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Naruto Shippuden 167

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Naruto Shippuden 167

182 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 167

  1. What the hell? says:

    Erm…am I the only one who didn’t expect this?

  2. Narutofan says:

    Awesome episode! 1st!

  3. Who bad???? (johnn) says:

    great episode and amazing story line XD keep it up naruto!!!!

  4. sparky says:

    that was the greatest episode yet

  5. braxton says:

    yeah baby 1st . oh and where the hell is the rest of the show. i love how hinata didnt die but i wanted to see naruto turn into the nine tails but i also love how naruto finally met his father, not mentioning that we are not far from having naruto become a hokage.

  6. Hawk0f 3ndymion says:

    Happy Canada day

  7. omg says:

    4th hokage!!!!!!!

  8. rene jay says:

    woooh…nice 1…it really gives us courage…NARUTO 167 REALLY SUCKS….

  9. yves says:

    1st to comment 1st

  10. PaidTOXIC WOLF says:

    fluffing sick ep i loved it so much so good
    some parts looked a lil cheap but they did a rly good job on this ep

  11. Dealman says:

    Why is the quality from Episode 167 and somewhat Episode 166 like ultra bad compared to Episode 165?

    And I mean the quality of the Anime, like, animations and such. It’s not like the regular Naruto Shippuden, it’s more like a bad cartoon now… All ruined :(

  12. PaidTOXIC WOLF says:

    and i was 2nd yeah yeah take that everyone

  13. zzoop says:

    2nd owned

  14. yves says:

    I luv this ep but whats with the crappy animation?
    seriously `any body with me?

  15. Ryctor says:

    The animation on this episode is terrible and the fighting is way too dragged out. In the manga, Pain QUICKLY realizes he can’t fight the Kyuubi and uses his last resort. This episode could have been great, but it was just…


  16. jonel says:

    wow how good is that?awesome cant wait for next episode……..

  17. killua 2010 says:

    i cant wait to see the next episode

  18. yves says:

    i hate naruto now cause of this fucked up episode

  19. Terron says:

    This would have been excellent if the put in more detail and better animation this REALLY SUCKED I mean just look at the rocks they are just cubes what happened to the real naruto shippuden

  20. AbsoluteRed says:

    it was awesome!!!

  21. kulabrog says:

    2nd your faces.. you are twelfth and thirteenth to be exact.. nice ep.. and nice ep for manga too…

  22. Moshito says:

    dont get so upset ya the animation sucked but if it was that bad read it on one manga i am way ahead of this part and no distortion in graphics

  23. KibaInuzuka- says:

    =D I loved this episode but at some parts it had bad animation design ;[ 8 Tails kyuubi scared the hell out of me xD

  24. Dyggme says:

    the best episode i hve ever seen!!!!!!!!

  25. so flash says:

    this is a rip off this was made with flash !

  26. Emo_Princess says:

    omg ahhhhhh……!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. renzo says:

    hey guys stop dissin’ on the animations. it put some humor in this epic fight. it is an epic battle with a touch of humer from animator lazyness. :D

  28. Jocks8 says:

    Dude what is with the quality it is really suckish. it is starting to look extremely old school and in this case that is not good.

  29. Tilting@windmills says:

    Have a little sympathy guys… the animators get payed an average of $1.25 a frame, and a frame takes about an hour…. you’ll just have to suck it up if some of the action scenes don’t look as detailed……

  30. din says:

    wow , it’s so awesome. when i was kid i did’nt like naruto but now i realy like it

  31. sabakuXnoXsalem says:

    holy shit. i new this was going to happen because i read the manga, and i STILL squeeled. iffy animation at some points but still badass. Cant wait till sasuke sees what hes REALLY up against.

  32. Edy says:

    omg this episode’s story line rulz but the cartoon is rlly fucked up ! i thought it was a cheap copy after the original episode…geez

  33. zeed says:

    >>naruto boy>>>
    go go go
    >>>im a fun of u>>.
    …dont loze ur zelf
    >>>>go naruto>>.

