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Naruto Shippuden 241

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Naruto Shippuden 241

17 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 241

  1. Soullfood says:

    Where number one, I am having withdrawals of the real episodes aye

  2. Corroded says:

    Ha. Guy has an acorn. :-)

  3. Howler says:

    That is hilarious, Guy has an ‘acorn’ and from his wide eyes at Kakashi I can only speculate how big his is. O.O

  4. Narutard says:

    This whole journey was a little pointless. If Sai’s giants birds can fly that fast, wouldn’t it be easier to use those?

  5. Luksul says:

    why they censored kakashi face=(?

  6. harudasha maye says:


  7. Nikki says:

    That is too funny Gai got a little gay for Kakashi. He small as an acorn but my man is hung like a horse….lmao

  8. watever says:

    fillers again???
    i’m tired of waiting…

  9. Jmy says:

    the reason it takes so long because they went the long way to avoid dectected

  10. lamer says:

    pls. tell me what is the epesode of naruto,bec im not updated in a few months ago..

  11. lamer says:

    lates epesode,i mean

  12. crimsonone says:

    kakashi: “Wow sai, You where thier the whole time flying around an u didnt back me up with an attack of any kind…. some air support would have been great…”

  13. april jane says:

    i love naruto so much! since elementary favorite ko nato! kaya lang ndi ako updated sa mga episodes busy kasi eh!

  14. Yellow flash says:

    HA guy has a tiny penis. kakashi thought it was an acorn

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