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Naruto Shippuden 215

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Naruto Shippuden 215

86 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 215

  1. GreenNinja137 says:


  2. gytka says:

    dang i wanna see other episode so much already!

  3. tre says:

    this is another load of play backs

  4. flashbacks? says:

    last episode i hoped this one would be good!? but… more flashbacks D:

  5. ShaolinShinobi389 says:

    we know wut happened we wanna see wuts gonna happen already!!!!

  6. Crazydam says:

    Great episode, interesting flash backs!!!

  7. Bob says:

    in creating naruto, first episode was hardest since they had no flashback material. i’d be surprised if someone found one scene in over 400 episodes that hasn’t been used as a goddamn flashback

  8. haseo says:

    dam it y cant thay just fight i wunt o see naruto go sage mode on his ass

  9. greg says:

    todai episode was so 5hit

  10. dragon king says:

    damn i want new episodes but this episode is good not too good just good i want narusaku NOW

  11. jag thug says:

    holy mother of pearl. is this what you called episode? this is a million times of reply. sorry but this s*cks!

  12. oliver says:

    guys the whole reason there doing flash backs is so they can milk money from japan one last time

  13. J@m3L says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so sick of these FLASHBACKS!!! that they use to take up the whole episode. Judging by the next preview that will be full of them too! ugh and I miss the rest of the other leaf Jonin I never see them fight anymore. ):

  14. DrPhil321 says:

    More flashbacks? If the person that made the episodeds died, I wouldn’t care. If they followed the manga we would have been so much further.

    • haileigh says:

      How have they not followed the manga? As far as paper to films go, they’re doing an amazing job with sticking to the plot.

  15. Devin says:

    so if i skip this episode will i miss anything? and the flashbacks are in the manga too. well atleast this episodes flashbacks

  16. adam says:

    allways all this flashbacks !! like 5 min real epesode -.-

  17. Maeuil says:

    I don’t mind flashbacks for the most part, but when the flashbacks are of something that happened 1-2 episodes ago, that bugs me.

  18. Tiefighter1992 says:

    did you know that there is a dragonball z move called rassen-go

  19. bang says:

    damn now we have to wait another week this is boring life is short but this damned anime is about 8 years old and still FLASHBACKS :)

  20. poyex says:

    annoying episode…

  21. brco says:

    woooow these producers are geting so ****ing lazy !!!!!! real episode is like 5 mins nd the rest is intro end nd the ****ing flashbacks …

    • haileigh says:

      woooow these viewers are getting so ****ing stupid !!!!!! Here’s something in terms you’ll understand. Likey? Watchy. No likey? No watchy.

  22. texknightshadow says:

    What the hay!!!! Naruto’s to good to fight a half dead,and blind Susake. Give him one of those medicine balls. Then go SUPER SAGE ON HIS AZZ!!!!

  23. danny says:

    Is it just me or does Sasuke looks like a crack-head???

  24. hahahah says:

    ow come on!!! freaking FLASHBACKS… i hate them….. all this happened in the previous episode why replay it?

  25. yasir says:

    man will quit these flashbacks plz

  26. yasir says:

    damn these flashbacks

  27. James says:

    More fillers to come guys. Shippuden is not looking good now have to find something new to watch (–,)

  28. jason says:

    It did not have as much fighting as I thoght it would

  29. jason says:

    **** naruto no flash backs If the the next one has this crap i’m call janpan

    • haileigh says:

      And tell them…? Yeah, hey, I know you guys are busy and all…tsunamis, earthquakes, radioactive hazards…but can you get ahold of Masashi Kishimoto and tell him to stop putting flashbacks in his anime? I know, I know, big fight coming up, building suspense and drama, showing what the characters have gone through and the difference between then and now…but I’m the stereotypical impatient American and I want it, and I want it NOW! K, Thanks, Bye.

  30. Kyle says:

    The reason for the fillers and flashbacks is because they are preparing for a huge battle, The animation and to put everything together takes time so be patient.

  31. Han Solo says:

    Fuck man. Enough with the flashbacks!! We know already how much of a sob story Sasuke and Naruto are. If not, people can just go watch the fucking series and leave the rest of us to progress with the story. Damn

  32. kenrick says:

    come on!!!!!!!!! the whole freakin episode was friggin flashbacks!!!! i mean people that have watched naruto up to these episodes know almost everything in all of these flash backs

  33. daniel says:

    someone please tell me the name of the song when sasuke is being all evil! the one with the super cool electric guitar riff!

  34. theboss says:

    so naruto could had killed sasuke but he didn’t. also after this is over no more flash backs the only reason there are so many flsh backs i guess imo is that the anim i catching up with the manga. but meh the manga is going good.

  35. kyle elder says:

    there just building up suspense so what if there are flash backs there trying to loop the story together. you have to loop the past so you don’t forget.

  36. john foe says:

    what the hell does sasuke have that makes him so irresistable, i mean even after trying to kill both sakura and karin they are still deeply in love with him. WHY???????????

    • jamil says:

      hes charismatic

      • haileigh says:

        They’re not deeply in love with him (well, except Sakura). He was their teammate, and since he didn’t bond with anybody else the bond that they had was that much stronger. YOU SEE? THIS is why there are flashbacks…so that people who have memory issues will keep up.