  34. Renee says:

    whats with the animation? the episode would’ve been awesome if the animation wasn’t fucked up! at some parts it would be really clear but the running and the fighting sucked. it was worse animation than the first Naruto vs Sasuke fight! i think everyone was high when drawing and putting together this episode. i almost like it better in the manga. other than that the rest was awesome, great episode :)

  35. NarutoCritic says:

    It was pretty good but the animation was shit at most parts it went all like Cartoony like ud see on a little kids show

  36. andrew says:

    im kind of disappointed in this ep it didnt look like it was held up to the standers of the other ep they look like they were fan made

  37. swakatack says:

    go naruto boy…. i know u can do it…

  38. gaarachi... says:

    this episode is the worst………
    it is like im watching an anime made only by a child….it sucks….
    hope next time would be better…

  39. jiggly374 says:

    great episode story line was awesome but the animation sucked hope they dont animate it like this in up coming episodes thier ruining it. reminding me of some old animation from street fighter. which was great despite the animation.

  40. SAGC says:

    Great story line, hope they redo it in better quality though.

  41. SAGC says:

    i totally agree with jiggly puff, dont ruin the great thing you had!

  42. STORMAX says:

    best episode ever

  43. Billz says:

    Great story line and action but the cartoon is gay

  44. sdfre says:

    biggest WTF ever

  45. sajadas says:

    this episode is very amazing i can’t wait 168 episode

  46. Mattis says:

    Awesome ep, except the wierd faces Pain does again and again… Just doesn’t fit.
    And I don’t get this with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc… You’re almost wrong all the time anyways! When I post this I think I’m 21 but when it shows up I’m probly down on 50+ :P

  47. Mattis says:

    Oh it showed up instantly… Then why are people writing 2nd when they’re 16?! xD

  48. Suicidedax says:

    Ahh guys… this isnt a naruto shippuden episode… i think its fan made <.<. Well nice storyline, but ultrashitty animation ^.^

  49. portoif says:

    wtf what is that its like the roadrunner bip bip :P
    man that is awfull
    its like looney tunes and they did this in the best fight ever

  50. maichira says:

    what an awesome episode… it’s been a while to wait minato came out… can’t wait for next episode…

  51. Black Dragon says:

    wow animations suck this is kinda just a big chunk of shit but it was a good episoode cant wait till 168

  52. konohamaru says:

    GREAT episode. The animation was CRAP. The fight was CRAP. How can pain get hit so many times but still have a functioning body.
    Pains other 5 bodies die with like ONE shot. 6th pain took like 20 and still kept walking, WTF?!?
    The animation was crap too

  53. wonderbread says:

    the fight went down differently in the manga, they shoulda stuck to it.
    great story line.
    horrible animation

  54. EPISODE167SUCKS!!!!!! says:

    this is the worst animation i’ve ever seen in naruto. i was expecting it to be sooo good but turned out to be soo baaad. REALLY hope it will be better

  55. EPISODE167SUCKS!!!!!! says:

    AND dealman is DAMN RIGHT!!

  56. VICTOR says:

    wow! its great he make me insane! shit! go! go! go! 168

  57. ianvacs says:

    wat a great fight!!!! go 4 it!!!naruto boy!

  58. mia says:

    y they alway b cutin out the good part at the end

  59. Ktle says:

    I really hated the animation, some parts looked like they came out of a simpsons epidsode

  60. Shattayute says:

    so was the fourth hokage sealed inside naruto 2?

  61. bluefire347 says:

    but the animation rlly sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Kyraaa says:

    Ughhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! I ruined it for myself by reading spoilerssss!!! Gosh darn! It made me cry :P One of the best episodes so far

  63. michael says:

    it was a great eoiside ..BUTTT it looked like shitttttt what the hell was good with the quality of the show… it was like it wasnt even done yet..
    great episode but looked like CRAPPPP!!!!!!!!

  64. Anime says:

    man when it just got to the good part when naruto met the fourth hokage, it just ended!!!! OMG that was so disappointing lol…Sht the fourth hokage better tell naruto that he’s naruto dad!!! in the next episode man!!! the fourth hokage is so tight!!! they should really tell the story about naruto dad and his mother, and the part where he sealed the nine tails into naruto and all that stuff in the past! that’ll be awesome, i can just picture it already lol!

  65. Doomburglar says:

    This was an awesome episode! The animation was smooth but the art style is sloppy like the guys who did Tinkokkinkreet and some other anime shorts like the ones in the batman gotham knight. I can honestly say this is the best fight scene in the Anime right now and one of the few times that I can say they took something awesome in the manga and made it much better!

