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Naruto Shippuden 230

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Naruto Shippuden 230

27 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 230

  1. GreenNinja137 says:

    first? ][_, ([]) ][_,

  2. filart says:

    yehey!! first one

  3. filart says:

    nice to see the next episode came up early

  4. vanz says:

    nice epi…

  5. blacksunshine says:

    I don’t have any problems with fillers (no problem at all) but when is naruto going to arrive to the island where killer bee is????? come on!!!

  6. Whatsupwithfillers18 says:

    omg why do they make so many fillers… couldnt they spend some energy on the real episodes

  7. Dingo says:

    It was a nice filler this time.

  8. nigga bot says:

    first ]L([]) ]L

  9. deggy says:

    im gettin sick of these damn fillers! i mean come on, its what 8 weeks now?? im losing complete interest in this show. :/

  10. boblovesblowjobs says:

    fuckin bullshit episodes. this kind of shit makes me want to want bleach where even if there is a filler its not some random ass bullshitty shit

  11. disueween says:

    NO filler more ! wtf im so happy :)

    • Byb says:

      you are right, it’s fucking crazy…. i stopped watching this damn Naruto Shippuden.

    • Ninth Sage says:

      Ok seriously people! stop complaining it was a good episode! they have to make fillers or they would be done with the entire show by now. Just watch the show and be happy with it, because the longer we wait, the better the climax will be. It cant be all excitement 100%

  12. Kevin Ng says:

    Guys yup..allot of filters are just sukish filters…but some like this one…has there reason…these episode is teaching us…don’t compare others for who you are….treat others as you are treaten….give other the rights and rspect as you are given to yourself…;that’s the only way with no violence and war and descrimination or whatsoever….i’ve realised that in this episode…so guys..think about this episode. The naruto show isn’t about action action action…if you look at another point…naruto is bringing peace..because there is soo much hatred people jsut don’t understand..and as he learns from what is righht..he learns about himself…it’s about learning of the rights freedom and peace…think about it Guys.

  13. amoakonathaniel says:

    all these fillers are bullshit.When will naruto arrive on the island,most of my friends are loosing their interest in this fillers

  14. shawn says:

    intresting ep thoe

  15. pageg says:

    This was not the best filler, but I still love them as only few of us watching do.
    I’m so happy that Shikamaru will still be the commandant of the mission, everytime he’s the leader there’s the best parts of all the anime. Remember when they pursued Sasuke at the beginning it was for me the best part of all anime and then later with asuma and the akatsuki it was so brilliant and nice.
    If you don’t like fillers, it’s your problem, but this makes you understand more every character. Now they are more concentrated on naruto, but it is not rare to see fillers on more unknown of the ninjas from Naruto’s academy.

  16. hellwyrm says:

    every week you people come yapping and crying like emo about the ep : get the fuck out if your not happy with it

    • denver says:

      You are under the impression that everything is black or white. It is not. I am happy with Naruto episodes. I’m not happy with never ending filler episodes!

      The manga had no such freaking fillers, but i do like to watch it animated as well.

      Seeing as the anime moves faster then the manga, im guessing that the manga is coming to a conclusion, and they are delaying the anime to get in sync with the manga.

    • tengangmatigas says:

      comment is all about the ep, so why do you stopping them to say what they want to say?

  17. Naruto Zealot says:

    Man Im cool with the fillers but Im starting to get bored with them I do really wish they would hurry up and bring out the good ish

  18. kilargs says:

    Who r u to tell ppl to gtfo O.o? I agree, the fillers r annoying and need to stop. Its been weeks with this crap. I would think most ppl agree

  19. KoobLisNoobruto says:

    I hate the fillers, but this episode isnt really that bad. This episode shows that Naruto is just another step closer to becoming the Hokage. however, its really time to get down to business, time to continue with the actual story

  20. hatake kakashi says:

    how can anyone call these eps fillers they are all story based episodes that will eventually lead naruto getting to bee you need to get a grip and stop bitching grow up and get a job if you aint happy then write your own manga or anime, all i hear is whiney comments on this site if you dont like to watch these episodes read the manga its about three or four series infront and this site has most of em you guys have the tools to get infront of current episodes yet you still bitch and whine it makes a long time fan of anime and manga very sad. back in the day you were lucky if you could even get a hold of manga or anime it was cult viewing and reading and now all it atrracts is whiney little fucking assholes !!!! “filler” filler is jus another word that you guys say if there is no big action or epic story, then its a “filler” i mean wtf people??? be lucky that this site puts it up for you guys and girls to watch its free and yet you still moan you guys and girls are so lucky i aint a moderater on this site because the minute any of you wrote “filler” on the comments you would recieve and instant “BAN” then you would have something to complain about!!!! GET A GRIP half of you probably dont even have any real broad taste in anime/manga!!!! google some 90′s and 80′s anime and you might grow some respect for the anime that is out now, this stuff is far superior and you get it free no waiting 3 weeks for delivery no paying 18.99 for 1 movie or magazine,, absolutley free !!!!! you all need a comfort blanket and a bottle you bunch of babies

  21. abdul says:

    when we can wich Naruto Shippuuden please told me if it ready

  22. Johny99 says:

    I enjoyed this one very much:)

  23. youknowit says:

    I really enjoyed this ep!

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