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Naruto Shippuden 231

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Naruto Shippuden 231

25 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 231

  1. vanz says:

    nice epi….

  2. jimmy arcaro says:

    Shikamaru rocks!

  3. AhmedZima says:

    hahah, 1st :D

  4. LittleEvilx says:

    New opening song! =D Awesome.

  5. Joe says:

    Boring , let’s change chanel

  6. JohnyFU says:

    First bitches!

  7. disueween says:

    nice :) and 1st post here XD

  8. nigga bot says:


  9. nigga bot says:

    first one yay

  10. Corroded says:

    I like how Shikimaru is the only one with brains, but i hate how they dumb him down so the average person can learn what he did by repetition and thoroughly going through each step of his plan and thought process.
    I figured out everything that was going on before they even hit the second whirlpool… and even figured out how they were going to break the relapse…

    • Jco says:

      I’m calling bull on that one. I mean of course figuring out that it was just repeating itself was instantaneous. but I highly doubt you figured they’ed use tenten to store an entire boat before they said “i need to use your power”. And if you by chance did figure everything out, you are spending way too much time thinking progressively through an episode.

  11. tactics says:

    lame non of the videos working they keep buffering

  12. Badge says:

    How did Shika get to where they were before they did?

  13. Will Garcia says:

    I’m just tired of these foolish episodes… when is the true action gonna start?

  14. Tim says:

    This show blows with all of these fillers.

  15. Don Quijote says:

    What a waste of an episode! really theyve been traveling for more than what 1 yr already just lame @$$ episodes im done with naruto im heading over to watch Bleach Bleach Bleach

  16. shawn says:

    nice and funny theme song

  17. Ninth Sage says:

    love the new theme song video to, although lil confused about all the danceing. I’m just concerned with one thing…. where does sage mode fit into all this? does anyone remember the collabration jutsu Naruto learned? he just kinda nver used it. As well as that one episode where Itachi gave him some of his powers and then never heard of that scene again…

  18. really the theme song is very funny .and yeah what about that power that itachi gave naruto

  19. shelliedene says:

    i am kinda gonna bitch now……………narutard…its NOT OVEREACTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….I AGREE WITH DON ALL THE WAY

  20. Radioacrtve Wolf says:

    WTF the opening is fucking werid. I don’t see some of the charecters danceing like that espsaly Garra.

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