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Naruto Shippuden 238

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Naruto Shippuden 238

26 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 238

  1. marsh says:

    Nice… I enjoyed this!

  2. snake says:

    where is sasuke he is no longer in music show of naruto is he death

  3. chueyee says:

    i guess sai is becoming more human now. thats good. i too enjoyed it.

  4. Tim says:

    i just had time to watch every single season of bleach in the time that it takes this show to produce one show of action since naruto defeated the head of the akatsuki.

  5. whogivesashit says:

    fillers are bullshit…

    • Haileigh says:

      People who watch fillers only to complain their asses off are worse than bull shit. XD No likey? No watchy. Simple, easy, apparently something that goes way over everyone’s heads.

  6. Arabian fan says:

    fillers are good, even if they are so DAMN boring…but fillers actually will make you burn to see what is going on after, When Naruto-kun reach that so-called island.
    if my predictions were right Naruto is going to reach that island “WHO KNOWS WHEN” but he will reach it in the end. “if Allah wills to” and he will learn to control the DAMN 9Tailed fox by that rap guy ( what was his name!!!?…damn I forget it again ) AM I thinking too loud…Kumeni sai, anyway while naruto-kun coming home, Sasuke-kun and Madara sama both are going to attack the Leaf village then naruto-kun find out about the attack then he is going to fight sasuke using his new abilities. but the only question that makes me so confused, and he is the reason for watching this anime is….Who will win? Sasuke or Naruto?

    too much talking eeh!!! sorry if i was boring. and god may be with you brothers.

  7. Dusan says:

    Omg this episode is copy of one earlier..Omg this is not new one…

  8. pankaj says:

    it is end of naruto?

  9. haileigh says:

    One of the few people here to say that they actually like the fillers. XD

    • Roy de vegt says:

      no i like the fillers too

      • dionne005 says:

        I like some fillers. I liked this one. Not a lot but i liked it because they showed clips from the eps i liked

        • Haileigh says:

          Weird. I always get the feeling from the people who comment on here “OMG, Filler!! Tantrums!! Freaking out so much over a TV show that I’m giving myself an ulcer!!!” that I am the only one who is enjoying them. :) Glad to see that I’m not alone.

  10. iliass says:

    kakashi on naruto akeubiden et une houkage 7 est mangyou sharinegan 3

  11. Erinald says:


  12. Koonberry57 says:

    You know what’s good about fillers?……..NOT A FUCKING THING

  13. SHWETABH says:

    We, the avid fans of Naruto were yawning at your fillers before you even made them

    • Haileigh says:

      Don’t speak for people you don’t know. :) Just because you’re throwing a tantrum because your favorite characters aren’t in the spotlight doesn’t mean everyone else is. I am enjoying them, and I am also an avid fan of Naruto.
      Please, keep your self-righteousness in check.

  14. Kandy Kotton says:

    I LOVE THE FILLERS. STOP WATCHING if you have a problem. Morons.

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