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Naruto Shippuden 355

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Naruto Shippuden 355

13 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 355

  1. Girithar says:

    have to see…

  2. akire says:

    hmmmmm!!! bored!!!

  3. David says:

    Great ep. Can’t wait to next week

  4. naruto says:

    and the war wont start back again until the next 10 episode :)

  5. SAm says:

    oh my god could it get any intellectually lower

  6. Doge says:

    Seriously, WTF is wrong with Yamato’s eyes?

  7. israel97 says:

    I do want to get back to the war but I’ve actually enjoyed these episodes anyway

  8. Carl says:

    Good filler but I’m sick of this crap . Need to go back to ninja war

  9. khaled says:

    so we know kakashi is the main reason for the war because he killed rin BUT WHY ALL THIS CRAP episodes of HIS life …. who cares …. GO BACK TO WAR…

  10. H says:

    If someone has to die, I glad at least they killed Danzo but them again he will probably be brought back.

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