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Naruto Shippuden 213

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Naruto Shippuden 213

81 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 213

  1. kud says:

    ik ben de 1e post!

  2. Nomerto says:

    God damn it.. with these flashbacks..

  3. uttathya says:

    They Should Stop showing flash backs srrlsy 99/100 % of show is flashbacks only

  4. lol one says:

    Crappy episode :|

  5. Naruto-TV says:

    What is all about this episode?
    I think I have seen it all the scenes :S

  6. Killer Bee says:

    yay more flashbacks, makes me miss fillers…

  7. Rizwan Nazeer says:

    absolutely terrible.
    is there going to be any action? or just constant flash backs.

  8. Kavon says:

    Blah of an episode btw

  9. Mike says:

    What an crap flashback again make som beter videos men not this cheep crap

  10. ffffft says:

    Aljshfd… If i wanted to watch flash backs all day I’d just go and watch the freaking episodes they’re from!

    My intelligence feels insulted when they show them, like I’m too stupid to remember the previous episodes so they feel they have to recap the entire series for me.

  11. Truman says:

    More Flashbacks.. :(… i was hoping to see sakura…

  12. Tabbie says:

    Ugh! What the heck is going on!!!! Still waiting to see what happens next!!!!

  13. embryonical says:

    you have to take into account that not everyone has seen all the episodes of this show… flashbacks help those new to watching and those of us with sub standard memory make more sense of the story… plus im sure it buys time for the people animating the show to keep the quality of new material at a higher standard instead of rushing and having their work suffer

  14. Tommy says:

    this was a wasted episode. nothing but flash backs. i could have waited next week to see a better episode.

  15. jag says:

    damn flashbacks. i hate this kind ok stuffs

  16. john frapas says:

    i had to skip to the end of the episode to see some action. flashbacks all through. very terrible episode -____________-

  17. john says:

    i waited a whole week for this?

  18. Dark Angel says:

    Would you come with the action already!!!! These damn flash backs are killing me!! looks like the action showdown will be starting from next week though…

  19. Halexandre says:

    thats sad how this episodes can be realesed,
    if we wana naruto young times we go at the first episodes. no sense in seing in this part of the journey..
    waiting 1 week for this kind of s**t

  20. fänn says:

    1 week for waste..

  21. Q says:

    Let the story develop! Knuckle heads who demand nothing but action have zero substance. Pay attention to the meaning behind the flash backs and it will make the battle(s) all the more intense. Waiting a week is nothing compared to the amount of work they do just to get you that much in that short of time.

  22. Hector says:

    these past few episodes have been fillers so they wont be so close to the manga chapters

  23. Peach Head says:

    I feel with you guys,
    but cheer up! Starting next week were able to watch some seriously nice, animated fuckfest of colours and ninja stuff !!!! *datebayo*

  24. sucks says:

    waste of time

  25. Dellan says:

    The whole episode was literally Naruto staring at the ceiling, and running through the woods. The Anime better not put a filler arc after this…

    It looks like the next episode will also have its share of flashbacks… woot!

  26. Kyle says:

    Either they are getting lazy or just trying to drag out the episodes as long as they can. My god, a whole week for this… I thought the pace would pick up after sakura

  27. garrett says:

    worse possible video, if i wanted to watch flashbacks i would just go to the old naruto… i waited patiently for a whole week for this shiit? congratz… to the people who make this your losing fans!

  28. Ben says:

    looks like another half filler next week
    but its killing me

  29. yasir says:

    what the hell is wrong with u guys i fucking stupid idiots i had waited a complete whole week for this episode to see some actions and fucker are killing me with the flash backs i m sick of Naruto i will not visit this site anymore

  30. fuckflashbacks says:

    Fucking flashbacks, proof of lazy ppl.

  31. Monster Kitten says:

    COME ON!
    I dont want to see anz more flashbacks…i want to see what’ll happen between Sakura and Sasuke!
    I mean,dont we all?!

  32. BULL@#! says:

    WOWOWOW What a SHIt!!!! dude we dont care what in the past god GEt on with it all rdy

  33. Hidan24 says:

    i want 2 see sasuke get murdered by kakashi!! sasuke is such a pussy

  34. Hikaru says:

    THEN READ THE MANGA!!!! Man you all are impatient although I am really getting impatient too because I want to see the anime while reading the manga but no they are TOO SLOW!!!!! NO MORE FLASHBACKS we all know what happened in the past we are Narto FANS!!!!! Gosh how many reruns from Naruto episode 1 will I have to do before the next episode comes out?!?!

    • cooperjhm says:

      well yeah but not all of us are naruto fans, not all of us watched the whole series maybe just maybe there is a new fan out there who started to watch the first series because of this episode. but me i am kind of sick of the flashbaks:/

  35. yasir says:

    the whole production team sucks they are nothing but flashback experts there are so many episode full of flashbacks previously.