  66. Doomburglar says:

    They just got to that in the Manga. It’s going to be a little bit before you see it on the show.

  67. Tabbie says:

    167: What the????? no tune in next time or anything else…just leave us there hangin’ on a thread.. So the 5th is dead and so is Kakashi and what was Yamato doing with Sai…????? Why do they make up wait a whole week before they give us another glimpse of what the hell is to come of the village… Must have a double feature SOON!!!!!!!

  68. ajpow96 says:

    i…. i…. i didn’t know that he was that powerful…………

  69. Naruto2ken says:

    man that episode was bull shit they fucked up everything it was a waste of my fucking time they better remake that episode cuz that was bullshit and wtf where the fucking water come from that was nothing like the manga at all man they really fucked up this time

  70. ajpow96 says:

    naruto’s father is here…….. ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh snap!!!111

  71. naru-fan says:

    greeeat ep. 6 tails with the skeleton looked friggin awesome!!and she lves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. LOL? says:

    WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? I mean talk about changing the fight…

    Why the hell did they turn the animation shitty, why the hell did they drag out a fight, when the hell did an ocean appear?

    They ruined a perfectly good fight. The manga fight was much better.

  73. this guy says:

    i love the story and all, but i dont like how far the art style and animation deviated from the manga, it looks like it was done by someone on acid. what happenned guys? budget cuts? and btw @Tabbie she isnt dead shes just gonna be in a coma for the next like 20 episodes

  74. This is bull SHIT! says:

    They better put it back to the original animations cause this looked so gay.Its like they got some kid draw while having a seizure.Pains faces were gay.This wasn’t funny.It was fucking gay.When Naruto hit Pain in the head with the stone and made only his head stick out, I was like wow this fucked up.They ruined one of the best fights.

  75. Kevin_00 says:

    Anyone who thinks this animation sucks is narrow minded. You can clearly tell that they used a different group of animators for this and it wasn’t laziness. The objective was to show the power of the kuubi and the speed of an epic fight like this.

    They did a great job demonstrating the power and intensity of the nine tales and pain.

    Here are some points to re-evaluate;
    1:50-2:00. Pain’s movements are fluid and detailed.
    4:30-5:00 The fights speed is best described. Slow the animation down and look at the details and complexity of the movements, this isn’t laziness.

    The long and short of it is this episode took a lot of work to animate, you might not like its style but don’t think for a second it was due to lack of talent or effort.

  76. ariel says:

    fake movie??
    look at the grapics!!
    compare at the 1st episode!!

    parang gawa lan!!??

  77. ariel says:

    parang di amn 22o ehh
    look at the grapics
    compare the 1st episode.!!
    parang peke!??

  78. animefan says:

    this episode was wicked first time seein his father and 8 tail

  79. zaichi says:

    awesome!!!….can’t wait for the next episode..

  80. KAI says:

    well the demon fox is inside the naruto but hi is cute demon.
    and that episode is better than other the drawing and it’s really clear but they must watch the that episode when sasuke and zabuza’s fighting that one is looking much better and that one when first time sasuke and oruchimaru’s fighting there dialogs and actions composition is really good so please watch that and than make new episodes.

  81. JDMJNKY says:

    damn…. I was so anxious my shirt sleeves are wet! WHYYYYYYYYY! LOL I need the next episodes pronto!

  82. lalalala says:


  83. .... says:


  84. EDUARDO says:

    exelent episode , i cant wait till the next one comes

  85. max says:

    oh coool this episode
    go naruto go

  86. sendi says:

    I cant belive it!!
    They destroyed the image of the Akatsuki leader, Pain screaming, punching the ground out of anger OMFG, he got nailed with a 10ton brick in Tom and Jerry stille and he wasent eaven hurt, while the other Pains were killed with punches and resengans, shinara tensei lasting for 10seconds!! Or was Darth Wader blaster reflacting skill!?!?!
    The Fox spiting fire??? Pain slideing on the ground and then flying trought the woods,the fox shoting like a blaster rifle!! Son goku would be proud.
    The only epic thig was Minato sitting on a rock and opening his eys :)
    This was an insult for all Naruto fans, the storyline is great but the animation sucks. Itachi is still the collest and strongest Akatsuki member i belived pain would top him with this fight but it more embarassing then impressive.

