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Naruto Shippuden 276

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Naruto Shippuden 276

30 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 276

  1. yeh says:


  2. Zeref says:

    Im awesome so fuck off im 1st dip shits

  3. Ryan says:

    Finally, Naruto is joining the battle!

  4. Rick Callus says:

    Firstly, I bet you didn’t even watch the episode, you sad people… Secondly that was a truly amazing episode!

  5. Priceless says:


  6. IDreaM says:

    C’mon where is the Spirit guys?

  7. ashtala bashtala ASIAN KOOKOO BOOKOO says:


  8. tacticss says:

    Amazing episode aswell as the magma, cant wait for next week,

  9. saku-chan says:

    i just realized something, why didn’t zetsu attack sakura in the anime!!!!

  10. Yohinar says:

    good one

  11. Odins_wrath says:

    zetsu is about to launch his sneak attacks. Look out sakura……..

  12. dezohn says:

    awesome..but there should be that spirit gohst man thing that sucks people souls out…preety good

  13. Arnzkierz says:

    I missed naruto in the show really. I’m fired up to see his new power in actionnnnnn… Really awesome. Naruto……

  14. Peta? Who Peta? says:

    Filler (flash backs) next episode -_-

  15. firestar says:

    I hate it when they leave you hanging it was just getting to the good stuff.

  16. Victor says:

    This was just fucking amazing. And shut the fuck up the people who is saying there first we don’t give a fuck who’s first or not. People who complains about this show then don’t fucking watch or just keep the fucking complains in your fucking mind

  17. jack says:

    hachibi and naruto vs madara

  18. Black Zetsu says:

    Black zetsu is awesome ! I’d say power wise in the akatsuki it goes tobi(obito) then pein then itachi then zetsu then kakuza then kisame then cbf to say the rest..

  19. Haha says:

    Zetsu is against about 15 ninja including the mizukage and can hold his ground like that ? Wow , I underestimated his power..

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