  37. Larry says:

    Its repetitive, but its what they want you to be thinking about to make this scene more dramatic, like when something big has happened or is about to happen

  38. Hassan says:

    I swear more than half of the Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden Anime’s length has been extended with Flashbacks.

    Flashbacks, Flashbacks, Flashbacks. Especially that Sakura crying to Naruto…. “Naluthoooo, Pasinnnooooo Sasuke num kdhhdjdfhdjfhskd” is getting sooooo annoying.

  39. Jon says:

    What the **** is up with the flashbacks? it take up the WHOLE ep like really…

  40. jfetz says:

    sasuke cries while fighting naruto.

  41. sasuke.x3 says:

    where is naruto ans sasuke???
    but the background is nice (=
    →it glitters ;D
    but the flashbags are enough -.-

  42. Regretpain says:

    i honestly liked this one it keeps u in an more intrested in next one

  43. Ioan says:

    Realy awesome episode!!!!!

  44. beb says:

    Damn flashbacks quit them!

  45. meh says:

    Enough is enough, everyone saw those flashbacks like a million times now.

  46. kbl says:

    yeah enough with the ******* flashbacks dattebayoooooo!!

  47. armando says:


  48. jangdedi says:

    this is free… so don’t complain whith flash back.. flash back … bla….bla..bla… just watch and enjoy…..

  49. Shinobi106elite says:

    OMFG!!!!!!!!!!! stop the flashbacks we know wat happened. there are so many flashbacks that watching the original naruto would actually be a waste of time. you could learn the who series from flashbacks. wats wrong with these writer are they just running out of ideas or something? FIRE THE WRITER!!!!!!!!!! and get some people who actually want 2 keep a fan base cause people are going to just start dropping off from the anime if something doesn’t hurry up and happen.

  50. M002 says:

    seriously could have been an awesome episode if it didn’t have flash backs…. but yeah, anime has to be lame like that :(

  51. chris says:

    yo this iz goin to be the reformation of team 7 its bout to get good

  52. d3lmel del pilar says:

    to much flashback, boring……………………….

  53. Enough with the flashbacks dattebayooooooooooooo!

  54. bboy lyte says:

    seriously??? wtf come on already how many times are they going to go over the flashbacks? i feel like ive watched the same episode five times already… over and over again! get to the fight already. all these constant episodes of flashbacks is making the show boring now. im practically at the point now that i dont care what happens next.

  55. jhon says:

    it was too long ,
    and there are many flashback minimize the rewind of past event
    but over all its ok………….

  56. Nuno says:

    I miss the old Sasuke : (. So emotional every moment of this series.

  57. Nuno says:

    And stop complaining about the flashbacks you all. All you guys want is to watch the battles? They’re really amazing, i understand but try to get more into the story and appreciate every emotional moment of this series. That’s the main reason why i watch Naruto and believe me: It worths and marks you countless times more. You don’t know what you lose with this lesson of life that is Naruto that is more than just an anime.

  58. Junior Lawrence says:

    I dont like sasuke but I wish he killed Sakura bitch ass. her ass got lucky she was saved twice. this is why the show is boring so far, because of her flash backs that most people dont even care about.

  59. JKsharingan says:

    nice but no as ia aspected

  60. Omnicide666 says:

    instead ov complaining about the flashbacks how about you go and read the manga instead ov bitching, all ov you are no better than children

  61. sukra says:

    ya jangdedi is absolutely rite…..these r all free………so just watch it n enjoy it………..

  62. Tabbie says:

    First things first, this is made in Japan. Hummm…. what has the country gone through in the last year…. think before you speak, Yes there are a lot of flash backs, but this is anime and if you don’t like it then suck it up the rest of us do. Would love a double feature cause the 20-25 minutes of show is not enough. Can’t wait to see what happens next and the awakening of the 5th….. ( she is my favorite) All will be well. Till next time. :)

  63. Flashback says:

    This episode makes me want to flashback to the earthquakes….

  64. haileigh says:

    Anyone know the delay time here? Like how long after the episode is released that they have it up on the site?

  65. haileigh says:

    Stop complaining about the flashbacks! Whether you like them or not, they will be there. They’re there to show the emotion in the characters and what they’ve gone through. I know it’s a hard concept, but not every anime has to be about blood, swords, and a billion fight scenes per episode. Get over yourself and enjoy what Masashi’s created, because flashbacks or no flashbacks, it’s amazing (and a million times better than any other anime out there).

  66. Jmy says:

    Nartuto saved the day again! come on sasuke wake the fuck up

  67. zeibrel says:

    just watch and enjoy. let be satisfied to what author’s made

  68. RandomSavage says:

    Sasuke: Ocular powers are everything!

  69. K C M says:

    sakura says “Sasuke tried to kill me if it weren’t for Naruto i’d be dead by now”.

    Wasn’t it obvious the first time before Kakashi saved your ass you nincom-bimbo-poop.

  70. kappa says:

    I can’t handle how stupid and annoying Sakura is…

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