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Naruto Shippuden 166

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Naruto Shippuden 166

127 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 166

  1. w00t says:

    nice episode btw 1st

  2. andrei says:

    nice work … i love it

  3. bankai tonga says:

    awesome ep:)

  4. Cawolipop says:

    I can’t wait till next episode!

    This is just too awesome.

  5. `jK`jE`jN` says:

    whew..awesome…but hinata…>.<

  6. Gio says:

    Can’t wait for the next one, SHOULD BE AMAZING

  7. ml klop says:

    nice eps second :p

  8. Sca-chan says:

    NOOOOOOOO What is this!!!!!!!!! I cant belive this happens. This actually almost made me cry and yes im a freakin baby. I really cant wait for the next episode its killing me. I hope Naruto kicks Pains @#$ ugh. I thouhgt she was going to love naruto and he love her. There dont always have to be happy endings for all of them though, but still. WHY! lol

  9. torsten says:

    OMFG WHY THE FUCKING MADA FUCKING FUCK DID THEY STOP THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SWEAR THE MAKES OF NARUTO HATES US, and btw on the manga she just attacked pein and got hit once and then got stabbed but here she tried to take those sticks out of him, seriously this anime is the fucking number one anime in the whole fucking world.

  10. Benji Short says:

    awesome episode, i absolutly cant wait another week for the next one. :D

  11. rhain1178 says:


  12. phani says:

    m second!!!! cool episode

  13. Randolf Albino says:

    hahaha 2nd

  14. kakashi27 says:

    im the second ^_^ ayos eow sa mga taga rizal hehe

  15. nahani says:


  16. alchohol says:

    Realy good :0

  17. Darkness says:

    Looks like amazing wrapped in epic, sprinkled with orgasmic

  18. shinonaara says:

    3rd yes i thought i was going 2 b 1st

  19. BronGer says:

    Nice! ;)

  20. Buu says:

    they took 20 minutes to show 3 pages of the manga.

  21. Huriku says:

    EPIC! :)

  22. Gytka says:

    4th :) can’t wait for next episode freaking cool

  23. Jayson says:

    You can’t really appreciate this amazing Novel, 0ne episode a week is not enough, We shouldn’t have to wait a whole week for another episode, Makes no sense and it sucks.

  24. Mahesh says:

    Nice one just good next he gets to meet his father

  25. mark says:

    hai>!>!!! nc1

  26. DEIDARA-art is a blast-KATSU- says:

    next will be awesomeeeeeeee!!!!!

  27. Kyle Waterman says:

    This was an awesome episode wish they didnt end it like that tho.

  28. NarutoFan says:

    Wow Cannot wait for the next ep!

  29. pein14 says:

    hahaha… I love the PEin(the yahiko body)

  30. Rebot says:

    Made me cry =(

  31. xtemarix says:

    omg hinata has alwaiizz been my fave character shes exactly lyk me and its about time she let the cat out of the bag i wonder if naruto lyks her back (fingers crossed) go naruhina

  32. Dj Bad says:

    youhoo! for ze frst time im 4th!!

  33. stunta says:

    first sweet, nice epd!!

  34. craft says:

    OMG you make me want to punch myself in the face.!!! how can you not let us see more!… ::sigh:: at least “next week” will have some serious resolve.. its always.. “next week..” ::sigh::

  35. merfred says:

    i cant w8 for the next episode..

  36. far says:

    Naruto should mary hinata

  37. ℓσɾժѕηαкє says:

    very nice episod…
    lot of feelings in the skin… in some parts of the episod i feel sad about what hinata tried to do again pain to help naruto in the fight…

    weel thanks to pain we are gonna see 8tails beast on the loose

    and finally “NO SPOILERS __ ADMIN”


    i just cant wait for next weeeeeeeeeeak

  38. ??? says:

    Nagato look like one of the shinigami (the one own by Misa) in the Death Note. He look so scary like shinigami, i feel the name Shinigami fit him more than Pain.

