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Naruto Shippuden 292

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Naruto Shippuden 292

30 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 292

  1. frankmarshall says:


  2. hunter30 says:


  3. kaipepper says:

    mina = uzumaki??

  4. Gabriel says:

    Not First! (I’m watcing now)

  5. bearmon2010 says:

    First ? Immature and ridiculous.

  6. rebelzero says:

    Good show but when are we going to get back to the ninja war ? lol #fourth

  7. Kyuubi_Brandi101 says:

    Can’t wait for the next episode. It may only be a week, but when it comes to Naruto…I’M SO IMPATIENT! >.<

  8. FAN says:

    Damn i know this was like a filler…type…episode but now I wanna see what happens lol

  9. cyfire says:


    i hate having to wait so long i want the ninja war to start

  10. troy says:

    is this new amazing art going to continue for the rest of the series because i hope so

  11. he man says:

    it the holidays pls give us sum good story lines im still wait my fav cartoon

  12. aveside says:

    wtf is going on in this filler?

  13. notec says:

    The movie will blow your mind……..3D

  14. Sidoni says:

    This is why I’m starting to HATE watching Naruto. It’s filler after filler after filler. It’s disgusting…. and the damned suspense ’cause it’s so INTERESTING. Freaking A!!

  15. Tabbie says:

    So is this like a movie?????? Cause it’s getting confusing…. good episode though. :)

  16. blah says:

    can someone please tell me when is the movie road to ninja coming out in the U.S?

  17. Annie May says:

    I loved the part where the foster mother slapped Mina! :D

  18. freedom says:

    does anyone know which manga does ep 293 falls in?

  19. Michael aka Mike says:

    i think sum point b4 the ninja war. cause im guessin kaubto is trying to perfect the reanimation jutso

  20. Annie May says:

    Okay, one thing I have to say to the kids who started crying because they ‘miss’ their parents, Naruto didn’t ever met Minato and that lady that I for- you know what that awesome tomato lady! She was a better parent. Wanna know why? When Naruto met his father he punched him! When Naruto met his mom he cried and they were like mother like son relationship. So there you have Naruto’s awesome excuse! Well not really an excuse more like a life changing story of Naruto Uzamaki.
    Thank you if you were actually stupid enough to read this. I wasted your time so bu-bye!
    Those ungreatful brats that cried, they should have known that there was someone there for them.

  21. Annie May says:

    ….Some comment…

  22. Cabs says:


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