  87. Bernie says:

    #1: No this isn’t what i expected at all! Referring to graphics and such!

    #14: I’m with ya!

    This episode could have been a hole lot better
    I am somewhat disappointed :[

  88. Jubelon says:

    nice episode..but its better to see the kyubi with his nine tails..

  89. NarutoToTheMax says:

    Wtf was with the animation!!! Naruto vs Pain will be one of the best fights in shippuden and they are absolutely butchering it………. I hope that this is some kind of sick joke and they re release the episode or at least fix up the animation for the next one.

  90. Aun says:

    when is 168 is coming outttttttttttttttttttttttttttt ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  91. Hinatafan says:

    Anime,they are telling us about the past and madara in the manga 500.but you will have to wait awhile until that comes into the anime. yes the animation was crappy but the fight was still awesome.but you have to give the animators sympathy because they just have a week to make all of this stuff,so it is really hard for them. Oh Tabbie,the 5th hokage,Tsunade,isnt dead,she i just in a coma.and they dont give us glimpse and end the episode so abruptly,so they can build the tension and give suspense which i love eventhough i already know what happened because i read the manga. and Hinata is alive. :P.
    but you guys will see more awesome fights at the kage summit. :P

  92. 4thloveofgaara says:

    This storyline was good, for someone who hasn’t read the manga… I loved how Naruto met the Fourth in this one! Great timing, dad! :D The quality, however… Ehhh.

  93. dov says:

    This episode is awesome! Who lol’d when Pain got hammered like a nail? ‘Cause I did… it was so unexpected

  94. huh?! says:

    Tabbie, SO tsunade the 5th hokage died?!!?! i thought she just fainted or was exausted, lol. and her hands got wrinkley too so she did die huh?

  95. ramyh says:

    i can’t believ that anyone could say good words on a such disaster?!?
    i threw up the mement i ran the ep and i decided to abandon Naruto if this is going to happen … I mean there is a good staff out there why should anyone spend his time in vain …
    if they didn’t make in time why the hell didn’t they just delayed the show? it would be better than this creepy painting.
    it’s Pain the Cubi the best fighting in the Anime and look what is that!

  96. absd says:

    i think that the lesser detailed parts in the animation have smething to do with the flow of the fight — if they payed more attention to the detail of the characters, then it would sacrifice some of the fights fluidity and your ability to comprehend whats going on… but idk what the hell happened then Pein/Pain punched the ground (like animation wise) — to me that part was just ridiculous..


    that was awesome except for some graphics just killed it but hey at least naruto met his father. and not to mention hinata is alive what an awesome story line for the episode @@

  98. Sinister36 says:

    why does everyone complain so much this is an awsome animime and ican’t what for the next one it sucks it takes so long but that is what makes us wanting more………………if we got all at once what would be the point thank u all for giving us such a great anime i enjoy every moment laugh cry and get pissed off but i love it NARURO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. joemari says:

    that’s so amazing i am speechless the father f naruto yondai me was totally awesome

  100. jhongardz says:

    if your trully a naruto fan, better to read the manga that you came up with a blah blah blah…such a fool.. ant to those who always complain bout the animation, stop fucking there, animation made by the child?!! so you thing you v\can make better than this?!!! for me this episode is the best so far!! kodus to narut!!!

  101. eL sEñOritO says:

    what the hell…. too short for the ending 167…

  102. eL sEñOritO says:

    naruto saw the fourth hokage…

  103. Besou1234 says:

    Naruto story is (one of a kind) but the drawing is very very very bad there wasn’t any action as a matter of fact they killed the action, this isn’t how a lot of us imagined when we first read the Manga, it’s disappointing..

    if they don’t have enough money to do it right then all Naruto fans will donate but plz plz plzzz don’t ruin it..

  104. Tomylink says:

    wtf the quality of the episode sucked even the first naruto episodes had better graphics omg whos whit me?

