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Naruto Manga 670

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Naruto Manga 670

10 Responses to Naruto Manga 670

  1. Odin says:

    Yay its happening at long last!.

  2. Hinata-chan says:

    yay! finally! ugh i need more naruto! please hurry lol. it’s getting so good.

  3. naruto says:

    Yeahhh soo it makes alot sense now

  4. Nick says:

    Would that make sasuke the older brother in a way? naruto always wanted to be better than him, and sasuke was good form the start. anyon else kinda see how that would make sense? or am i crazy?

  5. carlton says:

    Are you serious, like everyone didn’t already know, Naruto is the reincarnation of Ashura and Sasuke is Indra , they have been telling the same store over and over….dddrraaawwwnnnn OUT!!!!

  6. tommy says:

    wow it all makes sense now :o

  7. Sam Man says:

    Piece by piece….

  8. lockett says:

    i knew it finally took them long enough

  9. naruto says:

    I wish madara couldve fought that lady who ate the fruit. She would kill him and hashirama at the sane time. I wish they can make episodes of wayyyy back when how it all started. If it did happen they of make tons of views and more fans and money n stuff

  10. Rinnegan69 says:

    OMG! Ashura is in Naruto, and Indra is 99.9% in Sasuke
    I Think that Naruto will have the strongest chakra and Sasuke the strongest eyes in the next Chapters….
    Because Naruto will never get Special eyes. Since the beginning its all about his chakra….
    And sasuke was since the ninja academy a true Genius…. like Indra.


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