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Naruto Movies

Naruto The movie 1

Snow Princess

Naruto the movie 2

Legend of the Stone of Gelel


Naruto Movie 3 :

Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom


56 Responses to Naruto Movies

  1. kazef says:

    this nice i like this isdomo argtou

  2. Samantha900 says:

    I love these Naruto Movies sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. gentil says:

    get a life!

  4. Hyugasam says:

    I like naruto but it leads people astray. God loves us and wants us to be with him when he comes. More dan half of d earth might not make it to heaven. Havnt u thought about that?

    • dom says:

      u ever thought he might not even be waiting for you…

      • Giancarlo says:

        I agree with you, no wonder why god send him down……i should not have been made up there xD and anyway what the hell, does naruto have to do with religion? O.o

    • steffan says:

      you are right hyugasam. God makes clearly himself through Christ Jesus and the nature and the world so no one has an excuse. By the prophets in the past and by Christ in the present. its true that naruto leads us astray if u let satan do it. Take heart and be brave. GBY.

    • steffan says:

      you are right hyugasam. God makes himself clearly through Christ Jesus and the nature and the the world so no one has an excuse. By the prophets in the past and by Christ in the present. Its true that naruto leads us astray if we let satan do it. Take heart and be brave. GBY

  5. hanumanth says:

    its amazing!

  6. yogee uchiha says:

    naruto sepppp bgts… tp di syng kan ,,,knpa stiap memasuki episode shipuden gk bertahan lamah…selalu aja mnghlng tnpa ada sambunggan….@_@sep

  7. gogeta says:

    mess with naruto and you will his sexy jutsu nose bleeding attacks

  8. ˙˙˙ʇɐɥʇ əʞıl pɐəɥ ɹnoʎ ɥʇıʍ ʎuunɟ ʞool noʎ

  9. fuzz788 says:

    you gus are seriously bring god into a naruto website thats fucking sad. heres someing for you to think about what happens when you die? nothing happens your body rots in the ground there is no heaven nor is there a hell theres no afterlife. deal with it and live your life and stop beliving in a false uper power

    • BitchPlease says:

      Hey respect peoples believes/faith. We respect your opinion so respect there’s. And whats wrong with saying God’s name on here? Is it bad? Does it hurt God by putting his name or mentioning how God shows himself through Jesus Christ? Please and you’re just atheist. Don’t try to ruin other peoples believes. And your write about the body rotting, but the thing that goes to heaven is your soul. It’s not like your body is going to rise from the ground and float into the air. It’s your soul that goes up to God then get judged by him to either enter Heaven or Hell. Don’t be ignorant and once again don’t be rude to someone who wants to share about God.

  10. javonte says:

    youtube is way better you can use the space bar to stop.but do love naruto.:)

  11. Bantin says:

    best and good.

  12. please upload the nxt episode

  13. Daria says:

    is good !!!! :)

  14. basti says:

    wo kann mann naruto anschauen

  15. What i don’t realize is in reality how you’re not actually much more smartly-appreciated than you may be now. You’re so intelligent. You already know therefore significantly in terms of this topic, made me personally imagine it from so many varied angles. Its like men and women aren’t fascinated except it is something to accomplish with Lady gaga! Your individual stuffs outstanding. All the time take care of it up!

  16. yhuckyes says:

    I Like it

  17. saif says:

    why all naruto movies dont have sex

  18. amoakonathaniel says:

    why do you guys delay before bringing an episode

  19. jordsn1128 says:

    Naruto manga will always be the brst manha ever ):

  20. kenny eni says:

    naruto is really cool

  21. shelliedene says:

    love naruto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Danielpcqtt says:

    Sasuke will destroy every one know one in the shinobi world can beat him, he can become stronger than madara and tobi he already stronger than that buller naruto :-) sasuke uchiha rules

    • thet min khant says:

      it is not.because Naruto is a main character and there is no way for Sasuke to win Naruto.

    • supersonic says:

      OKAY first of all madara and tobi are the same person genius,Second of all I agree sasuke is very powerful but madara can make any part of his body dissapear so sasuke can’t touch him , and naruto is the nine tails jinchuriki the most powerful of them all, I don’t know what your talking about so get your facts straight oh and one more thing have you forgotten about pain I don’t recall sasuke being more powerful than himmaybe you need to look at them all again

  23. abdou says:

    naruto i love you

  24. abdou says:

    i love you naruto

  25. thet min khant says:

    It is a movie that does my useful time to spend uselessly.Because it is so long series.But i like it too much.

  26. david says:

    i love naruto films

  27. felicia16 says:

    i love naruto show i give it a 5 stars

  28. Bleze says:

    Naruto is best anime ever is so cool i luv this anime.

  29. ruben b. mandigma says:


  30. narutofandelta says:

    Naruto is so awesome but the previous post gave Naruto 5 stars he might not like Naruto that much because i give Naruto an infinity fools

  31. etornam says:

    i love naruto i would like to get all the shows and is the best amine ever luv u

  32. vitol swu says:

    i love naruto show i say of the number 1…

  33. sabasulthana says:

    i like watching naruto

  34. Kevin says:

    naruto rock even better then 5 stars

  35. People are so lame says:

    Guys seriously dont you thing ur comments are just a bit retarded. Yes, Naruto is a great anime but dont you guys thing u BS a bit too much? Example: Naruto is the best, Naruto is the top and Naruto is worth 5 stars. Seriously people u guys are so lame.

  36. arvin says:

    wow galing……(.)(.) ).( ( )( )

  37. mohammed says:

    naruto is wow but sasuke and sakura hinata rocklee kakashi

  38. mp3begins says:

    nice video dude , chech this out

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