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Naruto Manga 559


Naruto Manga 559

15 Responses to Naruto Manga 559

  1. Scorpyo says:

    so the real body of madara was in that sixth coffin that kabuto ressurected along with the other akatsuki…

  2. disueween says:

    wtf madara has already died!! who is the guy behind the mask? izuna? ??? Som1 important?

  3. badman says:

    who is behind the mask??
    1st comment yay

  4. arki says:

    deymn.. then who the hell is tobi??? grrrrrrrr….

  5. Paulo says:


  6. Abdul Haseeb says:

    awesome. Can’t wait for the next one

  7. da shit says:

    ah shit
    ah shit
    ah shit
    ah shit
    ah shit
    ah shit
    ah shit
    ah shit

  8. Gray back says:

    The big question who the heck is behind the mask who is pretending Madara

  9. RTR says:

    Man, that twist at the end could change EVERYTHING that has happened up until now. I may not know the details, but I like to think this supports my theory of how Naruto and Sasuke must eventually team up again for the big final battle.
    So…I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that IT is Orochimaru…somehow.

    I’m given to understand that it’s a very cultural thing that emotions, or big displays of strong personal emotions, are kind of a big deal in Japan. It’s not like in some parts of the west where people can show affection to others without much concern. With that in mind, it makes sense to me that the writers aren’t exactly dying to let Naruto and Hinata settle things between them. Nonetheless, it was a nice moment and it shows that while Naruto’s behavior towards Hinata is no different than before she revealed her true feelings for him, we get a small hint that he holds Hinata in a much higher regard in his mind right now. Sure, it’s no indication of him having the same level of affection she has for him, but still. Plus, the reaction shots of Neji, Shino and Kiba can help me imply what I just said about what Naruto thinks…or maybe I’m just taking all this out of context.

  10. takfarinas says:

    who the man under the mask

  11. adrainxd says:

    WTF.. if madara is that? who behind the mask guy from akatzuki…
    hmmm im really excite for the next episode (^_^)

  12. sami says:

    i’ve already saw the naruto shippuden episode 560, and madara is awesome and incredibly strong. he will throw a large looks like cannon ball to the battlefield. it was awesome

  13. hero says:

    i like naruto shippuden

  14. hellohere123 says:

    the guy behind the mask is madara’s brother !

  15. tony365 says:

    No its obito

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