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Naruto Shippuden 323

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Naruto Shippuden 323

18 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 323

  1. KhiCon says:

    First time i am the first one !! hahaha

  2. Wifi Net Work says:


  3. Khaki says:

    Im First NAruto Fans!!!! <3

  4. ice says:

    first !!!

  5. EazzyE sensei says:

    What a bunch of fags in this lobby. Every time I watch a video then view comments, everyone talking about first or second instead of responding to the awesome video he or she just watched.

  6. SSJ Gopo says:

    Super good episode! i bet the next ones a filler tho lol

  7. Betterthanyou says:

    You can clearly see the “first” First at the top…why wait 20min then say it again? LOL DUMB

  8. Betterthanyou says:

    WOO! Orochimaru and Sasuke are good and now Obito Uchiha (guy in mask) is gonna get his ass handed to him by naruto when him and nine tails become friends!

  9. Kikurihun says:


  10. theONE says:

    so many people against one, kind of cheapens the fight

    but anime always does this and hides behind the ‘teamwork’ metaphor

    • SVA says:

      LMAO with a beast like Madara, it does not cheapen the fight whatsoever. They don’t hype up the man for nothing. In fact *SPOILERS* even five people couldn’t handle such raw power.

      I think the teamwork with the Kages was really well done imo.

    • a says:

      not realy lool, I tdont think those five will be enough…

    • Carl TFC says:

      Are you talking about the 5 Kage vs Reanimated Madra? Madra was once considered a god, and now he is a reanimation with even more power than when he was alive.

  11. Sidoni says:

    That was awesome. I really wish Kishimoto had been smarter in the manga. The things he wrote were just a disappointment to many fans.

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