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Naruto Shippuden 306

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Naruto Shippuden 306

28 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 306

  1. he man says:

    wht the fuck is 625 damn stick 2 the script at hand my god i was think it was no 306 episode this week

    • ZZ1000 says:

      Is it me or is this episode exactly the same as last week’s.
      Normally the filler should have ended so why do I get the episode of last week?

  2. he man says:

    im 1st ha ha hahaha go he man

  3. Ben says:

    fuck this show

  4. Ben says:

    like really??? what was that trash

  5. Umair says:

    Who are the people in the valley? Why does Kakashi say Neji knew whose valley that was?

  6. sharkboy says:

    what a waste ?!@#$$%%&*(())

  7. marcus reynolds says:

    I’m NoT Which is More Disappointing When Naruto Waist Unnecessary Episodes On PaSt Memories Or WHen Dragonball Z waisted Episodes Of dialog to Build Up A Battle

    • Sidoni says:

      Hey, hey, hey!! DO NOT compare the fillers of Z to Naruto EVER!! You are no anime fan if you do.

      • man says:

        Man, Naruto is a show for childish children of the 2000s… That cannot be compared to a classic as Dragonball – even Z!

  8. Zaggy says:

    Wtf is this shit? Stick to the damn manga.. why are you even making filers? You still need to animate half the stuff or even more. Gods….

    • FANatic says:

      Genius. If there were no fillers, the show would zip thru and be over. By further developing characters and relationships, the viewers connection to the entire story is more complete and makes the entire show more appealing. If it was just fight scenes, it would be cool for a very short time, then gone and forgotten.

      • Travy Wumbo says:

        Fuck that I wanna see naruto kick some ass!

      • man says:

        I wish the show was “zip thru and be over” -_- Better than 500+ episodes of rubbish.
        Plus, cool stuff doesn´t get forgotten ;)
        Thats the reason for which Naruto keeps going on with crap fillers and utter nonsense, because once its gone, nobody will remember it… And the companies want to do big money by selling all sort of Naruto merch to silly children all over the world, so they better continue with fillers and rubbish… pff

  9. berny says:

    Stfu and stop complaining you lousy F#$%&!!! If you want to comment and complain at least make it a valid complaint as to why were watching last weeks episode you stupid fucks..

  10. Hokage says:

    YOU guys are all idiots. When naruto finally hits it peak you will be begging just to see stupid fillers like this, so stop complaining and enjoy/embrace what naruto is……..

    • ZZ1000 says:

      You are f*cking right!
      If you don’t like it than don’t watch it!
      This was an awesome episode like all the others maybe even better…
      Old School Naruto rules!

      • man says:

        The day I beg for fillers will be the day you reach a three digits I.Q.
        And, hey, guess what: I don´t watch it.
        I´ll continue to “embrace” (I see the cheesiness of Naruto didn´t go unnoticed) Naruto for what it is: 200 good episodes mixed up with 300+ fillers, crap and repetition. Hooray…

  11. Chris says:

    Thank you hokage and FANatic finally some people who aren’t retarts.

    • man says:

      retarts?? retarTs??? RETARTS???!!! Muahahahaha!! Man, you have to love it when an idiot tries to give an opinion.
      Get some spelling lessons. The tip is for free, although you can thank me by keeping your stupidity for yourself.

  12. Akemi says:

    I never understood why people dont like the fillers. I mean yeah there unrelated to whats currently happening but there not BAD. I personally like the fillers/flashbacks, well ones like these. Does it irritate people that much that these episodes arent related to the story plot o_o? I mean gosh then go do something else that doesnt bother you douches.

    • man says:

      What irritates me are idiots who cannot even spell… Stop watching rubbish on the net and STUDY. A manga is NOT a book.

  13. samuel says:

    i hate the fillers…

  14. wla pa’y lain nga episode??? dugaya oi

  15. Sidoni says:

    Ohh that was cute. Neji was always such a jerk. And Sakura was so awesome trying to get Sasuke to herself and ignoring Naruto. No way she would ever forget Sasuke– even now that he’s a total crazy bastard. I hate him so much even though he’s so cute. Maaaan, I keep watching just to see what happens with Sasuke. Can he ever love Sakura after all shes been through for him??! *sighs*

  16. Shikinno says:

    Neji’s so kind!

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