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Naruto Shippuden 235

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Naruto Shippuden 235

28 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 235

  1. bayb says:

    I feel that it is Obito Uchiha behind the mask of the Akatsuki who pretend as Madara Uchiha…

    • demon145 says:

      think Obito Tobi take o from obito u get bito then change bi and to and u get

      • BeRealistic says:

        Ok, be serious guys…honestly if you think Obito is Tobi then you obviously dont remember who Obito was…he was just like Naruto, he truly believed in the will of fire, he didnt want to control the world for a sleeping peace, and he was kind hearted, plus Tobi is old, Obito was Kakashi’s age, and Obito’s whole right side was crushed.

        • kenneth says:

          it is kind of absurd if that is Obito.. Obito was completely crushed by rock in mission under 4th’s command… But who knows.. hahahah.. It is just in the last manga release 561 where the kyubi reacted to the presence of Madara,, Come to think of it.. the Masked Guy and Naruto have met several times,, yet no sign of resistance from kyubi.. or maybe the masked guy also mask his chakra.. Grrrrrrr…. well,, leave it for suspense.. hahahah

    • PFCg says:

      i think its Obito as well, but i thought that a while ago when they should the back story with him in it, if u look at Tobi’s mask the same eye that was cut out of Obito’s head and given to Kakashi (might be spelled wrong) is covered up. plus the hair is the same, also a long time ago when i looked up art for naruto, im sure it was fan art, but it show Tobi taking his mask off and having the goggles of Obito on :) but who knows.

      • shandubre says:

        Hahahaha, Tobi cant be Obito, i heard some story that zetsu replaced Obitos right side,ppl said that when they saw Tobis hand infected with aburame bugs when he fought Danzo, so he cut his right arm and there was no blood , it was all white inside . but its not obito.and now i will explain why.
        Obito was same age as Kakashi, and kakashi is 26 now, so when kyuubi attacked Konoha 15 years ago, Obito was like 11, then how could he be tall as fourth hokage when he fouth him back then?… and i dont think its Madara too, cuz Kabuto revived Madara.So its someone else, i dont have idea who, suppose its Madaras brother.

  2. Talpy says:

    GREAT first

  3. IoanHippy says:

    Awesome episode.
    Only downside is that it reminded me a little of every pokemon episode :S

    • X says:

      LOL yeah especially like that team rocket “we’re blasting off agaiiiinnn!!” moment when the princess kicked that dude that wanted to fight her in the beginning xD

  4. dfges45 says:

    just as usual i skipped to the last 30seconds, just to check if next episode will be a filler

    and im disappointed

  5. Cyrusxl8 says:


  6. Sadgal says:

    WHY WHY WHy WHy WHY NARUTO!!!! you need to be with HINATA not Sakura if you just loved Hinata then it wouldn’t be one sided anymore! UGH!!! and that girl look alomst just like her! BAKA BAKA BAKA!

  7. Saspatoon says:

    i love this filler its so sweet. ! :)

  8. TOBI says:

    Blidiots! I am a zetsu copy of madara uchiha

  9. Gerry says:

    No you HAVE to love Hinita!!!!! Ahhh! >-<

  10. Manetrix says:

    Hahaha, Naruto confessed he still loved sakura, I feel a little sad abut Hinata, but I dont like any of the 2 possible ouples, Naruto-Sakura or Naruto-Hinata. In the end, naruto will be with……KARIN!!! XD XD

  11. Peta? Who Peta? says:

    These fillers are seriously hurting the story line, i mean Naruto shouldn’t be saying how he loves Sakura in a filler.

  12. neal says:

    hhhhmmm stilll the same problem its not working the episode

  13. andy says:

    what if the hole seson is like this a filler seson that to make the next seson that much better

  14. azumiko says:

    i think madara is naruto jokess

  15. Dekan says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAH LOL! what a couple comments :)))))))

  16. Think Deeper says:

    To all the people that are fans of NaruHina, you still have hope. Who said he DOESN’T like Hinata? For all you know, there could be a love triangle building up. Complicated romance, in the Naruto series? Likely. There was already an obvious love cycle in the original Team 7. Naruto liked Sakura, who liked Sasuke, who liked Naruto. >:D

  17. NOOOOOO!!!!!!! says:

    Storyline! I forgot the storyline! What happened last? Where are we in the plot? Why is Naruto in a boat all the time? Where is he going? They’re coming to take me away!!!!!! The plot is leaving my mind!!! THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!! I’ve invented the blue Skittle!!! STORYLINE!!! AAHHHHHH!!!!! (/>o<)/ _|____|_

  18. asdf says:

    @Peta: full ack!

    couldnt have said it better.

  19. Some Guy says:

    Whats the song that starts at 9:17 called someone please tell me.

  20. Jmy says:

    Nice epsiode wasnt boring it was good

  21. danica says:

    it’s better if the videos are divided into 2 parts like some of the preceding videos… it is more fast.

  22. youknowit says:

    I have to agree with sadgal, Naruto&Hinita, personal opinion here, I think Hinita is why hotter than Sakura anyway and better for Naruto, Opinion.

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