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Naruto Manga 489

Manga Chapter 489

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Naruto Manga 489

11 Responses to Naruto Manga 489

  1. sanket says:

    i love naruto

  2. shiva says:

    i love naruto anime.
    i want to watch naruto shippuden episode 214,please show this episode.

  3. rahim razak says:

    i love naruto &sakura

  4. bigestfan says:

    naruto is the best when will you show naruto shippuden episode 219 and 220

  5. thomas says:

    hey, i am wondering when you will show us naruto shippuden episode 224?
    i would love to see it. thanks

  6. esoa bosambe says:

    i think it would be cooler if naruto name was uchiha naruto

  7. esoa bosambe says:

    and by the way shiva the episode is already out you log into narutoget and click on the first one that comes up then you will find over 500 episodes of naruto

  8. jaybie negrito says:

    i lov u sakura

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