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Naruto Shippuden 352

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Naruto Shippuden 352

26 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 352

  1. israel97 says:

    Danzo’s an asshole in my eyes and i don’t really like him but there are times when he makes some good points however i am to lazy to point them out

  2. Corroded says:

    didnt like this one

  3. 67er45yfgyhf says:

    Shit! they got us guys

    they got us with this episode. Give us some good action and back story then feed us some gay shit like this.

    they fucking got us good.

  4. naruto says:

    Its funny how its been over a month that it aint start the war.. dude i swear to god if next episode doesnt get back to the fight im going to quit watchin naruto and tell all my friends naruto show is sooo gay. Yal naruto makers dont wanna lose customers/fans right? I suggest you stop this fillervshit dam its been tooooo much

    • $*#%!@ says:

      read manga dude

    • Xesthan says:

      Dude, the reason filler exists is that they don’t want it to get ahead of the manga. After the Kakashi Anbu is over, there will be canon material for the rest of the year. Kishimoto is not even involved with the anime he writers the manga. So its not “Naruto makers” if its only 1 guy drawing and writing the story (unless you count his assistants helping him draw). Also, they don’t have to worry about losing you as a “customer” if pay to watch this since probably don’t even buy the anime dvds.

    • Naruto says:

      Good luck with that

  5. NarutoFan says:

    This episodes were made in a way so that naruto fans could understand the reason why Kakashi is so important in this war and in this history, you have to be patient and listen/watch to the history of all this.

  6. aaaaaahhhhhhhh says:

    all yal are right they have the fillers going on for too long

  7. Gego says:

    Looks like fillers are going in the bad direction again.

  8. Odin says:

    You people need to calm down lol. Its an anime that you get to watch every week enjoy it,or don’t and stop. You are entitled to nothing ^_^”

    • naruto says:

      Dude there could be times we have to wait for 2 weeks for an episode. And plus that i get why there is fillers but look its too much of it n some of the fillers doesnt make sense. Manga is farr far ahead. It be nice if they start the freakin war. Every single naruto fan is waiting for over a month

  9. Doge says:

    WTF?! From Kakashi’s flashback now to Yamato’s?! Waste of time.

    • KaKashi says:

      Soon Naruto will end and you will be begging for an episode, be patient enjoy the anime as much as possible even if its a filler

  10. Naruto says:

    Maker is going flash back on every char!

  11. zestreak says:

    the fillers are just to 357 i belive, u can hold out till then

  12. magga says:

    what!!!!! no noo nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooi

  13. yahiko says:

    Obito dream isnt bad
    He wants a Life full of dreams
    Naruto wants peace…

    So why is Obitio the bad guy?

  14. shivah21 says:

    stop w/ur slouch words . . . . . . . . . .
    if ur fuckin irritated w/ the story then stop watchin . . . . . .

  15. Uchiha Madara says:

    I agree, the fillers are boring but if you guys do not know the history then it’s useless to watch the series as you don’t know for what they’re fighting for. Unless you only want to watch the action then there are plenty of other amines waiting for you.

  16. TeamSk says:

    The fillers serve a purpose , I don’t like all of them but it’s not going to make me stop watching..

  17. SAm says:

    Yahiko, cuz he eliminates free will and essentially ends living life as a human being, making himself/Madara god of the world in the process. But aside from essentially ending the world and becoming god like some FMA shit, yea hes pretty much a good guy.

  18. Meaning says:

    I think Naruto is dumb for trying to stop the Eternal Tsukuyomi. It’s such a good idea and it will keep everyone happy forever. Imagine a world where all your desires are granted at your whim. That’s what Madara and Obito are trying to give everyone, a Paradise on Earth.

  19. SAm says:

    Hmm, meaning, yea. Except wait a minute, no. Ok, consider that from the moment you are under his spell, he essentially has full control over you, meaning you have no more free will. Madara/Obito become gods of the world, and clearly already being heavily flawed beings, are not fit to have such omnipotent powers. Also if your every dream is granted instantly, you really don’t have any dreams anymore. If you never have to do anything anymore, life isn’t really worth living; without pain, there is no comfort; without sadness, there is no happiness. A world where your every wish is granted serves no purpose and is unfulfilling. And did I mention you don’t really have free will anymore once you’re under Madara’s control? So you cease to be human, or really alive, and if the effects are permanent, you are basically permanently dead. So Eternal Tsukuyomi ends the world. So if you consider a world without free-will, watched over by heavily flawed gods a paradise, then by all means sign up for the Eternal Tsukyomi. It ends the world. Not paradise. Not good.

  20. Meaning says:

    Wow you make some good points SAm! I know it makes sense that if we could have whatever we want life would be meaningless but I I’m so sure of that when I imagine it. Like, I could have whatever I wanted! Even some occasional bad things so I can tell the difference between what feels good and bad. Or I could create a world just like the real world except with small differences like being famous, rich, and all that.

    And about the free will, I think Obito/Madara’s spell would be forced upon everyone but within the dream, everyone still can make their own decisions as to get whatever they want. I think. So we kind of have free will but we just can’t get out of the dream. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to!

    This is a cool conversation.

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