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Naruto Shippuden 337

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Naruto Shippuden 337

18 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 337

  1. Nikolay1337 says:


  2. oslec says:

    ‘bitin ang action…

  3. Chibi Shu says:

    Damn man, the episodes become shorter and shorter. What i main is that besides the intro song we have the tailed Beast counting song, and the flash back of the flash backs.

  4. alberto says:

    plase stop flashbacks nobody gives a single f… about those!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Drew says:

    Oh come on, out of 12,000 views there are only 5 of us that comment? Lets step it up!

  6. Wachid says:

    This video like watching the same thing all over lol.. I think im infected by the izanami.

  7. Scott says:

    If you want to complain about flashbacks, do it on an official site. Not ones that stream it -_-

  8. andrew says:

    trying to make more episodes by putting boring and stupid songs, a good episode though

  9. Just because there’s only hundred’s of account in this site.

  10. jay says:

    stop bitching u fucking emo fag kids the flashbacks are part of the fucking story and are in the manga if u don’t like it either stop watching or stop bitching no one cares

  11. Antony says:

    Shit, why is Itachi so epic?

  12. kong says:

    can’t wait for the next episode

  13. Lordoomer says:

    Itachi always find a cheap way to win again’st opponent stronger than him like Tsukuyomi and Izanami, he don’t even fight…he just … use those cheap Jutsu…

  14. Sidoni says:

    MAN, that Itachi always using his awesome jutsu that seems to require no effort whatsoever!! He first introduced us to the Sharinghan, then the Tsukuyomi then the Amaterasu, now this Izanami is the cherry on top of the cake… (so far anyway) Does anyone else think that this series is kind of psychotic with everything these shinobi people do to their bodies just to acquire power and strength and recognition, etc? T__________T”

    • theONE says:

      no i think the itachi and the writers are retards

      seriously?? he is human yet somehow now rivals madara?? no one is special anymore in this stupid show its like the 3rd or 4th episode that says kakashi has better smell and better hand to hand combat skills etc then anyone they writers aren’t even following their own rules. Since can you COPY how to open the gates on your body??

      riiight, this from a guy that has copied over 1000 techniques and has not shown any of them, the ‘water wall’ is no longer a ‘first hokage’ move EVERYONE can do it now

      back to itachi, you’re telling me there’s a jutsu that has no real weaknesses and uses little chakra if at all?? cheap or what, people train so hard and go nowhere in life due to this b*llshit which ironically means he can kill any hokage he chooses or naruto with this move…if thats the case why did itachi says if he had ganged up on jiraiya with the shark guy they would at most win but die too?? with this exaggerated technique you can’t lose. What horrid script writing, come to think of it jiraiya hasn’t seem amaterasu before??

      whats next? a move that uses ZERO chakra and you fart and they instantly die??

      p.s why did you say its psychotic what they do with their bodies? kabuto even though didnt’ learn his moves he went through hell to get them and trained hard…itachi is born with this garbage. It’s overkill like this that kills the show

      • SU2TS says:

        Jiraiya has seen the Amatarasu before, yes.
        when Itachi and Kisame were of to get Naruto when he was little.. and Sasuke came to get revenge on Itachi. when Itachi and Kisame had to escape Jiraiyas jutsu (this toad thingy) he used Amatarasu and broke the wall in order to escape.

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