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Naruto Shippuden 206

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Naruto Shippuden 206

34 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 206

  1. trioxide says:

    was okay just wanna get to the war =[

  2. Krystal says:

    I’m angry at the fact that Sakura would do something like that. Like Naruto says, “I hate people who lie to themselves.” She has always loved Sasuke and always will. She shouldn’t need to lie to Naruto like that to try to convince him to let this go. She just wanted to abuse the fact that Naruto loves her and with that have him stop pursuing Sasuke. Naruto is way to smart to fall for that.

  3. kazama says:

    every episode gets better

  4. raionel casio says:

    its so nice to watch at its alwas updated at all times hehehe

  5. Heeh says:

    Omg, kissame!!

  6. Troublesome says:

    Omg i hate Sakura right now.. I knew she would say **SPOILERS** that she loves Naruto in this episode, but i didn’t know she was going to try to use it like that.. god damn i hate her right now.. Why cant she just let go off that fing asshole Sasuke..
    Also Naruto could’ve acted better, not totatlly rejected her so called love.

  7. bench says:

    i hate people lie to his self ::D

  8. no1reaper206 says:

    that was very interesting and the shark skin looks like an actual shark and its powerful…

  9. twig says:

    get lives ppl its just a made up show

  10. ~brco~ says:

    I think that Sakura is hot end of lol when I think about it properly then the only thing that comes is this : More fighting , less talk god damn it … no proper fight going on !

  11. Kavon says:

    Kissame is scary as ****

  12. Tabbie says:

    Ugh! Still waiting for more action! Double feature!! *hint-hint* What the hell was Sakura thinking??? Yeah, that’s going to change Naruto… Silly girl… still got alot to learn about him. Can’t wait for the next one! :)

  13. andu57 says:

    what’s the name of the intro song?

  14. Sierra Rosewood says:

    Although I don’t think Sakura feels for Naruto what she does for Sasuke, I really think she does feel something for him though. I mean, he really WAS there for her when Sasuke wasn’t…..she can depend on him, and now that Sasuke’s officially a criminal, she should just give up hope with that one. Besides, all he has in his heart now is hate anyways.

  15. Robbie92894 says:

    First off that episode was amazing. and i couldnt be any more happy with where the showe is going. secondly. that intro song was a great choice. loved it and the actual visuals. the ending song was pretty awesome as well…keep up the good work and thanks for posting on time

  16. sasuke_hokage says:

    OMG!! yall viewers know that sasuke is way stronger than naruto physically //naruto cant beat him without his jinchuriki/ sasuke should be the next hokage fyi!!! thumbs up if u like sasuke

  17. Hot Skull says:

    omg i need to see next episode. kisame ur the best!!!!

  18. RTR says:

    I don’t care about the context or specific situation, but trying to screw with a guys’ feelings is not cool.
    I call it a bitch move.

  19. kyozke says:

    EstorYaheeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

  20. Aine says:

    What’s the new opening song?

  21. mystery says:

    twig shut up you stupid retard

  22. JhongskieLei says:

    i am thinking how the ending episode ends.will naruto be a hokage & hu really is his leading lady or hinata…..^_______^xcited..

  23. alpha says:

    i’m starting to hate sakura….

  24. RandomSavage says:

    Great episode… *Spoiler* I think that sakura does have feelings like that for Naruto, maybe not nearly as strong as her feelings of said variety are for Sasuke, but they’re there, I also think that Naruto made the right decision in how to respond to her. Sure he could’ve sugar coated it but there wasn’t really much ofa point to it. Also, for those of you who are saying just forget Sasuke that’s extremly hard for her to do because of all they went through together, the same goes for Naruto, I believe that Naruto probably will end up with Hinata and I’m not sure about Sakura, though I do believe either Naruto, Sasuke, or both will die in there fight, I don’t really think they’re going to choose to just not fight, as Madara explained it this battle was decided long ago and there isn’t much anything anyone can do about it.

  25. naruto didnot know hinta her love for his salive and sakra also love saske all others, that is the love is going diffucalt ways and no one can say it well end like that… bye

  26. Kiba1000 says:

    I think Sakura does love Naruto, and has way less feelings for Sasuke but she does want Sasuke back because he is a Leaf Ninja.

  27. Ronald says:

    i hope in the future naruto and sakura :} will be togethere :}.,,

  28. naruto killer says:

    omg i want to bitch slap sakera rite now but i get how naruto feels

  29. naruto_kun says:

    she wanna free naruto that’s all , that’s the right thing to do

  30. Lin says:

    I really want sakura and Naruto to end up together in the end despite all
    Of this. Hinata is cute but they would make a terrible couple. Besides I think hinata really just admires narutos courage and is grateful to him. With Sakura, I think she does love Naruto, but shes just confused with her feelings right now.

    • K Brun says:

      Umm you know the whole Sakura cafessing her love to Naruto was all a ploy right, it should have been obvious

  31. harkos says:

    sakura is acting like a whore!!

  32. Jmy says:

    Naruto hurt sakura feelings even more

  33. Sidoni says:

    OHH please people. All the comments are saying that Sakura is playing with Naruto’s feelings and that is so NOT TRUE. C’mon people!! She’s trying to protect Naruto so he wouldn’t get hurt anymore, but Naruto’s too stubborn to give up so it didn’t matter what she said to him. Honestly think about it: if she had told him the truth, he would’ve objected and probably tried to convince everyone to stay out of it- which they wouldn’t do- and Sakura and Naruto and Kakashi would’ve pursued Sasuke right then and there and it would have been practically the same thing, but at least this was more dramatic. Anyways, I wish Sakura would kick Sasuke’s butt, hell yeah! He deserves it for being such a jerk.

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