  39. Jose says:

    im almost positive the next one is goin to b a double ep n i am stoked to see the nine tail come out after so long its goin to b friggin awesome

  40. AwesomeByakugan says:

    Awesome ending , also can’t wait for next episode

  41. Epic says:

    niec episode; Yes i got first comment!!!

  42. chefmo says:

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why the hell did it stop like…i hope naruto rips pains heart out

  43. Theo says:

    Love this what will happen Next?

  44. Yung luffy says:

    lmfao yooo ma son naruto is ganna kill pain but wow the fox toke over his whole entire body thats not good

  45. King says:

    that was sooooooooooo sad

  46. Anthony Damien Noel says:

    great episode… i loved the flashbacks…. its great that hinata finally told naruto her feeling… its sad what happened to hinata… the animation was awesome… cant wait for the next episode when naruto goes kyuubi…

  47. PaidTOXIC WOLF says:

    darn its not working for me plz fix it

    plz plz plz

  48. galgamish89 says:

    Dude … just come on a whole week its gonna drive me nuts i cant stand it…… i cant believe naruto let her get fucked up like that come on i thought u were stronger now ughh

  49. Souleyy says:

    Why does hinata have to die im happy naruto is about to kill pein tho its gonna be epic

  50. romel says:

    pls..let me see the ipesodof naruto shippuden

  51. King Gama says:

    does naruto ahve another elemental affininity or is wind all he”s got just wondering. Looking through his tech iv noticed that he has added and changed the rasengun in so many ways especially in sage mode just wondering and o yeah what is it the POWER that Itachi gives naruto lemme know!

  52. myles says:

    i cant watch it..

  53. khornrliuz says:

    oh…amzing but sad episode!!!how did these was painful to see the person who sacrificed for you ….DIED!!!

  54. OneRandomEncounter says:

    …and then the unthinkable happened… This calls for a power ballad!!
    You know what? It’s official. If in the future Naruto won’t even acknowledge what Hinata did for him, he needs to be set on fire…or maybe just punched in the stomach, but still…
    I mean, how many people have ever stood up for Naruto like that? Mind you with the single intention of protecting him?
    How many people have ever said “I love you” to Naruto?
    Unless I’m missing something, NOBODY!!!!!

    This HAS to leave a profound impression on him, at least.

  55. jiggly374 says:

    great episode but poor hinata i love her :-(

  56. OneRandomEncounter says:

    Hinata was so cute when she was little. Her eyes were really big.
    You know, I don’t think they’ve ever told us how Hinata’s mom died.
    I could watch this all damn day…so I will.
    Also, holy shit Naruto was this close to tears when Hinata was crawling towards him. I know he’s cried before but I don’t remember if there ever was a situation when it wasn’t something involving something personal, except of course when Jiraiya died. He’s about to cry here because someone else is suffering.
    It so amazing…it’s like they’ve had a history since before their days in the Academy and he hadn’t realized it…

    Seriously, if it doesn’t happen, i’m gonna be very disappointed, mostly because I’m going to realize I’ve been watching the wrong show.

  57. desdarkhero says:


  58. ally says:

    thought they were guna make hinata give them a blowjob lol

  59. RockMe says:


  60. angel says:

    i cant bealive wat hapend… i thought hinata nd naruto will be together.. mababaliw na ako sa kakaantay 4 d nxt ep.huhuuhuhuh

  61. coolguy says:

    very poor hinata =(

    i realy realy hope that she come back in a another episode

    if it dont i gonna cry =(

  62. Edy says:

    i cant want for the next episode its freaking awesome .

    btw , pain -> nagato <- will revive every died person with the almighty push + kakashi and hinata when naruto will find him :P manga rulz thou ..

    PS:naruto will kick pain's ass

  63. markpriss says:

    Amazing ! This anime never stops to impress me … I’m always blown away with the storyline they come up with ! Writers never seem to rest … everyone in industry of movies and animation can envy this storyline and animation style ! Can’t wait to see next episode ! I wish it was a double ! =)

  64. Nate says:

    HOLY CRAP!!!! just when Hinata decides to tell Naruto she actually loves him…. the bitch gets killed!!! woah…. everyone Narutro loves is just dying off… this is one hell of a story, i can’t WAIT to see what the 9 tails does to that son of a bitch!!!!

