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Naruto Shippuden 357

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Naruto Shippuden 357

16 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 357

  1. boris Slavov says:

    writing this so no firsts

  2. boris Slavov says:

    good ep.

  3. AndreyXback says:

    Cute lil’ Itachi is cute! :D

  4. Lukas says:

    Dat delay

  5. And says:

    New opening yey

  6. eir says:

    their is a delay on the video first speaking then after the sub is coming
    not really please to watch with a delay..

  7. Odin says:

    Omg! that ending is the shiz nits. the opening is kinda meh but will probably grow on me sooner or later like all the openings do.

  8. wakka says:

    Anyone noticed the eternal Genin in Guy’s team? (The one with the frying pan as shield)
    They used him in one of the fillers of before the Shippuuden.

  9. travywumbo says:

    damn Itachi is one cold motherfucker

  10. Kikurihun says:

    Would have been nice if it was a one hour Ep since they didn’t drop one last week. :(

  11. mike gray says:

    what was itachi looking at, before the video ended?

  12. Byron says:

    come one man, stop with the flashbacks, im not saying they’re bad but stop already!!

  13. SRIKANH says:

    hi….. how can i download dis videos

  14. natsu says:

    Fairy tail is the best!!!!

  15. SAm says:

    hilarious ep

  16. naruto says:

    Get back to the war please! !!!

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