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Naruto Manga 597

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Naruto Manga 597

18 Responses to Naruto Manga 597

  1. shihas says:

    first… :)

  2. First LOL says:

    1st. ^_^

  3. Batman94 says:

    Tobi is obito

  4. naruminato says:

    Yeeeees people tobi is obito u can even tell by the hair and by the way his arm keep blowing off like when he fight minato and konan that the side of him that was crush the right side so its definately obito

  5. k,s says:

    tobi is not obito cos when tobi fought minato he was an middle aged man and at that time kakshi was a kid. tobi is not even an uchiha . think about it he lied about being madara. why does he have to be an uchiha but he is a powerful ninja cos if he can control the rinnegan on one eye and the sharingan in the other also the ten tailed beast. he is definately a powerful ninja.

  6. k,s says:

    if kakashi was akid then obito is a kid aswell

  7. k,s says:

    he proably took the other eye. just the way he took rinnegan and the way he stole the madara name

  8. im rite ur wrong says:

    tobi is no an uchia…. he stole obitos eye which is why it never changes!

  9. Natsuki says:

    tobi obito? thats impossible! even if he didn’t died after he gave his left eye to kakashi he would be still a kid when tobi and minato fought. unless he suddenly grow old

  10. Batman94 says:

    Kakashi knows who he is now

  11. wee says:

    a uchiha has a special and unique eye that no one can posses. so its possible that tobi is obito.

  12. wee says:

    i wonder that how can caboto capture the body of nagato? we seen that tobi left him for getting the eye of nagato.

  13. Raven says:

    OMG I JUST KNOW OBITO IF U UNSCRAMBLE IT IT’S TOBI!!!! just get rid of one o!

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