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Naruto Shippuden 356

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Naruto Shippuden 356

27 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 356

  1. GIORICH says:


  2. unknown says:

    another wasted episode

  3. Narutofan says:

    Great episode!!!! And the next one is about ITACHI!!!! OMG!!!

  4. jan says:

    at last back at the ninja war

  5. bobcat says:

    when are they going to show madara

  6. SAm says:

    ha gay much

  7. Darklord says:

    where’s the fucking war

  8. Doge says:

    Senpai noticed me~!

    – Tenzo

  9. carlie says:

    nice episode.. let see inside itachi

  10. Jerry says:

    The part where the Hokage came in with the “Neither shall you” whilst surrounding the Foundation with ANBU was…soo…BOSS

  11. Jhet says:

    It won’t play on my iphone

  12. married2aho says:

    Damn screenshot was deceptive. Don’t watch fillers and ive been watching this jap crap since day 1. X sick my duck.2. Why do u fuqrs say this is not filler since when was this about homochimaru n gaykashi.

  13. carlton says:

    The manga version is at 670 and still going no where you all have a very long way to go..

  14. Treal says:

    Why is there no ep. 357 this week?

  15. H says:

    Nice story line as it fills in the missing pieces. We can now understand Yamoto and where did he come from and how important he was to containing the fox in Naruto. We all understand the need to protect others and not just follow orders or be delusional and only love oneself. The filler serves a purpose and unlike previous fillers that just told a story line this one gives us a deeper understanding of the story.

  16. kaizer the great says:

    nice one..

  17. cheone says:

    please back to the real episod lolll….

  18. H says:

    The K man is cold blooded. I don’t understand the necessity to kill the ones who were retreating but maybe it is the need to feed the audiences lust for blood.

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