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Naruto Shippuden 222

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Naruto Shippuden 222

24 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 222

  1. dani says:


  2. Dude says:

    First! & nice epi

  3. Phil says:

    First, suck it Jimmy!

  4. Chitansh says:

    1st …..d 1st tym

  5. NObody says:

    Neeeeeeeeeeeext episoooooooooooode Pleaaaaaase :C

  6. disser says:


  7. asdf says:

    Awww… filler coming up…
    The young man and the sea? Young dude catching a marlin?
    It’s a filler relating to the classic book “The Old man and the sea” where he was an old guy and he went on a hardcore adventure to catch a marlin as his last catch.

  8. Ioan says:

    wow good episode :D

  9. Nextar says:

    at 20:12 the poster in the back ground is of the naruto movie

  10. please upload the next episode as soon as possible…will be waiting…

  11. kittyMEOW says:

    Gammit!!! :O I hate Fillers :O

  12. jiggly374 says:

    what the hell is wrong with sakura someone needs to kick her a**, what the hell she means who she will heal first stupid bitch. naruto duh!!!! he didnt abandon the village he looks out for her dumb a**. she got me so mad at that part. never liked her but now i really hate her character.

  13. sss says:

    wiw never mind this episode

  14. Dark Angel says:

    What the hell does Sakura mean “who’s she gona heal first?” If i was Sasuke id kill her stupid ass first just to get her out of my way,and then move on to my battle with Naruto…
    After ALL Naruto have done for her LAME ASS..

  15. Brans says:

    Sakura is crazy to even think about who to heal first it should be Naruto hands down

  16. vinz says:

    oh no..fillers are coming soon.

  17. Ygrec says:

    Epic punch in the end

  18. naru-fan says:

    smh @ sakura… she should even have to consider who to heal first. “the guy who tried to kil me? or the one whos been with me this whole time?

  19. russ says:

    sakura is a bitch

  20. nojoke says:

    Ppl its Anime not what u want

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