  65. Unnamed says:

    hinata didnt die i think she just injured hard and next episode gona be more memories :D 2 min action 14 memories and 4 more action :D

  66. JL007 says:

    when is the next ep going to be played here?

  67. hinata fan says:

    oh yea,her new move juhoshoshiken is so damn awesome.if pain had gotten a direct hit from that,he would have been dead.

  68. 2_chainz says:

    damn naruto finna go ham next episode….

  69. Andre says:

    why is it only 19 munits. but the video was so sad cause my girl hinata got killed.. and can some out here show me the best website to watch this animes

  70. cikrik says:

    i love it and miss u so much
    thanks naruto tv

  71. Reaper-San says:

    NNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Why Hinata-Chan?!?!?! She didnt do anything wrong and yes im emotional about this. I hope Naruto GOES 99 Tailed Fox and kicks Pain’s asz. im so freaking mad right now because she finally confessed her love for Naruto and Pain’s goes and stbs her. OOOOO!!!!! If i was a ninja I would stab him in the neck then run because thats problaby all i can do but, I will do it with pride and a little bit of ~ReVeNgE~!!!!!!! Thanks for reading. ;D

  72. pain012 says:

    what a very dramatic and nice episode..

    man it made me cry
    i hope there will be an episode like this next time

  73. mauricio says:

    What is the name of the last song? when hinata thz naruto?

  74. Nate says:

    yo man that really messed up how he killed her that was od.

  75. NarutoSagemode_2 says:

    OhhOww…. His gone beserk……..XD
    take him down naruto……
    His just an excused for nothing that is bull*….

  76. naru-fan says:

    awesome but gay!!why is everyone dying?!?!?

  77. aryssa says:

    my gud movie naruto

  78. kc says:

    i really cried when hinata is crawling to naruto and naruto wants to cry i really drop so many tears.also shes so cute!!!

  79. max says:

    how dare u kill hinata
    what sad ending
    i always thought
    naroto gone marry hanata
    but but…
    this is SUCK
    hanatha u r the best.

  80. chahaat says:

    nice episode i can’t wait i want the next pleeeeeeeeeeeeez

  81. diandree says:

    hope the next episode would be hurry

  82. Dave says:

    If People Are Having Problems Watching, download Fire Fox. For some reason it only works with that.

    On the subject of Naruto, Pain is gonna get his ass handed to him. I wonder how many tails Naruto will have? :o

  83. lol says:


  84. lccuauu says:

    how come I can’t watch it :S says it’s broken or smth :

  85. GaaRa says:

    To all the people wondering the next episode should be out Wednesday. Hinata is DEAD so people that are saying she isnt are wrong . Proof is in the manga . The next episode will not be memories but WILL be a surprise ^^ . Read the or wait till next week because i dont want to spoil anything else.

  86. GaaRa says:

    Correction . ↑ The next episode will be Thursday . My mistake . I was thinking about the manga which comes out on Wednesday at .

  87. Alex says:


    Going on vacation next thursday, won’t be back before August… God damit, been waiting for this episode ever since this part was released in the manga, and now, just as it’s about to finally reach the Anime, I go on vacation….


  88. Andrew says:

    Poor Hinata. Although I’m about 20 episodes ahead in the Manga, Istill love watching the Anime. Can’t wait to see the Kyubii beat thhe shit out of Pain on the Anime. If anyone wants info on the next 15-20 episodes, just ask.

  89. MyCondolence says:

    Fucken awesome episode! and Fucken awesome Manga! Love Naruto!!

