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Naruto Shippuden 163

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Naruto Shippuden 163

37 Responses to Naruto Shippuden 163

  1. bob says:

    whats the matter with parents these day, with my misfits record on and softly banging there heaaaads

  2. Naruto boy says:

    frist and yay this is what i been waiting for

  3. milesg says:

    sage mode!

  4. chicken butt says:

    rawr first i think.. and this episode was AWESOME

  5. Kevin says:

    First xD

  6. trioxide says:

    weird no comments that is a first

  7. cj j says:


  8. Zeblargen says:

    1st lol

  9. jonel says:

    sh_t what is that….new naruto style love it……….till next week i wait for you naruto……..

  10. jonel says:

    love it………..the best episode so far….

  11. BRaders says:


  12. allan says:

    waay too many filler episodes

  13. Maruto says:

    OMG that was awesome !!!

  14. Glenn says:

    OMG………THIS EPISODE LEAVES ME WANTING THE NEXT ONE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. bankai tonga says:

    awesome ep

  16. restilou says:

    such great action ajag……………great to all :)

  17. wind_style says:

    1st hellllllllllllllll yeah!!!!!
    RASEN SHURIKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. DR says:

    I love it….very good job.. i like this website.

  19. xxAkasuki 4 lyfxx says:

    OMG! is it just me or is da show getting better and better an i cant belive how much naruto has grown an seein i in dat sage jacket is just 2 cl. luv ya!

  20. stevenzxaaa says:

    it was supper cant wait too see the next episode

  21. jonel says:

    wind style,,,,rasen shuriken,,,,,,,,naruto….

  22. Tommy says:

    frogs kick ass

  23. V.C says:

    Naruto is awesome!! Can’t wait to see the next episode.

  24. ahmed says:


  25. desertPunk24 says:

    wow, that was awesome !

  26. ses says:

    yap he going to kick pain ..

  27. laurencio says:

    naruto is my idol

  28. king gama says:

    waiting a whole month to watch these eisodes 2weeks left cant wait ti c naruto boy tear it up!

  29. bilord says:

    when episode 165 will be published

  30. john` says:

    wow i wait for a naruto hokage

  31. narutomaniac says:

    super awesome sage mode naruto

  32. Tshering Naruto Uchiha says:

    Naruto not only show us the fight but also show way of getting through the life!

  33. AfroNinja says:

    That’s Naruto for ya. He freaking THREW THE RASENGA! AND IT WAS THE RASEN-SHURIKEN TOO!!!

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