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Naruto manga 599

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Naruto manga 599

40 Responses to Naruto manga 599

  1. ray says:

    first comment hah

  2. disueween says:

    WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF NICE CHAPTER:.. But next week i bet the focus will be on Sasuke again :(

  3. JayG says:

    I had my suspicions. It will be interesting to hear Obito story.

  4. whoever say "first" is a gay lord says:

    i bet obito and the creator of this manga planned this the whole time!

  5. Lord Vengeance says:

    well i had my suspicions with that hair and tobis high voice,the one eye corresponding to kakashi’s but this chap was a huge filler how did he survive the boulders falling on him?

  6. Tarnations says:

    I’ve used this website for years and I have never commented on a single episode or manga chapter, but this chapter is so crazy, sad, and powerful I just cant resist

  7. Daniel Wright says:

    Told my friends it was obito the whole time but nobody wanted to listen. Well I guess this is one they can suck on for a very long time. It will be very intresting to see how obito turned to the dark side.

  8. Christian says:

    Since i was 7 years old…. i’ve been wondering who Tobi is… i thought its Madara or something…. but here we go!! after 6 years!!

  9. orgil says:

    what the hell and how the fuck obito and minato (forth hokage) figth each other when obito is young like kakashi??????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! WTF

    • Will says:

      Exactly!! It makes no sense…..I wonder if it is Obito’s body being used as a vessel by someone else? Like orochimaru wanted to do sasuke? Cause the time frames dont add up…

      • Myk says:

        I honestly think “Tobi” was actually Madara at first when Obito and Kakashi were still kids, “Tobi” saved Obito’s life and made him his pupil. Then when Madara was killed, Obito became the current “Tobi” that we all know and love. That’s just my opinion.

      • tommy says:

        im wondering how?! WTF i mean i saw that fight to. unless he’s manipulated time i don’t see how its possible.

    • joe says:

      lmfao !! shit your right..i agree you just made me laugh bro

    • hello there says:

      I think there were probably older or something like that

  10. k says:

    i bet orochimaru is linked with obito so they willchange back to sasuke on the chapters

  11. tacticss says:

    Dam it feels good to be right, Lol all those people calling me immature names, All those people saying i was wrong, Well guess what i was right it is Obito who gets the last laugh?????? i DOOOOOOO, Thats right meee muwhahwhawhhawhhaw, My guess Obito is half zetsu, If i recall obitos arm got deystroyed and he grew it back, So he must have part of the 1st hikage blood cells in him, That is just a wild guess, When i said tobi was obito i knew it was obito no guess it was a fact. WElll boy an girls thanks for trash talking me, In the end i win. Hope they explain more in next chapter before goin gback to sasuke, But i doubt they will, they wanna make us wait and wait and wait.

  12. K C M says:

    This is not about being right, it is about being consistent even those who say they
    are right should know that you can’t be right if you are not consistent. If tobi truly is Obito then there will be a lot of inconsistencies in the story. I could put a
    long list of the inconsistencies but I decided to spare everyone the long list of
    inconsistencies and give MK the chance to explain to the viewers how Obito
    ended up being tobi.

    • tommy says:

      and how the hell did he fight minato when kakashi was still a kid? it just doesn’t make sense.

      • Tim says:

        kakashi was grown up by this time, why is everyone assuming he was still young. alot of time had passed its not like naruto’s mom was pregnant when obito was thought to have died in the boulders

        • Will says:

          Noooooo they werent. Cause when the Nine Tails attacked Hidden Leaf, they were all teens at the time, not adults. Thats why they were not allowed to fight cause they were too young, right?

          • Bony says:

            i agree with will

          • Gatsby says:

            Keep the replies going!

          • Adam says:

            by the time minato and tobi fight, kakashi has been a jonin for quite a while, and it is a while after the third great ninja war. Why would they not be allowed to fight? You become a genin when you’re ithink 12.

          • Will says:

            @Adam i looked back at the episode and they were sheltered somewhere so they wouldnt be involved with the attack…they were teenagers. Naruto is about 17-18 right now. And Kakashi is 28-30. 30-18= 12. So they were too young at the time.

  13. connor says:

    Now that I think about it, tobi has all the same letters as obito minus an o, and the t moved to the beggining.

  14. Tim says:

    Ages do add up… At the time of minato’s death, kakshi was by then an adult.

    • joe says:

      i dont understand people. obito is the same age as kakashi. so like why was obito an adult when he faught minato???????seriously like wtf???

  15. Sino says:

    Just because he looks like Obito doesn’t mean he is Obito. Kishi has always got a trick up his sleeve. This is his latest trick. Better watch out!

    I think Tobi is the Original Six Path, using another face and body. Why the hell does he know so much about the Tailed Beasts and the Ten-Tails? Things like this is ancient man… Obito could never have known that if he really were Tobi who attacked leaf with Nine Tails.

  16. Yeah! says:

    I think you’re right, Sino.

  17. Bony says:

    I am also anxiously waiting for the story of obito becoming tobi and who fought fourth hokage that time but i m happy that my favourite character Orochimaru has been revived in the series and may be k is correct about orochimaru may have hand behind Uchiha madara/obito

  18. Daniel Wright says:

    well right now naruto and the rest of the gang are around 16-17 years old so is it really that hard to imagine that tobi/obito was an actual worthy opponent at that age

  19. Adam says:

    Did anyone notice how there was a page in this chapter with the fourth hokage on the mountain of faces in the background? Thats impossible because Minato didnt become hokage until a while after obito died, right? Minato was never hokage during the third great ninja war, was he?

  20. JGatz says:

    Obito was old enough.

  21. bob says:

    they uses the same letters execpt for the extra o in obito

  22. Wendy says:

    i realize there’s error in there… on the pic that shown that obito standing infront of the hokages hill.. the forth hokage (Minato) was there.. so means that time Minato is the Konoha Hokage.. But, he’s the sensei of Kakashi, Obito and Rin team.. Does a Hokage can become a sensei? please, can someone answer me…

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