  90. zeed says:


  91. bagga says:

    could be better

  92. hinatapwr says:

    fcking awesome episode. made me cry when she said she loved him though. cant wait until next one. and btw… the 37th comment was ” first time im 4th ” .. thats fail xD

  93. 05el104 says:

    They took 20 minutes to show 3 pages of the manga. but i loved IT :)

  94. 10 tailed beast says:

    if anyone wants to know what happens next I will be happy to tell you

  95. 10 tailed beast says:

    After hinata gets stabbed naruto grows six talis which looks just like the 4 talis but with bone covering its body. then the seal starts trying to work its magic but naruto breaks the seal thats when pain and naruto start fighting and they get farther away from the village meanwhile sakura tries contacting yamato and goes over to heal hinata naruto then in his fox form gets captured in one of pains jutsu. inside of the fox naruto is saying “why?” and ends up talking to the fox and giving him his heart which then leads to making him into eight tails which looks like the nine tailed fox except without skin and just muscle. then the fox orders naruto to take the seal off and naruto is about to when all of a sudden minato appears and says “the seal is set so that if eight tails form i will appear within your consciousness i never wanted that to happen or to see you again nine tails but i wanted to see how much my son had grown so I guess we could call it even

  96. 10 tailed beast says:

    just ask if you want to hear more

  97. Nine Tails Of Fire says:

    yo andrew tell me what happens send it to

  98. Shane says:

    OMFG….Hinata died WTF!!!!! Cried so much its not funny, she was my fav char 2 :( , come on you gotta bring hinata back…


  99. Shane says:

    btw, please tell me more 10 tailed beast D:

  100. This is bull SHIT! says:

    The animation was crap.What happened to the original animation?!I don’t like how they keep stalling through the whole episode.Just follow the manga!PLEASE!

  101. vince says:

    nice 1…

  102. mr,aDz says:

    yawa mong tanan

  103. Annoyed... says:

    It’s bullshit. I can’t WATCH the FUCKING episodes because of the fucking noisy adds playing that bullshit music.

  104. queng says:

    its fucking great…ka xcite

  105. queng says:

    ka aadict…di na ako pasok scul….just to watch naruto…my love….sounds silly bit really,,,,got a crush on him…

  106. alijohair says:

    heheh…the nxt epesod………

  107. jhohair says:


  108. OneRandomEncounter says:

    This is the second time Hinata nearly dies to prove her worth to Naruto.
    Seriously, I’d say that at this point Hinata derserves NAruto. and viceversa.

  109. OneRandomEncounter says:

    If I had written the manga, the main difference between Kishimoto-san’s version and mine would be that Naruto and Hinata grow up as kind of best friends, and yes, eventually being officially a couple. WHen Naruto was out training and Hinata was spying on him, Naruto finds her. THen, Hinata uses the excuse that she wants to train along with him. And then it all goes on from there.

  110. Joe says:

    very NICE!!

  111. yulian nugraha says:

    thats a great movie, i imagine what im thingking that episode would be copy to my folder…also i pleasure the character of all naruto friends…… :)

  112. Lulisz says:

    Thank GOD! She finally said it

  113. darkangel20 says:

    Its Abt Time She Told Naruto…..Damn Took Long..I Hope They Get 2gether….

  114. blake says:

    i like hinata’s hair now more then when she was younger. Seriously, when you get blood on your teeth Hinata, you should lick the blood off, because you look like you’re missing teeth with blood on them..

  115. jmy says:

    True shes beautiful now, but what the hell is she doing when she get a chance to hit him again but instead going and save naruto. btw where the fuck is everyone

  116. danica says:

    I wish that Naruto and Hinata are for each other since Sakura does love Sasuke, not Naruto. Sakura does not appreaciate Naruto. She always underestimates him as she does not trust him. She always punches him. In other words, she does not respect Naruto and his pride/ego as a man. It’s like Naruto is behind Sakura’s skirt. On the other hand, Hinata appreciates Naruto, seeing his determination and guts as well as his mischievous, funny and stupid acts. She loves Naruto with all the best and worst of him while Sakura only began to acknowledge or notice Naruto when he became the village hero. I don’t wanna see Naruto sharing the same fate with Jiraiya (It’s very predictable, not exciting.). On the death of Jiraiya, he remembers his failures including Tsunade who always turned him down. I just wish Naruto to be happy with someone who will love him just the way he is.

  117. babo says:

    i love that Hinata was such a great fighter this was the best episode with hinata and naruto ^^ loved this episode

  118. kai pepper says:

    hinata is sooo gorgeous, way better than sakura, if hinata were real id snag her up in a second

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