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Naruto Shippuden 300

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Naruto Shippuden 300

28 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 300

  1. BleachIsBetter says:

    Second fool, ya fool.

  2. Botafango says:

    Good Episode

  3. Jay says:

    shut up doesn’t make you rich

  4. Corroded says:

    Holy god, no one cares if you’re first.

    It’s amazing that none of you even watch the video before commenting.
    You all just immediately scroll past the video that you came here to see for something as trivial as that…lol

    Stupid people make me laugh at times.

  5. Xintruder says:

    2nd, Losers will comment after me! anyone who reply to this is much more loser…

  6. zamir says:

    hahahha….no matter 1st or 2nd…the important thing is you enjoy the episode…son’t you? :)

  7. bawdo says:

    ok it seems you have problem with people beating you

  8. afiq says:

    i can wait to see next episode???

  9. Lord Doomer says:

    one week for that…what a bummer….

  10. Xintruder says:

    Okay your wish is granted. Winners will comment after me!

  11. MJ says:

    Finally some good episodes!

  12. Travy Wumbo says:

    Damn next weeks guna be fuckin awesome!!

  13. EleMent says:

    these kids who say first and second need to grow up. No one cares if you first congratulations you can go on a website first

  14. Kyuubi_Brandi101 says:

    Happy 300th fucking episode!…..Now make the 301st episode already before I die of waiting >.>

  15. Karlo_Angelo says:

    do you think we care if you’re the first to comment?

    bunch of fools. very fuuny.

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