  105. kodrat says:

    Me too….. love very much NARUTO…….
    what ever people say about this eps.
    can’t wait for next episode…

  106. narutomaniac says:

    wow great

  107. kukuluku says:

    ahh come on the fight of “naruto” against pain sucked hard…the graphical attacks and jutsu are not one with the other graphics…it’s like it’s copy-pasted or so…the end was very good though :)

  108. The Fool says:

    The animation was different for sure but the action was great. It was kinda action-filler (because in manga the fight lasts shorter) but we have to accept it was awesome to watch :) I loved it and I have already watched it three times and after this comment I’m gonna watch it again :)
    Also you should know that this kind of animation is usually made to emphasize the feelings of the characters during the action. Both Naruto and Nagato/Tendou are full with pain and anger. In order to stress these feelings the drawings are made exaggrated and out of proportion. It’s not usual drawings we watch in other episodes of naruto but I disagree it was bad. Some of the scenes reminded me old looney toon cartoons though :) Nevertheless it was great to watch. (I’m 23 by the way:)

  109. Hawk0f 3ndymion says:

    most of you are stupid. its animated like that because Pain is a puppet of the real Pain, and is getting picked back up like one, after fox naruto slams him into the ground. and the fight is so fast and the Gs are so great that the body distorts.

  110. narutoship says:

    OMg bad quality -.- xD hope next oe is better xD

  111. Reaper-San says:

    Fanstastic episode because of Naruto’s father

  112. Kincaid says:

    Wtf?!….Horrible action animation. If any of the makers of Naruto are watching this…DO BETTER!!!

  113. jarcaya says:

    how gravehhhh…..

  114. RashadSmithATF says:

    y do u guys realy kare bout da rocks an dat kinda stuff. who kares. it was a great ass episode. i dont kno bout u guys but i think its pretty stupid to say its a bad episode jus kuz da rocks r kubed shaped. kome on now

  115. stormpanda says:

    this episode is so nice but i don’t know what ninjitsu the nine tails is using….like attacking Pain by machine gun. However this ep is so awesome and fantastic as well as fabulous. I can’t wait no longer for the next ep. Thank

  116. Shadow5x says:

    you cant do a quality animation when are so many things happaning onscreen at the same time, to make an animation more fluid you need to do less quality drawings, go see the episode were naruto fights sasuke in the fisrt serie, its the same quality

    so if you dont know a thing about animation dont say it suck because this is asowme

  117. Konoha`s Yellow Flash Is Here As The Last Line Of Defence In Narutos Seal says:

    Konoha`s Yellow Flash Is Here As The Last Line Of Defense In Naruto`s Seal

  118. NarutoFan says:

    man i really love the naruto ship storyline can’t wait to see the next episode i just hope they won’t fuc it up with some crappy ultra cheap animations,like in this it really sucked to be honest,srry guys but i want the real ship not this peace of crap.don’t fck the next part up will you?it will be one the most important parts.

  119. ZObberi says:

    really this animation on this ep was crapppy i mean pain running and kyubi running and kyubi hitting pain with that pillar to the ground its as if i was watching nickelodeon or some mickey mouse anime x.x

  120. Narutofan says:

    The Fourth sealed a copy of him in the seal. It was set so if Eight tails would ever be realeased, Minato would show up. Seems like alot of people saw it comming, but still awesome!

  121. deathroll11 says:


  122. Nate says:

    good episode but damnit! it looks like the artist changed up his drawing style or something, the whole fight was shitty!!! i love naruto! but this episode blows!!! I WANT THE OLD ARTIST!

  123. Thegreyraven says:

    hope it will not stay like this. this looked awfully awful… worst drawing ever. and why exactly at THAT point where yondaime appears inside naruto. WHY.. sry to say but if the next episode is screwed up like this: bye bye anime!
    I think I will stick to the manga….

  124. Fan made says:

    I think this is dodgy video, just look at pains face at 4:00 to 4:08. It looks unfinished.

  125. tichigo says:

    Gah! D: watsup with narutos endings they hav nothing to do with naruto :?

  126. xtemarix says:

    i guess this isnt the first time somone has said this but the animating staff of naruto is really lazy but who wouldnt be having 2 draw all those pics 2 make 1 ep so plz cut dem sum slack and i hope the next 1 will be better

  127. bb99bbi says:

    they are just trying to make some difference on the anime and add some fresh feeling for us..the animation were not that bad actually.Keep watching the same fighting like Dragon Ball fighting will actually bored u out xD

  128. kakashi-sama says:

    wtf i wish this week could have been a double ep i so can’t wait to see naruto meet his dad but i guess this is the way it’s gotta be :(

  129. eds says:


  130. naru-fan says:

    ok the part where hinata says narutos name and he gets all distracted by those floating water drops or whatever what was that?

