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Naruto Shippuden 223

Naruto Shippuden 223

24 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 223

  1. Corroded says:

    I actually enjoyed this filler. lol

  2. yun says:

    first !!

  3. bvb says:

    awesome episode. maybe kind of a filler but this was just epic =[)

  4. hexel unveiled says:

    cant wait for next one

  5. Sasuke says:

    This episode filler was totally lame. An episode of a guy fishing? -.-

  6. Danny says:

    lol was i the only one who loved gais laugh at 5:00 xD

  7. CHRIS says:


  8. austin says:

    i giant sword fish with a demon wind blade stuck in his head epic fail!!!!!!!

  9. Tabbie says:

    Nice episode, loved the double feature last week! Would love another one! Wonder what Naruto and Bee will think of each other when they meet! REALLY want to see that soon!!!

    • Disueween says:

      You can see it … watch the naruto Manga i think it was at 489 or 498 :) then they will meet .and more like Zetsu army and more :o and Kabutos zombeyyy Army

  10. a.a says:

    so cool i like naruto

  11. jhong says:

    another filler….. this episode 222 isn’t included in the manga series… kishi really likes to include these kinds of episodes and for those waiting for the main story, would still have to wait cos i think 2-4 more fillers will come out…. demn… c’mon kishi!!!! a filler would do good but not if it’s many

  12. Yanhie Nakamura 中村藩 says:

    I enjoy watching it. THANKS FOR THE UPLOAD :))

  13. berto says:

    i feel like the same person that does naruto’s voice in english also does it japanese

  14. whinerhater says:

    Whining about fillers is more lame than anything. The creators of Naruto do not make these for you and would be less inclined to giving you what you want. Losers.

  15. Disueween says:

    Did you knew that the NARUTO

  16. Guru says:

    Stupid episode

  17. STFU says:

    STFU kid. Nobody likes you.
    Infact everyone hates your guts. Go die.
    Fillers are a plague among all anime and suck. Don’t call all of us quality anime lovers losers when we just want a good show.
    Fillers ruin good shows like naruto, bleach, and one piece.
    Your comment made no sense. I hope you were just kidding.

  18. araina says:

    hey whats bad in this episode….

  19. nojoke says:

    Why do u get angry over anime? It is not real.

  20. Someone says:


    Does it really matter with fillers. They only show a different side of the anime. They are of good entertainment. Also they allow them more time to release the episodes. The fillers might not have that much to do with the main story, but rushing through the storyline is just wasted. Better to hang out and enjoy the ride :) Read the manga if you cant wait for what happens next. Ofcourse im not saying that stuffing in 100 fillers is a good idea :P But the fillers up until now has been kind of nice ^^ And also i believe they will start the storyline again soon. And try not to rage out like that online, to hate people online, telling them to go and die.. That’s kind of childish, dont you think ? Trashing others comments are just mean, because everyone has their opinion. So trashing it is not the right thing to do. Rather argue with them and find interesting new insight :) -cincerely Naruto fan who dont want the comment spalt being spammed down with rage posts and hate comments ^^

  21. bob says:

    quality is like jizz my pants

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