cheers

  50. ghyth says:

    this sucks i want it dubbed not subbed

  51. Ero-Sennin says:

    awesome movie 2nd time i’ve seen it but i found 3 typos: beleive must’ce and quen

  52. narutokyuubimode says:

    i like this movie so much

  53. SHUTUP says:

    Man… the queen should’ve kissed naruto..

  54. nnn says:

    grait movie i didn’t get it if he’s his father is she his mom or ther is a nother girl?

  55. elodnhoj says:

    great episode..but in the end naruto didnt remember anything. . .

  56. firestar says:

    why didn’t he tell naruto the he was his father he was going to forget anyway

  57. Naruto says:

    Best movie so far… among the first four, if you ask me.
    MAN! the ending song is totally fit

  58. lala says:

    too bad naruto did not remember anything about whathappened to him…btw who makes the movie …is it kishimoto the author of naruto manga or the other people

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