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Naruto Manga 600

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Naruto Manga 600

13 Responses to Naruto Manga 600

  1. Naruto says:

    Noone can say first now

  2. Batman94 says:


  3. JGatz says:

    It was a slow one, but a guess that story progression for you. Also after the last one this one can be slow.

  4. JGatz says:

    I also fell a bit uneasy about the last sentence “the story is heading towards its final climax” Naruto cant end.

  5. Omg really says:

    Are u serious im going to have a heart attack if they hurry up and explain what happened to obito

  6. Daniel Wright says:

    I had feeling it had something to do with Rin.

  7. ruthless jack says:

    does this mean all the kages are dead?

  8. K says:

    Rin looks Like tsunade and Sakura. Now tobI does not seem to be as evil like the nagato thing. This can’t be the end they will probably switch to sasuke. Orochimaru is somehow linked with obito, he probably did experiments on him or something

  9. Iccey says:

    I wounder why they are gonna end the story without explaning about Rin. or saskue

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