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Naruto Shippuden 335

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Naruto Shippuden 335

29 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 335

  1. blood says:

    first! Was a good episode hope for even more amazing ones in the future

  2. akasuperman says:

    second ? no honor for me :(

  3. jomer says:

    third!! :))

  4. bato says:

    galing mo naruto!!!!

  5. Lukas says:

    i had to w8 for 2 week for that sh!T?

  6. Xintruder says:

    Where is the other episode. If 2 weeks past. There should be a double release like in the past.

  7. cupcake says:

    i feel jipped. we waited for two weeks just to hear talking?! i wanna see some action not this talking flashback s**t! I’ve been patient for god knows too long trying to appreciate the show and what hard work it takes to make these episodes,but patience eventually runs out. now i’m raging and pissed off. this should be a double episode. i don’t care about kabuto one bit nor do i feel sorry for that cocky bastard. just kill him already and get on with the war. they can do better than this. Grrr!

    on a positive note kid kabuto looks very cute

  8. cupcake says:

    srry for the rage. i wasn’t flaming just expressing how i feel. i still love naruto

  9. nick says:

    Its nice they finally shine some light on obito’s childhood

  10. Niro says:

    NOW THAT’S WHUT I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT!! EDUCATIONAL FLASHBACKS!! Kabuto came from humble beginnings.. It wasn’t his fault that he’s like that. It was Orochimaru for blinding him in the first place! I’m starting to like Kabuto a whole lot now and I’m hoping he would change for the better in later episodes.

  11. kong says:

    @cupcake I feel just the same way as u r after a long waiting.. WTF!

  12. jess says:

    I don’t even know why I bother watching the anime or reading the manga….the power levels are getting Dragon-Ball-Z-Like ridiculous!!!

  13. newbie says:

    crap episode.
    Why can’t they just follow the manga, one manga can easily be made into one episode.
    I hope some fans take it upon themselves to make manga based anime. I really hope.

  14. notec says:

    If you dont like it, dont watch it………to continue to watch and complain makes you an idiot

  15. Enzomia says:

    99% Chatting
    1% Fighting

  16. Sup bro says:

    Why dont you try and do it then if its that easy :) be lucky that anime’s exisits

  17. Sup bro says:


  18. rc LEAFAR says:


  19. Sidoni says:

    Oh that was so sad. I always knew Kabuto was a weirdo but now we know why. He had a tragic background too. I never liked him, and I liked him less with the reanimation jutsu he casted, but now I understand him a little more. Also, if Sasuke goes back to being a “good guy” after everything he’s done, I will seriously go on strike bc that would be so ridiculous.

  20. khaled says:

    2 weeks for talking and memories ….. we want to go back to the main story.

  21. ferk says:

    Lmao all you ferks are dumber than dumbest! Naw but i agree, we all love naruto but that waiting for 2 weeks kinda sucks but hey sometimes there has to be a flashback to make it more emotional type sh** ya kno so round of applause for the people that makes this. Goodjob

  22. vicis vinco says:

    guys this is part of the manga and this anime isnt all about action the story line is what makes this anime one of the best ive ever seen and yeah there’s alot of fillers but remember manga and anime aren’t cartoons they are like novels they have story lines and backgrounds and that’s what makes them much more enjoyable than just pure action i personally love kabutos story just like every other one in this anime its touching and amazing

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