  36. danzo says:

    …………………… was that…this torture, one more

  37. dARk AoI says:

    oh come on man!!! flash backs are all boring…. as we know,, we’ve already seen this episodes then they’re doing this??? pathetic…:))

  38. rhizzy says:

    I was pissed when he told Naruto to get some more rest lol

  39. ftw says:

    what a piece of shit a whole episode wasted on flashbacks ftw

  40. hell wyrm says:

    you people are absolute idiots , the producer of this anime/manga are working like crazy to make a decent anime/manga in this age of pathetic /zombie/kid/school/casual shit we are given. Let them do it like they want .I prefer having a long anime full of reminder and nicely handled backstories than a fast anime with no explanation at all. But i guess nowadays people dont have any respect for the the intellectual work of people like anime creator

    • Mario Uchiha says:

      I agree with u dude

      • cooperjhm says:

        yeah its pretty clear their just trying to make naruto and sasuke,’s story more……….i don’t know more sad i guess because obviously naruto ends up killing sasuk…..shhhh no *spoilers* haha

        • Haseo0907 says:

          yea i agree with you…without flashbacks..we might get confused with the story line..because..there too many episode of Naruto..we sometime forget what happen in previous series..RIGHT??

  41. xchris760x says:

    Are you fuking serious….this episode just pissed me the fuk right off…im pretty sure we all know what happened in the past if were fuking watching in Japanese……Screw these flashbacks!!!!!!!!!!

  42. dasoy27 says:

    wat da hell.. lot of flashbacks… damn!!!

  43. wow says:

    These flashfuckingbacks… i swear make us a real episode plz.

  44. damn flashbacks, get some real episodes!

  45. rhudz says:

    gandahan nyo naman plz……….less flashscenes!

  46. rabah says:

    ce site est trés colll

  47. Annette says:

    Loading real fast. Sugoi. xD

  48. haileigh says:

    Too many freakin’ flashbacks. We would get the point after one or two, but now they’re just filling up episode after episode with them. Getting kind of old.

  49. foshizle says:

    what shippuden episode did sasake battle killer bee’s brother?

    plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply

  50. wasabi says:

    so many flashbacks!! >:(

  51. DemetriHubbard says:

    Sasuke all day and sharingon and naruto might be the strongest and I really have a twisted opinion about Madara Ucihia.

    • shawn says:

      in the end naruto and sasuke gonna work together to kill madara…because sasuke going to find out y him and naruto is fighting or smthing thn sasuke gonna figure out tht madara was useing sasuke for his dirty as he useing kabuto..but kabuto is useing madara but kabuto know tht he cnt beat madara cuz he gonna get his ass kiked…so naruto or sasuke might die in the end…one of them…
      My opinion

  52. Ben says:

    this is bullshit!!!!!! if i wanted to watch the main flashback of sasuke and naruto fighting then i wuld go to that episode and watch it!! isnt it funny in the last episode sakura is flashbacking while she is running and the same thing happans in this episode… naruto starts running and look wat happans he flashbacks about sasuke

    far out im getting sick of this flash back bullshit!!

  53. shawn says:

    word i does skiped them but it finished fast fuck tht shit!

  54. shawn says:

    am i right thoe?

  55. Akautski says:

    @BEN I agree! BS!!!!!

  56. cooperjhm says:

    dude what’s with all the flashbacks. okay we get it so could you plz focus on naruto shippuden not the previous series im serious, other than that awesome episode by the way how did naruto make a shadow clone whithout saying anything?

  57. TAkumi SubAsha says:

    FUCk man tis Naruto SUcKs .It was GOOd BefoRe BUt Its Started To SUck man..

  58. naruto says:

    that was so cool and i and at qubece the next week nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  59. Haseo0907 says:

    Hey..stop saying that Naruto Shippuden “sucks” this new series have a lot of flashback so we can understand what really happening between character..if they did not show any flashback..we might get confused with the story line..just wait in patience..sit back and relax..but I CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT EPISODE OF NARUTO SHIPPUDEN!!!

  60. SomeoneYUHDONTKNO says:

    BIT-ARCHES.! AND SO WHAT WITH THE FLASHBACK I LIKE IT JUST LIKE WHEN IM SOAKING MY DICK HARD. SO calm down everyone:D Its a Good anime. SO dont be hatting. Thats bad you kno:)

  61. frank says:

    flashback bullSHIT !

  62. brianna says:

    I LOVE NARUTO!!!! but these flash backs occur too often…misashi please stop!!! we already know these things! theres no need to waste your time re drawing old episodes!

  63. tactics says:

    omg more flash backs. why? why ? cant they move faster these must be filler for the next small fight scene. i should stop watching this for a month. that is what i did after the pain fight i stopped watching for 2 months then came back and was like wow i missed nothing it was all fillers lol. btw i liked the old the setup on this site better =/

  64. Chuck Intong says:

    just get the blashback and direct to the main event….:)

  65. Hyugasam says:

    Yea! Troublesome flashbacks. I wana watch em straight ahead.. Masashi kishimoto! No more flashbacks please. God is coming soon. REPENT!!!

  66. WhyISITJAPANESE says:


  67. girlllashjasda says:

    i love how the manga goes WAYYYYY further then the show :l …. dumb fillers and stupid flashbacks…. :3 oh well

  68. SIDONI says:

    Sasuke, Sauke… everyone’s in love with Sasuke. He should get killed by TenTen. That would be funny actually. And Sakura’s so Useless. My gosh, she’s my favorite character but can she do something for once?

  69. Vixceous says:

    Naruto… the only anime out there that is 90% filler and 10% questionable story arc.

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