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Naruto Shippuden 350

Naruto Shippuden Episode 350

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Naruto Shippuden 350

17 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 350

  1. marco bossé says:

    im the first

  2. Yohinar says:

    I like it tho :O

  3. Dedeobi says:

    Yes, I hope it will be great!

  4. akire says:

    nice movie, i want more… ^_^ i want to finish this movie i always wait another 1 week to watch another episode… hayzzz… sob

  5. deontae says:

    kakashi could’ve told naruto who his parents were

  6. Rashad says:

    Right! Always criticizing Hiruzen .Where in the hell was Danzo when the fox appeared. His absence is a little too convenient.

  7. Avez says:

    I can’t wait to find out why kakashi leaves the ANBU. Danzo probably made him kill little girls or something

  8. SAm says:

    Okay so when the hell does Kakashi magically transform from cold-blooded killer to teamwork-preaching teacher? Something better happen soon or else fail character progression.

  9. naruto says:

    i like how it talks about the past n all but jeeze stop with the fillers for a month..yal wayyy behind with the manga

  10. NarutoFan1996 says:

    OMG I jusst love this Episode! It is so great to see the past of kakashi ! love IT!!

  11. Odin says:

    Its really not that far behind the manga. If they went non stop would be caught up in about 2 and half months tops. They announced the episode titles of the fillers already and there is only 3-4 more.

  12. CM Punk says:

    kakashi transform from cold-blooded to teamwork-preaching teacher because of obito once told him comrades are more important than the mission

  13. H says:

    when Pain destroyed the village, Danzo was hiding with his Anbu ops. He was hiding when the nine tail fox attacked and hiding when the Sand and Sound attacked. He probably helped Orochimara plan the attack or knew about the planned attack. What pisses me off is the elders, they are in league with Danzo or know more than they let on. Granny Chiyo made amends but what about the leafs elders, I hope Sasuke get them before Naruto kicks his ass.

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