  131. Tabbie says:

    @ this guy thanks for the info on the 5th! Go figure….. So today is a thursday NO #168 YET WTF!!!!! Still waiting!!!!

  132. Tabbie says:

    So I just found out that we have to wait till next week for #168! That blows! But hey what can we do…. Till then ……

  133. Pain says:

    Wow! What a craptastic episode :D

  134. long live mga brad dha???????????????????????????????????

  135. rhen2x says:

    where is the chapter 168?????????????

  136. enda says:

    where episode naruto sipuden 168

  137. anrew says:

    actually, kakashi becomes hokage Y-Y

  138. bobonosis says:

    it wouldnt be bad if they wherent making fillers they would have more time on animation fucking shit

  139. darryl says:

    really good

  140. anton says:

    i can’t w8 d next chapter!hey guys watch d next episode

  141. WTF says:


  142. narutuka says:

    very good. the way they change the water, shade, and the character face looks better to me . nice ep!

  143. when the hell is the next one coming out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i want to know.and btw you losers who think it sucks cause of animation dont waste your time complaining about it since there is nothing you can do and the creaters will do what they want in the ende so stfu already!

  144. kush says:

    ok the ninetails attacks were pure chakra. thats why there were no hand signs. kinda like the resangan, no hand signs because its pur chakra

  145. bilgeee says:

    hi aaaaaaaaaaaa naruto

  146. Mambossa says:

    Great episode … but ULTRAMULTYSHITTY ANIMATION … Pain was running like bugs bunny and was immortal conversely on his other bodies… Naruto was like a character from Star Wars with these lasers… In the manga the battle was much more realistic .. this episode must have been intended to younger fans… i’m watching naruto from 5-6 years but i haven’t seen so fucked up animation.. It has disappointed lots of naruto fans… i hope that animators have learned a lesson from this episode and never ever draw something unrealistic and crap… And Pain was screaming and groaning so much i won’t be surprized if he have a baby next episode (hope it has renengan too;D).. Fantastic episode… Fantastic joke with the animation ‘D

  147. anon says:

    They fucked this episode up…. talk about making everyone look 12, whack a mole with pain?, adding water? and rock and plant root structures? Where was the chakra blast that sent pain on the run? He didnt crush the attack with a fucking boulder, the kyubi shot it off and blew a monstrosity of a hole into the village…

    This has got to be the worst episode of any of them…. if anymore are like this then fuck naurto anime – ill stick with the manga

  148. narutoshimangot! says:

    I agree with others guys with regards to the animation. This is an epic battle and it’s the first time we’ve seen Naruto fought in a sage mode and he is battling with one of the most powerful character in the series so far. So, come on! If they have put a little effort on the animation this would have been spectacular and will viewed over and over again.

  149. Uchiha Joshua says:

    Half of you don’t know what you’re talking about. The animation in this episode was amazing! It might not have been crisp and detailed, but the way the animation person did it excentuated the chaos of the battle. This show is brilliant. Every character has a detailed background, the main story its self is epic, and the animation changes with the feeling of what’s going on. Hella props to all the people behind this show.

  150. greatness says:

    the next is airing july the 15th wtf no. 134

  151. naruto says:

    WTF!!!! are you guys blind???!!!!! that was the worst animation in naruto!!!!

  152. uchiha kamarul says:

    team akatsuki is so cool

  153. ATV says:

    Overall it was good.
    But hey, there’s part of the animation that makes me think I was watching Looney Tones (the hammering thing). LOL

  154. killerBEE07 says:

    what happen to this episode?

    why is it we cant play the 167?

  155. madara says:

    naruto is the best comics in the world

  156. Blitzkrieg says:

    OMG IM FIRST, SUPER !!!!!!!!!11oneEnleven!1

  157. zolboo says:

    where is naruto shippuden 168

  158. felefe says:

    wen can we watch episode 168???
    xD lolz

  159. wicious says:

    to all you guys out there srly, shut the fuck up. The animations doesnt matter a true anime fan, is not here for the animations, im here because i thought it was a really gr8 episode even though the animation sucked, but it’s not the point….. the point is to tell a story and show it, but how they tell it and how gr8 there animations is doesnt matter.

