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Naruto Shippuden 168

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Naruto Shippuden 168

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  1. wooo says:

    first! always wanted to do that

  2. narutoo says:


  3. xtemarix says:

    heyy y aret there any comments weird or mabey it means that im FIRST yaaayyyyyy!!!!!!! anywaiiz this epp was kinda boring although the ending was kinda ok hope the nxt will better

  4. Great Sage says:


  5. Tabbie says:

    OMFG!!!! That was SO cool! Can’t wait till the next one! Wonder what will happen when Naruto and Pain came face to face……. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see! :)

  6. dmay says:

    3st…..Naruto mantappp….Indo ke 3…..ckckckkck…gpp lah yg pnting msuk 3 besar….

  7. Charles Araya says:

    this is really cool, go naruto!!!

  8. Charles Araya says:

    this really cool, go naruto!!!

  9. Demonnabz says:

    this one was awesome but i’m still third baby!!!

  10. azruall says:

    awsome. How can you call the episode kinda boring. Good clip with his dad.

  11. wayne says:

    3rd oh wait everyone internet is gawn fucka unno

  12. MarieUchiha says:

    Im glad that the normal drawing is back :3
    Cant wait till the next episode x)

  13. GodHatesEuu says:

    Its nice, its nice , Yay 3rd

  14. JAY-Dilla says:

    I made a post woohooo!!!

  15. speciaLLL says:

    great epp

  16. rasanngan says:

    i havent watched it yet buy im fucking 3ed 1 time and it was this one

  17. i love to watch naruto . so please tell me how to create my own address in this site. thank you bye

  18. creatiwelolz says:

    That was so cool episode …naruto go!!! that was your answer … kill pain with rasengan!!

  19. Jessi says:

    I wonder if Naruto and Hinata will wind up in the end….

  20. MyCondolence says:


  21. Mohamed says:

    hi guys this is yellow flash episode and naruto will defeat the fifth pain

  22. dhearpdaer says:

    just read the manga
    btw naruto dosen’t kill pain he kills himself egeehhehhege

  23. cjcamba says:

    great ep. hertz panget

  24. craft says:

    that was sweet

  25. TrueBlue221 says:

    What!?!?!?! How many more episodes are there?

  26. rasanngan says:

    ii put it in to late i guesse well i want to see the new ep i just figured out something the first naruto only made it up to 220 how long will this go i wonder

  27. rasanngan says:

    dame 8 out of 10 i have 3 comments

  28. rasanngan says:

    haha now 5

  29. rasanngan says:

    i have 5 in the top ten

  30. Bern says:

    Donno bout you… but I was tearing…


  31. max says:

    thankz god
    hinatha z alive
    wow 4th hokage z great ninja
    cme on naruto kill that bloody nagato
    kill him

  32. bbbbbbbbbb says:

    Pain will revive all peoples in Konoha in exchange of it’s life :)

  33. DewaEl says:

    Really amazing… still love this anime…

  34. richboy says:

    wasnt we suppose to get 2 vids cause no new one last week?

  35. John says:

    lol this was supposed to be 2 episodes?well it was like 6:30 mins each apisode lol

  36. 13LACK_R3@P3R says:

    im proud that naruto could use razaingan w/o a clone.


  37. 13LACK_R3@P3R says:

    oh yeah and cute hinata clip too :]

  38. aww... says:

    awww.. i thought i was going to be the first one to comment.. but oh well hope this episode is good!!! and not crappy like the last episode!!!! hope to see THE 4th hokage in this one. i can just feel it! this episode is going to be awesome!!! hope pain dies too!!!

  39. jimtp says:

    has anyone notices episodes lately are way too short,this was supposed to be to episodes but instead we get an 8 min ep and a 13 min one

  40. stryker says:

    the next is better ! i saw him ! but i saw in chinesse and i did’t understand anything ! :D

  41. naru-fan says:

    haha narutos pretty sneaky

  42. Hitman says:

    Ha ha naruto falcon punching his own dad

  43. OneRandomEncounter says:

    Dammit it ended on the coolest part.
    During the omake, I was telling myself that something stupid was going to happen at the end. Instead, Hinata pushes Guy through a fake wall. Awesome.

  44. jiggly374 says:

    great episode glad it was animated right.

  45. OneRandomEncounter says:

    At this point we don’t know what Naruto thinks specifically about Hinata now that she popped the question (not even in the manga and the chapter “Confessions” was released almost a year and a half ago), but I’m sure it’s definetely not the same as before. I mean, as much as I would like to say that he shed some tears only for Hinata we cannot know unless he says/thinks just that. I’m pretty sure he just cried because he didn’t kill anyone.

    • brad176 says:

      naruto can not have a loving relationship the story wold have to end with noware els to go this is not a porn site after all so i dont thenk we can look forward to a love seen un less henata is kelled or theay end the story that way

  46. Reaper-San says:

    great episode

  47. ArcSage says:

    does anyone knows the ending tittle?

  48. I love that song it rock ma socks

    go naruto go!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. OMG!, OMG!, OMG!, OH MY GOD!!!! says:

    first :)

  50. maichira says:

    why minato have a different voice compared to previous episode…….

  51. naruto girl says:

    i love naruto i t is awsome

  52. ayoub arabi says:

    انا احب مسلسل الكرتوني ناروتو

  53. ramises botiong says:


  54. jmy says:

    His father seem nice and awesome, his dad was a legend!

  55. ema namikaze says:

    I d love to become a real ninja so minato can be my dad and naruto my s awsome!!! <3 <3

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