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Naruto Manga 550

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Naruto Manga 550

12 Responses to Naruto Manga 550

  1. Vatz says:

    Wow! great chapter… Finally we see what power did Itachi gave to Naruto. Itachi is the greatest shinobi ever!

  2. Linda says:

    I love Itachi! <3

  3. Sid says:

    Itachi just screwed madara. A big move by itachi

  4. ramoj says:

    i realy like itachi dude.. i hate him b4 but now.. wow gud plan nd a great shinobi. all in one.. ITACHI..

  5. TheSoverein says:

    Itachi is always 3 steps ahead of the competition, but if itachi’s eyes weren’t implanted into sasuke then what eyes did sasuke get?…

  6. pakiusap27 says:

    the manga is not over yet there is still unexpected thing that will happen always,,,we dont know what new power sasuke now possess now that he have itachi’s eye,,,he will be as powerfull as madara before he have nagato’s eye!!! so watch out naruto !!!!!use what ever you can now learn from itachi and nagato,,,,

  7. AnnabethChase says:

    Itachi will always remain as my most favorite character!

  8. Kuchen :D says:

    Hay! xD
    Naruto is cool and funny!^^

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