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Naruto Shippuden 298

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Naruto Shippuden 298

32 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 298

  1. tyltyler says:


  2. dedeobi says:

    Ini dia yang saya tunggu-tunggu mantap!

  3. he man says:

    he man first lol lol u 2 slow guys i love this cartoon

  4. N. Jayy says:

    2nd!!!!!!!!!!!! Whooooo lets go! Im black btw

  5. afiq says:

    (^O^) best lol

  6. Dok Felix says:

    Like it…

  7. chuckraw18 says:

    ugh great episode man has me on the edge of my feet…cant wait till next week

  8. wdawr says:

    its not cartoon you moron!!!!

  9. k0rrupt0ne says:

    Bet they’re gonna show the real Madara at the end of the opening song.

  10. cyfire says:

    oh cool I had totally forgoten, god thing I remembered

  11. john boy says:

    very good very good

  12. Argenis says:

    yes I got First!!

  13. Travy Wumbo says:

    Yesss itachi is my favorite character good to see him back!

  14. abounded says:

    This is obviously one of the top animes ever

  15. yuzz says:

    now we back to the war fighting …… LONG LIFE NARUTO …… hopefully no filler anymore

  16. abounded says:

    These story lines are insane

  17. pussy says:

    nagato badass

  18. theONE says:

    itachi character should of been left a villian

    just seems stupid now that his supposedly a nice person

    i.e he’ll do anything for the village…well if its enough to wipe your own kind and family out i still think his a d*ck

    • grimm says:

      he was always a nice person the way he acted in the beggining was tgo hide his true motives . u was orderd to kill everyone for a reason and we are going find out why . the villian he was , was to keep a check on akau and anyone who wanted to harm leaf. read the back story

    • tano says:

      no he is one of guy that have a good images

  19. Lord Doomer says:

    That was the greatest Naruto episode I’ve ever seen!!!!!!
    That’s incredible !!!! Itachi is back!!!!!
    That’s marvelous…he actualy found a way to come back from the deads and retain is wits!!!!!! Do you think he still regenerate like any reanimated ? That would actualy make him totaly overpowered…

  20. Tabbie says:

    Wonderful episode! can’t wit till the next one!!! :)

  21. lil_sneakie says:

    i already read a head know all this but watching is the best moment you can deep in love with it, good graphic and shit ^-^

  22. kolokiller says:

    Itachi isn’t an ass he planned to go into the ataski or whatever and his intension wasn’t to hurt anyone. He mean’t to be the bad buy on purpose

  23. Ezra says:

    heya, I would be really interested if anyone could tell me what the name of the song is, that is playing when Itachig talks to naruto about how he has come back to life. Its a wonderful tune, with some singing and a violin playing. (episode 298)
    any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers!

  24. WICTET says:

    Yo this episode is the most stupidest episode i have ever seen the first episode is better than it

  25. theBigBoss says:


  26. theBigBoss says:

    .i. .i.

  27. tano says:

    wow lupet ng labanan sana may ksunod n kagd n episode

  28. Kittygirl77 says:

    I was wondering when we were gonna found out what Itachi planted in Naruto all those seasons ago!!! That was awesome!!!

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