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Naruto Shippuden 338

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Naruto Shippuden 338

23 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 338

  1. admin says:


  2. daniel says:

    that was a very nice episode

  3. Xintruder says:

    great episode. Thanks Admin for the note.

  4. aunnel says:

    Itatchi’s will of fire was shown on this episode. Itatchi’s still the best as Big brother to sasuke, and a shinobi to leaf.

    • theONE says:

      tell that to the mother and father who died for no reason

      especially the mother who did nothing but love and raise the family and probably can’t even fight

      he was deluded and brainwashed and a jerk, his NOT a good brother and forced sasuke to except hatred and turned his brother into a complete mess, and then turned the hatred on to everyone even loyal people like karin. Also his not the best to the leaf, will of fire??. Kakashi has the will of fire, he was arrogant as a kid but quickly learnt from his mistakes, sure he learnt it only due to obito dying but still he learnt what it was to be a REAL hero

      itach DIDN’T learn squat, he created genocide on his own race, hide behind the excuse it was a mission and it was loyalty, but THEN comeback in the end to attack the village and help pain to fullfill his dream for world domination. Do you know how much innocent people itachi has killed?? and thats just counting his own people and jinchurikis

      frankly i think itachi is STILL a monster for people to forgive him is garbage, i mean what about the old lady selling stuff on the streets of uchiha village? normal shop owners of uchiha got totally slaughtered and we’re suppose to forgive him??

      i forgive kabuto more, he started with NOTHING, no family no friends and in the end have his own love (MOTHER) try to kill him

      itachi was born with ALL the privileges and even love

      i hope kabuto wakes up and destroys itachi, which btw why didn’t kabuto just release the jutsu and why isn’t nagto coming to help?? where the hell did he go?? two against one pathetic…if this was real kabuto would have more people to protect him

      • aunnel says:

        if itatchi didn’t show his will of fire in this episode tell me how are they going to stop the do tensie??? come on man…. even itatchi learn his mistake too late at least he done something that is worth saying a heroic thing….

        you are right kakashi has it but, itatchi’s life is very different than kakashi…

  5. Beeen says:

    pepe vegina

  6. Someone says:

    Will Itachi come back or will be ressurected somehow after stopping Kabuto ?


  8. Byron says:

    OMG the anime needs to hurry up and catch up to the manga man!

  9. Deathscreton says:

    Now THAT was an episode. Can’t wait for next week.

  10. Darth Pandemonium says:

    with the jutsu ending, looks like we are one step close to seeing the ultimate battle: naruto vs sasuke

  11. Itachi was a great shinobi.

  12. Antony says:

    Shit why is itachi so epic

  13. neloa says:

    good morale to this episode

  14. dranreev says:

    that was amazing….

  15. KenjiSan says:

    there is one mistake in episode.. last izanagi guy and that izanami girl have Konoha Forehead protector.. isn’t that battle long before Konoha??

  16. Enzo Cruz says:

    One of the best episode I’ve watched. Itachi was epic on this one!
    I can’t wait for the next episode. Please upload the next episode ASAP!!

  17. Sidoni says:

    Come on!! Just like that. You’d think he would’ve been more difficult to take down- that Kabuto and his failures. And when is Lord Orochimaru coming back? Also, Sasuke pleeeease continue being a psycho because all this mushy stuff is getting on my nerves. And Itachi you’re awesome and all but you depress me so I’m glad you’re going away now for good. And what will happen to Fake Madara? Mmm

  18. lalalu says:

    Did Itachi reveal all the truths to Sasuke yet? about why he murdered his entire clan but Sasuke?

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