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Naruto Shippuden 246

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Naruto Shippuden 246

39 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 246

  1. Jmy says:

    Oh yeh Naruto mother ruless

  2. NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. VG says:

    First….Great Episode..!

  4. ankjaer says:

    number 1 comment =)

  5. Dude says:

    First! and Nice epi hes mother is nice :) lady

  6. boy_amacs says:

    cool finally naruto meet her mom and they both have the same attitude…hehehe…cnt w8 to see the nxt episode

  7. S4rc4sm says:


  8. hell yea that was cool i want to fuck him mom

  9. LoneZ says:

    Not bad… not bad at all…

  10. Que mark says:

    am i the first one? :D

  11. Empmn says:

    xD great episode

  12. zach says:

    first comment

  13. jorge says:

    in 10 or less minutes, a better love story than twilight

    • Mr. Random says:

      Lol, NICE. To add to that, this is better than Twilight in ALL manners, because Twilight is HIGHLY overrated, shallow and juvenile, whereas this anime is more mature, by far more in depth, and actually watchable!
      Producers and admins… bravo.

  14. Dale says:

    Nearly made me cry xD

  15. Narutard says:

    3rd comment, wow

  16. naruto disapoited says:

    back to back fillers….

  17. PervySage says:

    Naruto’s mom is cool “ya know”

  18. paul says:

    Second here!!!

  19. chueyee says:

    no wonder naruto likes sakura…haha…

  20. marsh says:

    his mama is adorable :)

  21. phil says:

    wow, great episode… saski get ready for the battle, if naruto possess that power the next episode would be more exciting…

  22. jezreel says:

    wow he’s mom is really amazing, ya know!!

  23. i love watchin naruto…..

  24. naruto fan says:

    i feel cry 4 this episode.

  25. Hinata-San says:

    More episodes please!<3

  26. idiot says:

    @Phil … are you dumb? guess you do not read the manga. Naruto and Sasuke do not fight any time soon and naruto gets infinitly more stronger than what you just saw (he actually just became friends with the 9 nails and went into bijju mode like the 8 tails).

  27. blake says:

    This is extreme.. I wish me and my mom bonded like that haha

  28. i see says:

    What a great episode, i like it super!

  29. candy wandy says:


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