  160. naruto444fan says:

    this episode for naruto was friken awsome

  161. naruto444fan says:

    dang!! i thought naruto ship. episode was going to be out july 15 and its not

  162. skyler says:

    soooooooooooooooooo coooooooolllllllll

  163. Lulisz says:

    I was expecting: I AM YOUR FATHER xD

  164. Ryumaru says:

    Man that is totaly lame. During the part Naruto vs. Deidara you could see, that Narutos strength in Kyubi-Form is enough to kill someone in one strike and Pain is wandering around after the first hit like nothing happend. Then he is crushed into the ground with a stone plate and still nothing?
    Sorry but you can see that the anime staff made this part of the battle up as a mini-filler. It’s nonsense.
    I don’t mind seeing Fourtails Naruto fighting a little but at least stick to the powerlevels shown earlier.

  165. the crow says:

    naruto foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor ever

  166. Ioan says:

    168th !

  167. tetris11 says:

    These past two episodes have stirred up more emotion in me than has any other program in the world. I’ve never felt this way about characters in a show before

  168. Jacob Walker says:

    This episode of Naruto is by far the worst ever. I enjoyed the manga version quite a bit, but this was so bad that it almost made my eyes bleed like Itachi’s in Ameterasu.

    First thing: WTF was with the transformation? Feel free to use the manga as a guide. (Starts at 437, page 14). His body transforms and then his tails plop out like a stupid joke? To make it worse, where was the transformation explosion? And why in all F**K was the form so unstable? (Unstable meaning that the animators couldn’t make it stay solid, but it seemed to be a complete disgusting mess of inflatable stupidity).

    2: The rocks and smoke? HORRIBLE animation. Just look at it? This is literally the worst it’s been drawn so far, and that is saying something fiercely! No details with the rocks, other than that the look like blocks, and the smoke just looks like a child scribbled it out.

    3: Pein himself. It wasn’t bad enough that Naruto’s 4-6 tailed form (which was supposed to transition almost instantly, not to be drawn out) to keep swelling up and changing form for no reason at all, but Pein’s face when he says “My pain is greater than yours” almost killed me. It was horrible to the max. ICK! His face looked so ridiculous.
    Let’s not forget the “running on the water scene” where Pein’s legs start going all “Warner Brothers/Loonytoons” and the 6 tails is just looking.. pathetic.

    4. Even though this *almost* made up for it, the red energy attacks the 6 tails uses are Non cannon. He does not have this ability in the manga. Nice try to make up for it though.. but this ultimately blew it down here \/


    If there was ever an episode to make you stop watching Naruto, this was it.

    • kai pepper says:

      who cares if the animation is different. it gives a more intense and fast-paced vibe. i cant imagine how much work it took to make this amazing episode asshole

  169. Jacob Walker says:

    I DEMAND they redo this shitty episode! Someone needs to start a petition or something, because this is the epitome of EPIC FAIL!

    If I was the creator of Naruto, I’d sue them for making a complete mockery out of my work, and actually having the nerve to even draw this stupid shit (not really, they could draw it and keep its ugliness to themselves) but REALLY.

    Someone PLEASE tell me that they are redoing this one!

  170. Ben says:

    Shut up you complaining faggots

  171. kaeroutoko says:

    seriously guys i agree with you but do you know how long it took them to do that? were lucky that they even did it…… were lucky they even thought about doing it so before you go and complain why dont you try doing it yourself before you caan call yourself a critic you f ing dumbass

    • shadowkill says:

      then next time spend ur money to make it better jackass it was fuckin crappy end of conversation bitch

  172. jmy says:

    WOowowowowoww OMFGGG im speachlesss its the fouth HOKAGE BEST SCENE EVER, tru that fight scene were crappy since everything went crazy and all but at the end i really enjoy that part where his father stopped him i thought its gonna be sakura

  173. Story line Fault says:

    3:12 I call it the “Hammer & Nail” lol

  174. rasen shurhen5 says:

    the anmie is so bad only to show that naruto vs pain isn’t between humans any more its between monsters in human shape , plus this episode is so cool i watched it over 10 times!


  175. kai pepper says:

    who cares if the animation is different. it gives a more intense and fast-paced vibe. i cant imagine how much work it took to make this amazing episode assholes

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