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Naruto Shippuden 336


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Naruto Shippuden 336

25 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 336

  1. alberto says:

    i hate these flashbacks i wish i could smack the maker for thinking its entertaining

  2. admin says:

    HI ALL.


    • Mitch says:

      FINALLY! haha
      Thank you, admin. It will be nice to read comments that actually have to deal with the awesomeness of each episode :)
      btw, this was in the manga. My guess is that they are going to follow it pretty closely in the upcoming episodes…

  3. Xintruder says:

    Thanks admin. By the way 3rd. This flash backs are just fillers. Yeah we feel the same. I just went ahead and read the mangga to save time.

    • Taakkeli says:

      This is not filler. It`s in manga too.

    • idiotyou says:

      “AND NOT JUST 1st AND SO ON.”
      xintruder, you are an idiot. What do you think “and so on” means? You dare saying thanks while doing what he’s asking you to please stop? MORON.

      • Ben222 says:

        He did it on purpose “idiotyou”

        • vicis vinco says:

          this is not a filler this is a story line if you dont like story lines go watch cartoons and dbz this is a manga! and an anime it is novelistic by the way he said “PLEASE TRY TO COMMENT ON THE EPISODE AND NOT JUST 1st” implying that you can comment what number your comment was and what you thought of the episode

  4. Richard says:

    Wow, kabuto’s back story is so complex. After seeing how he grew up, I’m really starting to empathize with him. He’s just like the rest of us trying to figure out who he is, and just happened to be manipulated by a twisted person like orochimaru.

  5. Doomer says:

    I actualy like this episode, it shed a lot of light on one of my favorite character in the serie. I usualy dislike flashback, but this one was kind of good…. We also learned more about Danzo and his evil scheme to take over the villge by any means necessary.

  6. cupcake says:

    oh just kill him already…kabuto needs to die. i can care less about his backstory. i don’t feel any sympathy for that arrogant sob. i just wanna see itachi and sasuske kill him.

  7. Suhuey says:

    That was a great episode and anyone who dosnt think so isn’t a true fan.

  8. joker says:

    ok whatever about the episode
    but at the end the AKATSUKI TUNE
    fullfill my desire of NARUTO :P

  9. wakka says:

    This flashback is actually not a filler. It is exactly like this in the manga.

    It’s happening now: real fillers in the story make people think the real story is filler.

  10. Corroded says:

    Lmao. A lot of controversial remarks about this episode. Personally, I thought it was pretty good. Great method of manipulating others without them being aware of it, personally. Kudos to the creative mind that fathomed that scheme.

    The end bit, to me, was the most crucial of questions I was seeking into knowing how Kabuto was capable of surpassing Orochimaru in the practice of Snake Sage. Infusing Orochimaru’s blood into his own coupled by Kabuto’s determination to becoming the best at anything he decides to be really puts him into the higher arch of characters in this series.

    • theONE says:

      pretty good my ass

      i have no idea why the dumb creators would make us feel sorry for characters who aren’t truly evil and have their reasons JUST to kill them in the end

      just like the chuunin exam with the sound ninja that uses air pressure to attack. He was a orphan and was just struggling to survive but ends up dead

      kabuto was a person who has nothing and in the end the creators can’t let him live. I mean pathetic anyways it takes two people to gang up on one person and the japanese call it “teamwork”, they do that in all animes, and also what scum helps a person (itachi) that slaughters your whole clan and murders your sweet mother and father? the same mother that puts a band-aid on sasukes mouth during katon training…itachi was TOLD to i.e it was a order so that makes it acceptable??

      p.s why didn’t kabuto just use the reanimation technique to revive the uchiha clan?? i mean even if they’re cleverly disposed of uchiha bodies to hide secrets, if you can find the REAL madara finding sasukes parents and have them fight the brothers is possible

      hey according to fillers kabuto can remake people without the reanimation method eg. he used water and some serpents to make a clone of “Deidara”

      this pokemon show you know the pussies will win but i am rooting for kabuto and madara to win, this garbage that you can forgive your enemies and form as allies is bullsh*t i mean it was showed on one of the episodes a female ninja was betrayed by her village…they never were able to prove thats logical to forgive your enemy, they just hoped the audience would suddenly develop amnesia and not care..lulwut??

      if its possible to forgive then why in real life japanese who have murdered so many people during the wars not begging for forgiveness and now stirring up trouble to start a war with china?

      • idiotyou says:

        Whoever wastes time reading your useless comments must be as much as a loser as yourself, theone. I’m amazed at your masochistic and sad attitude, coming here so often to trying to educate people about your ideas on a fecking cartoon. Do you really think anybody would read 7+ paragraphs of your mental diarrhea?

        • Ben222 says:

          Well….”idiotyou” you read it didn’t you?
          And “idiotyou” you dont have any right to be .”idiotyou” you just don’t understand……. becoz your you ” idiotyou” who the hell call himself as “idiotyou” as his Screen name? “Idiotyou”. i guess nobody can do that except “idiotyou”.

  11. chocochuchu says:

    aigoo! whatever you say, kabuto is still the main antagonist in this anime.

  12. Dark Angel says:

    wow…I remember Kabuto in the chunin exam, I didnt even thing he would reach this far in the series. Look at him now..he’s one of the baddest villian in the anime!!!!

  13. Sidoni says:

    Mmm, I really thought he was with Master Sasori BEFORE being with Lord Orochimaru– Oh well that’s fine I love them both, and Kabuto was always the odd guy out. IDK, he became a major villain this series like overnight (well after 300 episodes) but I never saw this coming. And if Sasuke becomes a “hero” for killing Kabuto, I will just forfeit this anime, honestly.

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