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Naruto Shippuden 240

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Naruto Shippuden 240

25 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 240

  1. LoneZ says:

    Man… need more action packed episodesss!!!

  2. tengangmatigas says:


  3. VG says:

    Great…..First..! XD

  4. Chitansh says:



  5. Chitansh says:

    A gud news to Naruto’s fans .. u know. .. dis 1z da last filler … now da series continues .. yea. … chek it on wikipedia … they have advanced reviews of the episodes :D :D :D so ahpeyy

  6. mojo80 says:

    This isnt the last filler episode….last 1 is 242…the real story continues with 243!!!

  7. kurosawa says:

    guyz, naruto sux im so happy that i started wathcin Bleach when naruto episodes turn into fillers… so i dont worry about naruto and fillers, bleach rulezzz.

    • Haileigh says:

      Meh, I tried watching Bleach and couldn’t make it past the first few episodes. Nice shameless advertisements, though, I’m guessing this review is brought to us by the makers of Bleach?? XD

    • Hellwyrm says:

      One thing i really cant understand is why the fuck are you coming here crying like a bitch ? to be honest im not surprised at all , after all every godamn week at least 60% of the comment here are written by retards . If your not happy with this anime just please gtfo of here and go watch what you like or at least write something about the show and not about how much you “hatez themz fillerz ” do you even realize the intense work those guys put in every episode? i cant believe you even dare to call that filler : the story is not all about BING BANG CLASH DEATH ANIME END . I loved dragonball back then when it got out but i think that if a anime is all about getting one fight after another and saying nothing about the other character or backstory they should not have 400 episodes , ill take DB again as an exemple : if the show didnt showed us the training each of the main character ( goku , vegeta etc) the show would have sucked . Its awesome to see that the producer of naruto want us to know about other things that this fight between naruto and that homosexual emo sasuke , im glad to see too that other people can appreciate ( Haileigh to cite one ) it as much as i do

      in conclusion if your not happy about this show could you just go watch your samurai/school/love/homo/casual/romance or whatever you like watching while you fap and leave us the fucking hell alone?


  8. david_=D says:

    Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaarrrrr I though(sorry my english isn’t good) we have to watch the past of every fucking person in Konoha x’D … I’m really Happyyy


  9. nonya says:

    naruto so gay

  10. red says:

    Man bleach is going great that fullbring stuff

  11. kittyMEOW says:

    The fillers are growin on me. Q~Q But you guys suck at the 1st!! Comments I sware. .-. And the people who hate on Naruto why the hell are you on this damn website >O<

  12. jesei says:

    you know what guys? im looking forward to see konohamaru’s story

  13. Bauza says:

    I Don’t Know How To Speak Dog Or Understand It lol xD

  14. Hollow_fox says:

    i say this once and once only, if you going to complain, complain to people who give a shit. don’t just post down below because its going to be the spot were people will see you’re posts the most, so who ever say shit about naruto, just leave the fucken website and do something useful.

  15. Shekhar says:

    this filler don’t even have a class to be called a filler!

  16. Trolly says:

    bleach is way better than naruto and doesnt have as many fillers this just blows balls ]8

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