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Naruto Shippuden 237

Naruto Shippuden 237

25 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 237

  1. vanz says:

    better than never

  2. Erinald says:

    FlashBack Again..!!!…HUUUUUUU…
    Where is Naruto Control the Kyubi…????…

  3. Zaggy says:

    Again flash back… these are getting annoying! I tought it will be a double episode this time, seeing how there wasn’t one last week. but nooo, no episode of Naruto and Kyubi, nothing. just another damn flashback -.-

  4. brco says:

    Omg , wat the hell , another stupid flashback nd 1 week pause … im more than dissapointed >_>

  5. yomama says:

    can’t wait for sai’s episode!

  6. dude says:

    omfg dam naruto they say he gona learn to control 9 tail but before he start 20 fillers pass away thats lame

  7. marsh says:

    this was good!

  8. dara says:

    Damn Episode what a stupid Idea!!!! I’m starting to hate Naruto Damn!!!!

  9. dara says:

    Damn Episode what a trash

  10. NFan says:

    The fact that there’s a lot of fillers just means that when they end the next few naruto episodes are gonna be really good and thell probably include a lot of stuff in three episodes. Chin up only a few more fillers before the good stuff starts.

  11. TheWang says:

    Hey I actually quite liked this episode!!
    Sure I wanna see what happens with naruto as much as anyone else, but this is some stuff that has never really been touched on before!
    I like the fact that it is now incorporating more of the so called “extras” into the mix, its good to see the back ground of the people we are no doubt going to see die in the final episodes.
    Keep it up :)
    But yeah hurry the hell up and get to Naruto and Killer Bee training :P

  12. Tabbie says:

    UGH!!!! DOUBLE FEATURE~!!!!!!!!!!! Good episode about Tenten. :) When are they going to get to the land of lightning…………..Next year???

  13. Wackywillow says:

    WHAT THE FUCK i think the former fans should march down to whoever the fuck writes the scripts and beat the shit out of them… the next thriller i see im done with this series i come back in 10 years to find out something actually important in this story line i dont mind a couple of thrillers every so often but putting 15 fucking thrillers in a row after every major event is kind of annoying.. idk about you guys but i look at the comments people bitch about thrillers and dont even watch the episode… wow its getting fucking OLD!!!! yeah take a message naruto writers!!

  14. lurker says:

    my head just explode by pure cuteness!

  15. oTobi says:

    lol.. at this rate i am just gonna watch naruto season one again and again..

  16. SIDONI says:

    Filler, after filler, after filler. Filled with flash back after flash back after flash back; sometimes there’s flashbacks WITHIN flashbacks!! God, what is wrong with you Masashi Kishimoto?

  17. Haileigh says:

    God damn it, the only source that worked was so blurry I couldn’t read the subtitles or understand what the heck was going on. I’m totally fine with fillers, unlike a lot of people, but the subtitles have to be clear enough for me to be able to stand it.

  18. NarutoHead89 says:

    i cant beleave that they are still stalling with these fillers they are gonna loose big time naruto fans for what?? i wonder do they look at these comments and see the torment we are going threw?? smdh idk but something gotta give or we gone give up

  19. nonya says:

    that was the ok better then the others

  20. charlie says:

    lets ait maybe when the episode will goin to be better ;)
    that what believe

  21. hinatalover#1 says:

    i wish they would put more episodes on iv already seen all these is agony bening in suspense

  22. Johny99 says:

    Whenever I see Tenten training I’m really shocked:)This girl is something else.
    I wanna say something to all the people who say:”Again filler!!!It’s driving me crazy…”.As a wise guy said in the episode with the clone revolution, Naruto isn’t all about action.You can learn many things from it and mainly from the fillers.This episode taught me that when you make a new beginning you always have someone that you want to be like.But you end up being equal to him in a different way without realising it.So stop this annoying comments and learn something from Naruto!!!It might not be something very important but it still counts!!!!

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