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Naruto Shippuden 249

Naruto Shippuden 249

44 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 249

  1. Narutosagemage says:


  2. jon jon says:

    omg this is like one of my fav episodes

  3. jon jon says:

    omg this is like one of my fav episodes and like episode 42

  4. vazrientetsuya says:


  5. DANNY says:


  6. asdf says:

    First is nothing noobs.

  7. Tabbie says:

    Wow! I was so ready for that double feature! :D

  8. PervySage says:

    this made me shed a tear

  9. AlonsoDn3 says:

    Powerful double feaure. Great eps, emotional.

    Keep them up!

  10. kingboy59554 says:

    this is a sad episode

  11. adrian says:

    wow ths was a powerful episode I wanted to cry…..

  12. Naru says:

    This has to be one of the most beautiful episode in the Naruto series. Read the manga, cried, now just finished watching the episodes tears are still coming out! <3 Naruto

  13. potterz289 says:

    I LOVE BOTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya’ know !?

  14. azact says:

    i luv to be minato 4ever

  15. beau says:

    I cried like a baby I love this ep ! :)

  16. M.E. says:

    Wow that episode was great reading the manga was one thing but the episode made me drop a single tear that was powerful.

  17. boka says:

    wtf where is the fight madara vs minato this sucks

  18. Rae says:

    a sad episode i cried :’) i Lovee Naruto 4 ever Yo..!

  19. alvzkee says:

    nice episode…!!! kasubo…!!!!

  20. Palamez says:

    So sad :’( but so beautifull :O

  21. enjoy the joy says:

    248-249 the best naruto episodes ever !!!. In my opinion, it would be a very big delight, when naruto’s parents revive someday. Even I have cried at the end of 249.

  22. spartan2025 says:

    very sad episode tears drops i cried huhuhuhu

  23. rrrichi says:

    damn man this episode made me cry thisss iss a powerfull episodee. ay love naruto 4 ever 2 men. keep it up!!!. its gowing into the right direction im loving it :) NARUTO IS THE BEST!!!

  24. ryan says:

    minato is such a great father

  25. paulo ty says:

    i love this episode….<3 more understanding of the whole story

  26. dionne005 says:

    lame eps! they skipped everything! they showed us what we knew!

  27. mike says:

    holy shit great episode

  28. Ninjamillz says:

    I almost cried and i was high so i know this episode was powerful now i know where naruto get his charisma from

  29. al says:

    there’s heart in this episode, feel the emotion

  30. KEVIN says:

    This is the greatest anime- IN THE WORLD- Great story. this stuff really touched me. The fight was awsome. keep up the good work…

  31. jay says:

    why is it anbu always get wrecked…

  32. Crayola says:

    I cried like a little slut! This was an amazing episode. <3

  33. a says:

    wahhh…….so touching soooooo sad wahhhhhhhhh

  34. Waffles says:

    That was sad… but in real life they wouldn’t be able to talk by now with the claw in their body.. I still cried. :(

  35. Steve V minato says:


  36. larhope says:

    Such a wonderful episode! it’s strike directly to my hearth…I felt it!!! My eyes Sh #.# !!T – (tear drops!!!)

  37. GAFEW says:

    I fell I am very lucky is my dad and mom still alive together with me

  38. Relick says:

    Damn that was intense, urm, i’m just going to go cry now… Kleenex anyone?

  39. candy wandy says:


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