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Naruto Shippuden 224

Naruto Shippuden 224

41 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 224

  1. jimmy arcaro says:


    • trioxide says:

      and our the second idiot

      • me says:

        Funny your calling him an idiot when you didnt even make any sense with that sentence.

        Also really? you bother to call him an idiot when a smarter person would of not bothered at all to reply to someone that says secound. It is just a waste of a person’s time to reply to a comment like that, the people that said first and secound are just going to keep on doing that or try to that is…. idiot.

      • jimmy arcaro says:

        i tried to be the first comment but apparently wasnt. maybe ill put “fouth” next time

  2. maarten klop says:

    yeah first comment :-d

  3. Alko San says:


  4. Ungumba says:

    First comment with an actual review;…..Coming soon1;)

  5. reylan hadcan says:

    I’m #5!!

  6. ssexxx says:

    Deucer again, shitty filler episodes.

  7. cjgam3r says:

    Ya good but kinda random but still good.

  8. francisco says:

    episode made of shit

  9. francisco says:

    and the next one, will be made of shit to.

  10. Gassu says:

    Are they gonna start having freakin fillins again?? :/
    i’ma be pissed if they do.

  11. Uchiha says:

    omg Ino is sooooooooooo freaking hot <3

  12. Maxpayne says:

    Omfg, not this crapy fillers again, God damn it!!!!
    I dont want another 3 months of fillers…..

  13. STFU says:

    Fillers…. God this sucks.
    I hope we don’t go on another shit filled 20+ ep filler run. That would run until next year.
    Fillers ruin naruto. The more the worse.

  14. russ says:

    will naruto shippuden end when the 4th great ninja war is over?

  15. Truth says:

    Man why is Naruto such a fucking loser? Seriously I don’t normally judge, but this anime character has got to be one of the most lame, inpatient, uninteresting characters I’ve ever seen. He’s the MAIN character too.. and yet he doesn’t know how to control his Jinchuriki powers after 224 SHIPPUDEN EPISODES?!

    The whole show was fucking DERAILED when Sakura cried for Sasuke in the old episodes.. and made Naruto feel responsible for Sasuke’s departure. Imagine it.. Naruto starting to train his Jinchuriki powers 200+ episodes ago instead of WORRYING about Sasuke.. by now he WOULD be near Killer Bee’s level in power and strength. But no.. fillers everywhere of Naruto EMBARRASSING HIMSELF infront of hot girls like Ino, Hinata, and Tenten. The show started off good years ago when they fought against a Legendary rogue ninja that was considered a demon.. one of the Legendary Swordsmen of the Mist.. and now it’s fucking picking herbs and fighting with talking ostriches and BULLSHIT like that.

    They could atleast try to make Naruto more appealing to the female characters of the show.. atleast fucking Sakura who has a fetish for abusive, mysterious, mentally damaged guys like Sasuke. This anime looks like it was bought and controlled by a Carebear company (probably Disney or some shit) that made everything child-friendly. Otherwise, this anime would be actually interesting and not consisting of the Hokages talking about boring shit, secondary characters talking about Naruto, Naruto embarrassing himself, fillers, Naruto training and learning techniques in a few hours/days but gets sidetracked like a candyass, and more SasukexNaruto homosexual “caring” which FUCKING NINJAS aren’t supposed to have.


    • Fan says:

      hhhhhhhhhhh thats y i only read the Manga… soo true :D

    • haileigh says:

      If you hate it so much, then stop watching. I don’t think the creator of the show will cry over the loss of one viewer. You sound like someone who finds something to complain about in everything, you should learn to sit back and enjoy the parts of the show you do like instead of being nitpicky.

    • russ says:

      lol so true

    • Hell wyrm says:

      lol reminds me of the old days when dragonball Z came out , internet wasnt that much developed but there was still some website talking about it and people, like you, who really wanted only to see badass action and nothing else coming from DB , to be honest your not completely wrong in your statement BUT one thing : naruto is made possible by those people , they decide what they want to draw and they decide on how the story goes. if it was only BANG KILL DESTROY OBLITERATE EACH VILLAGE THEN BANG SERIES END! would you like that? if you do get the hell outta here your not an anime fan and coudlnt possibly understand anything about being one and stop reading here.

      Naruto is maybe the first main anime character ( action anime im not speaking of the other homosexual casual life zombie school bullcrap) that actually have a interesting personality and that is not godly and “cool” at first ( exemple : hellsing , Dante from DMC) if you dont like it its your choice and i respect that but it makes this anime stand out of the rest , i personally like his “goofyness” Sasuke is more like the kind of character that 12 year old emo girl like today . true. but he too have a decent background story . True tho , this stupid love triangle is getting old . But you gotta admit it : when its not ” filler” its pretty damn great

      the hunt for sasuke will possibly bring us some explanation on the lore of his family and the hidden leaf thus making this anime longer which is good

      finally i im really looking forward to what will bee will do with naruto : will the nine tail become docile ( xD ) or will it degenerate in another twisted way? :P

  16. comeaux337 says:

    the real truth is its not really madara its his younger brother running the show he killed his brother and took his eyes :)

  17. shinonara says:

    fukin fillers damn get to tha story snap snap!!!

  18. Guru says:

    Naruto is starting to become like pokemon…these fillers arent even good. They are getting cheesy and cliche. They get a task, theres a random new enemy, they beat the enemy, the day ends with the sunset.

  19. haileigh says:

    Rant to filler-complainers:
    Stop complaining about the filler chapters – every book series and tv series has them, and they’re unavoidable.
    The show would be worse if it was completed in 100 episodes with nothing but to-the-point plot and dialogue. Stretching it out over time gives the viewers a sense of passing time in the series, as opposed to it starting and ending in a year or two.
    It’s annoying when people find one thing they don’t like about a show, and do nothing but complain about it. I’m sure there’s something that keeps you coming back for more, and if there really isn’t, then stop watching it.
    Stop complaining and find a bit of patience.

  20. TrustMeYouSuck says:


    I completely fucking agree with you. All they do is give us an action episode once every 4 weeks and then give us 3 more fillers. its bull shit. Get to the fucking storyline already.

  21. Tabbie says:

    Yawn! Still waiting!!!!!!! Maybe next month.. :(

  22. _Sb says:

    Yeah. I agree man… How do we call a story, if there’s no story…
    My point is…theres nothing good if we’ll always see actions, and no story telling…if there’s no story telling, then we possibly won’t understand how this happen, or how that happen..and etc…and etc…
    Just go with the flow man…afterall, we are just televiewers, and readers as well. Its on our part on how to deal this matter. View it or leave it…
    What’s your choice?
    …Thats your choice!!!

  23. Dont Care says:

    haileigh, if you think all TV series are full of fillers and shit, you are wrong.
    If anybody believes that this BS is necessary for the development of the story, you have the same type of imagination that the writers of these crap fillers got.
    If you aren’t happy with ranting, go F yourselves =)
    I find Naruto an OK series when it’s focused on the main plot, not with all this predictable stupid fillers almost comparable in bad quality to the Naruto movies. Still, nothing to do about it, just expressing my opinion.
    Finally, longer anime doesn’t equal good. Particularly with crap fillers (if you didn’t get it yet). Yeah.

  24. jay z walk says:

    cant anyone see the environmental message here? and big country help small country small country bow and give resources hidden message?

  25. Nasage says:

    but without the fillers the story line would end too fast and there will be no naruto in a matter of days, the fillers just help you understand just a little more about what happened in naruto, so stop thinking you know everything about naruto and just watch the f***ing thing.

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