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Naruto Shippuden 219

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Naruto Shippuden 219

36 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 219

  1. eiknx says:

    1st… its so stupid… who write this but im writed becouse others wouldnt

  2. Luksul says:


  3. Belzibut says:


  4. Tabbie says:

    Weird, but good episode. Another week to see what happens next, but was Danzo the 6th???? Glad the 5th woke up . :)

  5. waka says:

    They should replace fillers with these kind of eps.

  6. Dark Angel says:

    I kinda like the episode…i nearly cried from laughter when Kakashi and Guy was battling with the kitchen utensils…i think i saw barbels in there too…

  7. JohnnySuave says:

    Haha, I enjoyed this epp. And they definitely should replace fillers with these. Since it is more entertaining, rather than repetitive. I always enjoy the small comedy bits. hahah. Next episode seems promising!

  8. xx6fluffy9xx says:

    This episode was great! lol pointless but indeed a great one. I agree with Waka, they should make fillers like this episode. :) can’t wait till next week’s.

  9. shawn says:

    this is a good episode but it;s so slow,the manga is FTW and they need to put it like 3 or 2 tiimes a week my god.

  10. Mikey says:

    I never comment. But, this was the worst epsiode especially how they protrayed Kakashi so LAME and why is his face the same face they used for when he is younger. I really have a problem with the character accurracy of this epsiode. Kakashi always barely accept Guy’s challenges and he never do it so gay like! This is so sad, a step back for the cool guy!

    • eat_rice_4_life says:

      Dude Just Shut The Fuck Up..iF U Say That It Is Lame Then Y U Watch The Movie Then..and Dont Say U Didnt Know Bcuhzz Thats How KaKashi been Looking Like The Whole Timmee..Think Stupid Ass!!!

      • shawn says:

        my dude is a reason tht kakashi looks like tht.wat naruto shippuden episode the young boy battle field.then you’l see it then watch it

  11. John says:

    i say Danzo was nothing towards the numbering of Hokoga. since they did not have a seromony of that event it should not count.

  12. dew says:

    what are fillers?

  13. araina says:

    Its a nice episode, but gives me many problem while playing but still all over its good, can’t wait for next episode.

  14. Han_01 says:

    Is hoping that the site makes videos that play on the iPhone, so I can watch episodes on the go. Really enjoyed the episode

  15. Chris says:

    MASSIVE LOAD OF FUN!! And I love the little handshake Kakashi and Guy have going on

  16. Adam says:

    When will the next episode come out?

  17. RTR says:

    Nice ep, even if it’s mostly filler.
    Also, I like the art in the new credits. Love the sylized look of the characters.

  18. konan says:

    LOVED THT EPISODE i was so sad wen i thought tht tsunade had died and thn i was super happy :D and frikin love the new endin

  19. JJ says:

    AAAAHH man one full week left of waiting
    me sad;(

  20. Anon says:

    err i thought this was last week’s ?

  21. kittyMEOW says:

    >.< Argh I hate it when they don't do episodes on every Thursday.

  22. NaNaNaNaaaaruto says:

    I think it was nice with a little break from all the serious stuff that has been going on in the past episodes, but i seriously can’t wait till next episode! It looked pretty good!
    btw that handshake kakashi and gai perfomed made me laugh hard hehe

  23. Darkjall says:

    Good thing I can play all the videos on my DROID INCREDIBLE ;) I can use the full version of every website

  24. sasuke.x3 says:

    xDDDDD i love this episode.!
    it is soooo funny ^.^

  25. poop says:

    09:35 …this is the cutest and most saucy hip dance I’ve ever seen. Crissake I never laughed so hard at kakashi.

  26. kappa says:

    LOL! i lost it at the race! :DD

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