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Naruto Shippuden 369

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Naruto Shippuden 369

8 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 369

  1. X3n says:

    First :))

  2. MARK says:

    Heads up It’s not a filler

  3. AAA says:

    third my ass bitch

  4. tae says:

    it basically is a filler… only 20 seconds is real time… tired of this bullshit.. back story is cool n all, but I need this to put into action what I read in the manga… this every other week aint gonna cut it either

  5. Leon says:

    I feel as though if this is their history, it would have been TAUGHT to CHILDREN in SCHOOL?! Like wouldn’t everyone know how the VILLAGE they LIVE IN came to be? this isn’t nazi germany where we pretend the holocaust didn’t happen ahhaha

  6. SAm says:

    apparently they kept record so bad that to get a basic first grade summay of the founding of their modern world and of their own village they had to literally ressurect the dead and hear it first hand from their mouths.

  7. YHONG ME says:

    hehehe at least they release the next episode once every two weeks

  8. Pico says:

    Yea there has been many holes in the Naruto story; this just adds more

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