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Naruto Shippuden 277

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Naruto Shippuden 277

34 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 277

  1. MrSlacker says:


  2. deadwood says:

    must be a 10 min delay in these comments, there is always some idiot yelling about being first. This time we have two morons, good job kids.

  3. says:

    waited all week for a filler ? :(

  4. didier says:

    bummer :( filler :(

  5. Daadaadddddddddd says:

    Tha fck? il quit watching naruto soon, if they keep making fillers………… , why in hells name did they have to make a god damn filler?

  6. Josh says:

    filler again.. boring!!

  7. tacticss says:

    yes a filler , Magma getting interesting, I was right all along about who tobi was, Wooot woot to all you guys/ women who trashed talked me over who i thought tobi was, You can suck it for years to come i get last laugh muwahwhahwhahwhahwh

  8. disueween says:

    wtf this is no filler.. its the same in the mangas. .. . filler episodes are shit that do not contains information out of the manga

    • Narutard says:

      This is a filler because it isn’t relevant to the storyline, you obviously didn’t know that.

      • 2old2beyoung says:

        /nod disueween not filler… if the relationship between the character the show is named after and the demon inside him isnt relevant, what is? flashback scenes do not equal filler

        • S V A says:

          ^ Agreed. This happened in the manga for a reason, it develops the relationship between Naruto and the Kyuubi (Kurama) which is entirely relevant because he needs to build a better bond with him in order to unlock his other abilities.

          This is not a filler.

  9. josh.naruto100 says:

    this naruto was ok and i just want to say f!#k you arun

  10. JayG says:

    Its not a filler, this is what happend in the manga.

  11. Seijuro says:

    I’m getting tired of this Naruto-Sasuke love story. Why don’t they just keep fighting like what a ninja do?

  12. Odins_wrath says:

    Silly people who don’t read the manga think everything that is not concurrent is filler .

  13. fireman84 says:

    last? heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh

  14. roomer says:

    dude y? no fillers please. haha and no im last!

  15. shulam says:

    wait wait :-(

  16. cirkledoom says:

    this is not a goddam filler this is in the manga all of it the naruto sasuke fight choji shikamaru moment -_- all off it

  17. Tabbie says:

    I think that the nine tails and Naruto still need to work on the communication between them.. but with the war going on…. good episode. :)

  18. Rick Callus says:

    To be fair I enjoyed that semi-filler… Was looking forward to Naruto joining the war tho =/

  19. batchie says:

    Last! (:

  20. D Rez says:

    personaly i dont like fillers when they are getting to a good part of the anime, but this not much of a filler but more a something that gives you a hint to something in the story line
    ps. who reely gives a shit if your first or last it is not like you are going to win a iprze for being first

  21. kushinakawaii26 says:

    naruto is so cool

  22. neji42 says:

    U guys r idiots this is NOT a filler because It’s in the manga

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