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Naruto Shippuden 339

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Naruto Shippuden 339

41 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 339

  1. joel manel says:

    Cool Episode.

  2. Barbosa says:

    ;((((((((( Itachi

  3. ogud65 says:

    ithaci hero.//

  4. Mangekyo says:

    Great Episode, a lil action mixed with drama, got me all affectionate. NB: admin its been a while since we got double episodes, hock us up nah (its the season for giving)

  5. Stefan says:

    I cried again.. one of the best episodes
    P.S. i cried when naruto became hero of the village

  6. SU2TS says:

    best episode in a while actually :P

  7. louis says:


  8. anonymous says:

    Thanks admin!! Keep em coming and thanks again for deleting the “I’m First! My life now has meaning” type of comments. Nice work!

  9. Onad says:

    Tear Jerky!!!!

  10. john says:

    itachi that was so beauitful :’))

  11. Richard says:

    Wow. Just wow. Incredible episode. When itachi’s parents were talking to him before their death it hit the heart strings hard. A++++

  12. Omi says:

    Top 10 favorite Characters (1)The Second Hokage …. (2) The Fourth Hokage …. (3)Shizu uchiha ….. (4)The first Raikage…. (5)Gold/Silver brothers…. (6) Hanzo (7)The 5th Hokage …….(8)Naruto…(9)Itachi…… .(10)Danzo

  13. Leetos562 says:

    Admins…..can you put other player on here can’t even see the video at all. Even on YouTube can’t find it. Either. Thanks

  14. Rashad says:

    I loved having Itachi in so many episodes in a row. His character greatly improved this already awesome anime

  15. Travy Wumbo says:

    i cant wait to see what sasuke does now that he knows all that. now time for the real battle! NARUTOOOOOOO!!!

  16. aakash says:

    this one was good! :D

  17. Gooz says:

    I can’t believe thousands of people dying and Itach is giving a lecture to Sasuke. Come on man, release the Jutsu :) :) cool episode. Loved it

    • LeeWuPang says:

      lol i was saying the same thing… like come on all ready…. the five kage are gonna be shredded wheat by madara… but yes… very good episode… i hope all you naruto fans understand that the messages and morals for this show…. #world love # God I love Naruto

  18. theONE says:

    i can’t believe all you morons got teary eyed and still think itachi is a good person

    yes he had a hard choice on his hands, but frankly still murdered the parents, he could’ve found a way to save them. Plus why would anbu be that powerful and impossible to stop the uchiha clan? even anbu was no match for kabuto. Itachi annihilated his entire village and teamed up with a evil person and raped his entire village, they died so painfully

    if you’re saying the uchiha clan can’t beat the anbu blackops then frankly the outcome would’ve been the same, he should’ve warned his own people to stop bickering because of the plans from konha. Like I said the outcome was the same, except they got murdered by their own kind, own race, own people. Not all the uchihas were fighters, to say itachi is a nice person glosses over the fact people like shop owners got slaughtered and itachi took it upon his hands to listen to danzo without consolidating with the 3rd

    Not to mention their MUST of been other uchiha kids too, were THEY murdered?? so to say sasuke was saved only because he was a kid and didn’t know about the coup

    p.s this is garbage, kabuto losing to a cheap method, what a stupid script writer, kabuto should’ve wrote a seal in his mind that gives off the wrong hand gestures to break him out of genjutsu

    cheapest method to win, its like saying “the only way to win is make the bad guys give up

    pps where the hell did pain go??

    • SilverFox_Uchiha says:

      Shisui had already told Itachi that the Coup D’etat of the Uchihas against the village could not be prevented and that they were running out of time. Shisui had also already tried to prevent the Coup’ from happening; going so far as to being forced to try to use his Kotoatsukami (his ability of mind control: this would mean that the Uchihas would not negotiate if he was then forced to try to force them to back down). Although, this of course played right into the hands of Danzo who then used it as an treacherous excuse to steal Shisuis right eye (for Danzos own selfish reasons. Remember, he had already set plans aside for himself to acquire both Uhiha and Senju DNA to add to his own body).

