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Naruto Shippuden 226

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Naruto Shippuden 226

36 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 226

  1. Molander says:


    DAMN! more fillers -.-

  2. sasukelover says:


  3. JohnEdward says:

    is it filler again?

  4. JohnEdward says:

    it seems no one is watching naruto anymore.. getting sick and tired of effin’ fillers.. LOL!

  5. denver says:

    damn fillers!!!!

  6. Kincaid says:


  7. first!!! says:

    haha first??

  8. moron says:

    these fillers are awesome. and this one is probably the best i’ve ever seen in any anime
    i can’t wait next week to see the next one
    Would be great to have 100+ episodes of fillers at the end of shippuden, just like they did in naruto

    • HesterPrynne says:

      Too bad Naruto’s gonna die at the end of the show. I wouldn’t want to watch 100+ episodes of Naruto fillers without Naruto.

  9. trioxide says:

    this players are getting worse and worse, sasy i wanted 72 minutes when i wathed 10 minutes now i have to wait a hour

  10. Tabbie says:

    Good episode, still waiting for the action!

  11. miller101 says:

    I kinda like the fillers =) But i didn’t like this one wasn’t as good as the other ones

  12. chueyee says:

    why cant they just use divx? this is taking way to long to upload. i never really had this problem until they started switching media players. sighs.

  13. Tim says:

    If we see one more filler i might actually just throw up. this is stupid

  14. Corroded says:

    Oh waah, you bunch of whining girls. Suck it the hell up and enjoy the freakin show. You knew there were going to be fillers as soon as it was imminent that Naruto was going off on a voyage to some mysterious island. If you didn’t see that coming then you need to just end your life now because you’re obviously not intelligent enough to contribute to society. So stop your griping and be grateful that you’re being entertained instead of crying because its not exactly what you wanted. Boo hoo.

    • pageg says:

      I agree 100% with you. People suck when they say that they hate fillers.. come on it’s just more episodes!!! If Naruto will ever end one day, you will be sad because you always want lots of episodes… If you don’t want to watch fillers just don’t watch it, but you can’t because it is too good. So chill out or get the fuck out. Hearing them I think they would prefer that Naruto last 50 episodes like lots of animes… The fillers are the greatest part to know the characters. Stop crying and enjoy or just stop pooing on others

  15. krl says:

    fuking retards 1st 1st omg …. -.-

  16. lastnight says:


  17. KittyMEOW says:

    Good episode… But wtf Why are there so many damn fillers? Oh ya DID YOU SEE HOW FAWKING HuGe His nose was…. I was like WTF!!??!

  18. chris says:

    i hate the the talking from some commercial in the background! cant hear the episodes!

  19. Kyle says:

    cant wait till the animation with the war is done! I wanna see what the manga has in store for us! very exciting stuff..

  20. Kingishere says:

    OK first of all why are you people crying so much if you don’t want to watch fillers don’t read the manga the regular Naruto was awesome and mostly had fillers i never read manga so nothing was a filler it was part from part ….put it like this Naruto fights pain wins then he skip some episodes 5 kage then Island with out showing how they got there just them going on a jet plane quickly to the other village -.- get it ???

  21. boring says:

    boring fillers

  22. MyName says:

    that was … really bad…
    I dont get it… totaly lame.

  23. rizwan says:

    shittest naruto ep yet

  24. Junjuning says:

    come on..bring on the real story..huhu

  25. wolfryu says:

    If it’s just gonna be filler you could at least make it decent filler, I mean gosh I would have rather gotten no episode at all than this thing.

  26. lol one says:

    Pirates vs ninjas … LoL

  27. Victor says:

    I would like to watch naruto shippuden

  28. yosiebert says:

    wer’s luffy?:D

  29. chabaksosoo says:


  30. JarOfDirt says:

    -.- The ratio of Naruto fillers and the Naruto storyline is like 9:1.
    Usually, I don’t really mind fillers, as long as they’re more funny than boring. But they’ve been sailing for so many episodes now! T^T One day my friends… one day, Naruto WILL get to the Lightening Country.

  31. nojoke says:

    Ahaha one day.

  32. Jmy says:

    Doesnt seem funny anymore since theres no team 7

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