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Naruto Manga 614

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Naruto Manga 614

10 Responses to Naruto Manga 614

  1. Chiranjeevi says:

    Ha I saw it first. I hope the next week we get to see something good in the episode..

  2. JGatz says:

    RIP Neji.

  3. chester says:

    i think almost all of the lead characters will die in the end but naruto will convince obito to their side just like nagato and will bring back all he killed, alive in rinnie tensei..

  4. Sarahi says:

    I can´t stop re-reading. And I can´t stop crying each time. I can´t believe he was the first of the Konoha 11 to die! My brain can´t really wrap around the fact that he´s gone. Even though I kinda saw it coming when his forehead protector came off, I refused to believe he would actually be killed. He was one of my favorite characters and one of the first Naruto helped change their way of thinking. I love Hyuuga Neji! R*sob* I*hiccup* P*sob*….

  5. Annie May says:

    ”NEJI, DON’T DIE YOUR TO YOUNG! YOU STILL HAVe…a…chance. He was a good shinobi, and he will be missed. T-T!

  6. Talp says:

    Throwing your life away to let your loved ones continue to live.. That is the most heroical thing you can do.. You put another persons life in the place of yours and free yourself of pain and suffering. Neji will be remembered as an important figure in this story.

  7. ringgo says:

    i wish after this war obito will realize what he have done……….. and use the the ability of rinnegan to bring back all unwanted deaths of war…like nagato did when he destroyed the konoha….

  8. Drew says:

    This is really getting good. I thought Neji would have lasted to the end and would have been one of the last ones to die, fighting beside Naruto. R.I.P. Neji.

  9. grimm says:

    obito wont change hes going stay to his path just like sauska brother did maybe somehtings going happen between him and mandra. i think its sauskas that going save naurto. sauska my fav character he such a badass him n naruto are the decidents of the sage of six paths so in the end i think its going be sauska and naruto to fight manadra and obito n one badass fight thats going change everything n then sauskas going go his own way for fight naruto

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