      Itachi then was backed into a corner. Danzo instigating a live by the sword, die by the sword philosophy of the Leaf, forcing the hand of Itaci. The third Hokage had asked for time, but it was already evident that the Uchihas weren’t going to back down at this point (refer back to Shisui. Even Itachis parents seemed to understand the situation as we saw when his father had said: “So you have alligned with the other side…”. Meaning his father and mother would have more likely fought in the Coup D’etat.

      Itachi was forced to make a choice, and chose to save the life of his beloved younger brother instead.

      To cut a long story short: IT WAS ALL TOBIRAMAS FAULT! THE FAULT OF THE SECOND HOKAGE! If he hadnt isolated the Uchihas in the first place… NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!


      Madara UCHIHA! Transformation of the Perfect Susano’o! EPIC
      Itachi and Sasuke! EPIC and emotionally moving!
      Soundtrack throughout: Excellently chosen, from the start to the end of the chapter.

      10 out of 10 ;)

  19. mero says:

    Awesome!!!More Please =(

  20. Tabbie says:

    WOW!!!!!!!! Talk about the truth setting you free! Just WOW!!

  21. Dionne says:

    OK, so basically the Clan was evil and they needed Itachi to kill them?

    • LeeWuPang says:

      Nooooo….. I dont think so…. I think its fight for power that Danzo not manipulated Itachi but force him since Danzo had rank and made the other high ranking people believe that Uchihas are bad because probably Danzo wanted to have his own form of power over the Leaf…. Remember Danzo had Sharingans too…. So i think Danzo just made Itachi killed them for his own benefit… Thats what i think…

      • SilverFox_Uchiha says:

        At this point Danzo only had the Sharingan of Shisui Uchiha.

        It was after the slaughter of the Uchiha Clan that he obtained the other Sharingans which he put into his arm. ‘spoils of war’ (remember Sasuke had asked how he got them before avenging Itachi and destroying Danzo – which i am GLAD he did!)

        • wachid says:

          i blame everythin on DANZO, he’s the one makin the uciha clan dissapear. he’s just too damn greedy over everything. he fear the uciha power might overcome him.. coz in history uchiha clan is the powerful clan.

          • Silverfox_Uchiha says:

            I definitely blame Danzo. Things could have been dealt with differently. Danzo had his own selfish reasons for wanting the Uchiha massacre to take place, however, at this point it seemed the Uchiha coup’ was inevitable, and through that the Leaf would have become vulnerable to attack from other villages.

            I blame Danzo for instigating the massacre… maybe Hiruzens way of dealing with things could have prevented the coup from being launched. However, as i have previously said… i actually blame the Second Hokage: Tobirama Senju.

            For those who have not yet read the Manga… watch and wait for story to unfold in the Anime.

            Dark side of the Leaf aka Danzo = Selfish motives. Thing is.. even tho he had both Senju and Uchiha DNA, he was STILL defeated by a 16 year old Sasuke Uchiha.

            Serves him right…

  22. Filipino Hikari Sentai says:

    Best anime got teary

  23. Dark Angel says:

    I waited soo many years for Sasuke to learn the truth. Im glad he finally did.!!

    Good Bye Itachi. Truly I of this anime’s most ICONIC & UNFORGETTABLE characters.

    We will miss you. You live in our Hearts ALWAYS!!!

  24. Kikurihun says:

    Awesome, one of the top if not best Ep ever written. Sure it taken some time and we got stuck in this goofy loop but wow, talk about pay out.

  25. Itachi was the First hero, before Naruto.

  26. dranreev says:

    i love it,, extreme fight mix with drama and story,, absolutely entertaining…

  27. cassidy says:

    Itachi Sacrifice all just for the hidden leaf..

  28. Top View Ranchu says:

    Wow! the best episode I have seen in a long time. Not cheesy; just right

  29. Sidoni says:

    *cries…. loudly*
    Damn it Itachi, dont go. Dont leave us…………..

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